Deliberate Destabilization! Migrant Sets Bus Full of Kids on Fire as Part of Pro-Refugee Protest

A Senegalese migrant set a bus full of young children on fire in Italy this week as part of a pro-refugee protest.

The bus was taking a group of children home after outdoor activities in Crema before the driver, 47-year-old Ousseynou Sy, decided to change the route.

After Ousseynou began threatening the children with a knife, one of the children managed to call their parents, who in turn alerted the police. reports:

Authorities then set up road blocks in an effort to stop the driver, who then proceeded to ram the bus into them.

After losing control of the bus, Sy stopped the vehicle, poured gasoline on it and set it ablaze.

Un senegalese è stato arrestato dopo aver sequestrato uno scuolabus con 51 studenti e dato fuoco al mezzo. L’uomo, italiano dal 2004 e con precedenti per ubriachezza e violenza sessuale, voleva uccidersi.“La faccio finita, vanno fermate le morti in mare". Nessun ragazzo ferito

— Giank-deR (@GiancarloDeRisi) March 20, 2019

All the passengers were able to escape through the back door and windows, although 12 children subsequently had to be taken to hospital for smoke inhalation.

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This is more outstanding once you go into details, it's an Aesop's fable, i'll greentext it for you.

and they all lived happily ever after

forgot the punchline

Just another crime committed by Italian which will go down in the stat against the ever shrinking crime rate of immigrants.
Lie, damned lies and statistics.

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While you have been busy NOT keeping up with the news (because you don't actually keep up with the news, instead choosing to occupy your time searching for paranoid nonsense) there has been some interesting news lately that you missed.

For Example:
The commandant of the US Marine Corps, Gen. Robert Neller, has warned acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan that a series of "unplanned and unbudgeted" tasks – including President Donald Trump's decisions to deploy Marines to the southern border and to reallocate a portion of the defense budget to pay for the construction of a border wall – has imposed an "unacceptable risk to Marine Corps combat readiness and solvency."

Neller's warning came in a memo dated Monday that says the "unplanned and unbudgeted factors" have forced the Marines to cancel or reduce their involvement in several military exercises.

Gen. Neller also stated that "there is no invasion coming in from the southern border, and illegal immigration is not a national emergency."

I don't care if a crooked bastard denies the obvious national security crisis we have at the border. Not of any concern to me. None.

When the Secretary of defense, The joint chiefs of staff, and the top brass from the Marines all say there's no 'invasion', that there is no 'national emergency', and that the funds required are being misappropriated, weakening our ability to defend ourselves…. It speaks volumes….

And then one has to look back at you, and your absurd paranoid claims, and take your lack of expertise into consideration.

You have no real knowledge of the situation, only a bunch of copied and pasted articles from paranoid websites.

Your opinion means absolutely nothing.

You're just a lone reactionary, cooped up all by yourself in your house, with a paranoid agenda.

The world's not interested in the opinion of a paranoid loner, and we will take our advice from the military generals, who actually know what the fuck they're talking about.

So you're telling me that General Robert Neller, commandant of the Marine corps is a 'crooked bastard' who doesn't know what he's talking about?

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I've got news for you, nutsy….

I'll take my advice from General Robert Neller

Forgive me if I noticed that you don't have any credentials whatsoever, other than knee-jerk paranoia shit that began during the Y2K scare.

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My father was a drill instructor in the Marines. It takes a certain kind of man to be a drill instructor, because they don't pick just anybody for that job.

Dad was born to be a D.I.
You have no idea. Dad is one of the toughest bad asses you could ever meet… My father is a tough motherfucker… The Marines are the toughest motherfuckers in the military….

Speaking of which…..

Why don't you tell me what branch of the military you served in?


…..that's right……..

You never served in the military. You weren't even in the Junior ROTC.

Nobody listens to your opinion because your opinion is just born from paranoid misunderstanding.

General Robert Neller knows exactly what he's talking about, which is why he's the top brass in the Marines…

When he says they're not going to build the wall because they're not going to waste their resources and jeopardize our ability to defend our country over the stupid wall, he's saying it for a reason.

When he says there's no invasion at our Southern border, he's using military terminology. There is no invasion…

He's disgusted in Trump for trying to use military terms like 'invasion' for political purposes.

He's disgusted in Trump for using the term 'invasion' to trigger fear reactions from people who don't actually understand what's happening at the southern border.

People like YOU.

(They're not going to build the wall, because the military refuses to participate)

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They're not going to build the wall. It's not going to happen. Even Trump doesn't want to build the wall.

If he was going to build the wall, he would have started the project immediately after coming into office. But he only mentions it when he's trying to distract from other events and news stories.

You're never going to see a southern border wall being built… We already have a wall down there, and that's as good as it's going to get

"The overall impacts of the fake national emergency will result in three extremely negative impacts to the joint force," Neller wrote, saying those impacts would undermine efforts to maintain combat readiness, strengthen partnerships with allies and maintain solvency.

Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan (on the right) also agrees that Trump has fabricated a false 'national emergency', and recently make a statement declaring, "the numbers of people coming across our Southern borders are lower now than they have been in more than 10 years"

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In other words, your opinions mean nothing.


Like keeping borders completely open to violent foreign-run drug cartels in not a national security threat!

What a scumbag. He does not care about the American people, he's another classic neo-con who only cares about US petrodollar hegemony via endless world wars in third world nations …. ALL WHILE OUR COUNTRY TURNS INTO ONE TOO.

Reminds me of many Soviet leaders to be honest…

I really don't care what people think of my opinions. I know the government doesn't because they don't give a flying fuck what anyone in America thinks. They're all too busy playing House of Cards!

Sorry to burst your bubble with the truth. I know you don't really want to hear the truth… But I would be doing you a great Injustice if I patronized you.

Here's the truth:
The Y2K scare was a joke, a symbolic icon of needless fear, based on a lack of knowledge.

You have already admitted that you didn't become a 'prepper' until the Y2K scare.

Meaning you are new to this.

Meanwhile… I have been busy the last two weeks on another prepping project (and its going well!) Protecting my front home from being rammed in by a vehicle (someone gave me a tip to prep for and I took it with honor)………….

You're free to occupy your time with whatever project you want.

Nobody's stopping you. Have fun

What I did is I dug 12x 2' holes in the ground and filled them with concrete cement mix, all around the front of my home (where some of the bushes conveniently cover some up)… then I took fence railing (the kind you normally use to stick in the dirt around the garden to create a mesh fence) and put it upside down sticking right out of the cement mix to dry that way! Yes, sharp sides pointed up!……

If a vehicle ever tries to ram into my home, not only will they pop tires, they would severely damage the vehicle before a collision could occur!

Here's how you got where you are right now:

The Y2K scare was the first time you ever gave this subject and thought, and you began preparing just like one or two million other Americans….

(The vast majority of Americans heard about Y2K but did not become 'preppers', with only one or two million people actually stockpiling goods in preparation for the event that never occurred)

When the year 2000 came and went, you didn't want to look foolish, so you continued to insist that there was still a threat right around the corner, while the rest of the world went back to enjoying their existence on this planet while it's still lasted.

And in an effort to justify your overreaction, you continually look for another threat around the corner, jumping at any opportunity to claim that the end is near, telling yourself that you are saving the world by warning other people.

You think that distracts from the fact that you have foolishly wasted so much effort time and money on your needless fear.

You think that pretending like you are 'saving the world by warning people' will take the focus off the fact that you have spent the last 19 years being extremely unhappy.

And you steadfastly refuse to acknowledge that every single one of your warnings has been disproved.

You are so determined to 'not look like a fool' that you absolutely refuse to admit how foolish your behavior has been.

With each passing day, none of your predictions has come true.

at this point you have become a parody of yourself

Its the US petrodollar that should be of concern today, because it IS being derailed and will not remain the reserve currency status forever. I'm very happy knowing I'm protecting myself from hyperinflation!

I suppose you must have forgotten about the Waco siege. Tanks don't have tires.

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Petrodollar? What the fuck does the Petro dollar have to do with the chemtrails and the 5G and the incoming invasion and the big tech corporations monitoring your purchasing preferences?

you have been telling everyone the end of the world was right around the corner everyday since 1999… And every time your predictions did not come true, you looked for another paranoid angle so you could keep telling everybody how the end of the world is right around the corner…

So now you're admitting that none of those things are true, and you're trying to distract us with some bullshit about the petrodollar?


Today is March 22nd, 2019

It's been exactly 7,302 days since Killcen began telling everybody the world is about to end, beginning with the Y2K scare.





after today's warning by killcen, tomorrow he is going to make his 7,303rd warning that will never come true

I'm not worried about tanks or an Army, if it comes to that point I'll go out dying with dignity.

I'm prepping for marauders.

NEVER said the world was going to end…. humanity, possibly!


Reports have surfaced that Killcen makes several warnings everyday, as evidenced by his multiple paranoid threads, each one making a different claim, giving a completely different 'warning'

That means Killcen has made much more that just 7,302 warnings that never came true.

All the other craziness going on is elitist planned/controlled demolition of the US. They're crafting the destruction and mass death that will ensue, all being rolled out before our eyes!


If we went for a low conservative estimate, and hypothetically attributed 4 warnings per day….

That would mean Killcen has made 29,200 dire predictions that never came true.


(keep in mind that on the average day, Killcen will create at least 6 threads, each one making its own dire prediction)

BE PREPARED: >>>/prepare/1 |

I was being conservative when I arbitrarily assigned the value of 4 dire predictions per day.

The number 29,200 is a low-ball conservative estimate

If I applied a more realistic estimate, attributing 6 individual dire predictions per day, over the course of the past 20 years (7,300 days) the total number of dire predictions would be 43,800 dire predictions that never came true

I don't have that many predictions, actually none that are clear to me, the ONE prediction I do have is that the world is going to become A LOT more dangerous and deadly and yes we will see crisis after crisis (as we have already been seeing on almost a daily basis)…. things will exacerbate for the worst as time goes on…. until you can't leave your home without risking being murdered or looted (just ask those who live in the cities, they'll say "man, thats already gone on for many years" and I'll reply "well, it will be that way across the whole world no matter where you are!").



A realistic estimate is 43,800

I'm doing you a favor by giving you a conservative estimate, which is 29,200




Warnings are not predictions, they are just news alerts of actual events. Thats NOT a prediction of anything. I have only ONE prediction for you all: THINGS WILL GET MUCH WORSE OVER TIME. That is my prediction!

And those are just the ones we know about

You confuse my news threads as "predictions"…. when in reality they are documented events.


If you took a frog, and placed several pieces of paper in front of it, each piece of paper having a different dire prediction written on it….

And you waited and waited until the frog randomly jumped onto one of those pieces of paper….

The frog would have a better success rate at making dire predictions than killcen


They're predictions, alright

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News is not a prediction, it is a documented event. A prediction would be a follow up conclusion to how things will further unfold and I know damn well it won't be pleasant in most scenarios. Be prepared, your a slow boiling frog not knowing the heat is being slowly turned up while you cook to death.

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nope ……

You're not in the habit of presenting news

You're in the habit of searching for particular 'alleged' news stories, then trying to present them as evidence that backs up your predictions

"Be prepared, your a slow boiling frog not knowing the heat is being slowly turned up while you cook to death."


Another prediction


If you wrote 22 different dire predictions on 22 different post-it notes, and laid those post-it notes out in a circle on the top of a table, and put a frog in the middle of the circle….

When the frog eventually jumped onto one of the post-it notes, it would have a 10,000% better success rate at making predictions

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I didn't have to go searching through the internet to find a story that proved your theories to be wrong.

When General Robert Neller, commandant of the US Marine corps announced there is no invasion at our Southern border, and there is no national emergency, and that Donald Trump is fabricating fear tactics to distract from the Mueller investigation, and that Trump's decisions are actually putting our nation at much greater risk… It made the front page of every newspaper across America… It's a top story, because it's very important…

I didn't have to go digging and searching… It's right there for everybody to see….

And while you are desperately trying to keep the southern border invasion story alive (by copying and pasting stories from Italy) you are not actually keeping up with the latest news…

For example, the latest news is that the Mueller investigation has uncovered the fact that Jared kushner has been using WHATSAPP to secretly communicate with the Russians. (That's a violation of federal law, it's actually a violation of several different Federal statutes)

It violates so many policies that it's mind-boggling

He uses WhatsApp to illegally communicate with the Russians because it's encrypted…

Actually, I do post news. One of the few left doing so, I might add. Every once in a while the UK guy will contribute something LEGIT. I rarely find real news after taking breaks and coming back, I always go directly to the catalog to find if anything relevant was posted.

I wouldn't be surprised if that kike was doing shady shit, but I'll be honest I don't care about "muh Russia"… I care about our own fucking future and quite frankly I don't think America has a future the way things have been going for the last 40 years now. Russia won't have to fire a fucking shot at us if we give into having our brains radiated by 5G microwaves or illegal hoards replace us in the future!!! HAHAHA!

I never suggested that story was about the Russians

I didn't stutter

I said Jared kushner has been violating multiple federal laws regarding White House communications with foreign Nations

I said he has been violating federal law by communicating in secret using Whatsapp

And that has much greater implications regarding national security then any Mexican who comes across the border hoping to make money

The reason I told you about General Robert Neller and Jared kushner's use of WhatsApp was to illustrate my point:

You don't have any real news… That's because you don't even have a TV set. You don't have a newspaper subscription. You don't actually keep up with the news… You wake up every morning and to begin the day by searching the internet, choosing a specific limited handful of paranoid websites, looking for specific 'stories' that you try to present as 'validation' that you haven't been making a fool out of yourself ever since Y2K.

But none of these validations has actually occurred, and none of your predictions has ever come true, and with each passing day you look more and more like a paranoid fool.

Q: exactly what does a refugee protester in Sengal have to do with 'the incoming invasion'?

How are you trying to correlate this story with your paranoid predictions of America falling to pieces?

Thats NOT where you find REAL NEWS user. TV is broadcasting brainwashing propaganda to the masses. I'm not going to be spoon-fed propaganda.

So you're suggesting that your little handful of paranoid conspiracy theory websites constitutes real news, while the associated press and Reuters don't constitute real news?


When the commandant of the United States Marine corps makes a statement about Donald Trump jeopardizing our nation's safety, that's real news….

When General Robert Neller announces that Trump is lying, because there's no invasion occurring, that qualifies as real news….

When he says there is no national emergency, although you don't want to hear it, that definitely qualifies as real motherfucking news….

When the Mueller report proves that Jared kushner illegally obtained security credentials for the White House, and he has been jeopardizing national security by communicating with foreign Nations using an unsecured texting app…


Of course it's not the news you want to hear, because it disproves everything you claim is news

AP and Reuters reports vary and depend. Sometimes they are worth paying attention to, sometimes not. Same with all news sites.


Multiple border patrol agents including the former Border Control chief under President Obama agreed with Donald Trump about the crisis and doing something to stop it.

Guess what? You never gave a damn about that!!

I couldn't care less about a $17 an hour low level wannabe cop border patrol officer who can't run a mile.

I'm much more interested in the opinions of the Marine commandant.

Border patrol agents are like forest rangers.

Idiots. Uneducated low-paid idiots who couldn't even get hired as Small Town police officers.

They're not in charge of protecting our nation.

That job is left to the branches of the military, and when the top dog at the US Marine corps Gibbs the military assessment of the risks to our national security, people listen.

He's doing a massive disservice to our country and our people by blatantly ignoring a REAL national crisis!! Americans living around the border deserve to be protected from illegal gangbangers and drug cartels! God know who else is infiltrating this nation! Could very well be Russian and Chinese spies too! Does he care about that!?

Small towns MATTER. They are the BACKBONE of America! Remember that!

Ahhhhh…. Now I see….

You're talking about the 'multiple border patrol officers' who STILL HAVEN'T RECEIVED THEIR MISSING BACK PAY FROM THE GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN, even though Donald Trump promised they were all going to get their money a few months ago?

You know… The government shutdown that happened so he could build the border wall…

You know… The border wall that he hasn't talked about since…

You know… The wall but it's never going to be built

I know where the trough is.
I'll just continue to fall in, whole hog.

Its not going to be built because of TREASON. That's the reality. We have a bunch of politicians who don't give a rats ass about the future of this country!

Nobody cares why it's not going to be built.

But it's not going to be built, and you can take that to the bank

And you can take it to the bank that I will continue to report about Deliberate Destabilization long after Trump leaves office and won't stop. Every single chance I get I will make sure this TREASON is documented, archived and exposed.

Better than rape I suppose.

I have no intention of trying to convince you to stop doing what you do…

I hope you don't think that is my intention

I like you. I support your right to do what you do

I say everybody should be allowed to do what they want to do, to be happy, no matter what they say what to do to achieve happiness, as long as they are not hurting other people.

It's not my place to try to make you stop, nor is it my desire… That's the last thing on earth I would want to do.

All I'm doing is reminding you that there's no invasion, there's no national emergency, and society is not about to collapse.

they are NOT going to try to take away your guns

They're not going to instill martial law

Nobody is going to come to your house, no 'marauders' are going to show up

My intention is not to change your mind and make you stop doing what you do

My intention is not to convince you stop making dire predictions that never come true

…………… sir

My intention is to make a prediction of my own:

And I predict you will continue making dire predictions, but you're going to die of natural causes, with none of your dire predictions ever actually coming true………

I also predict that my prediction is the only one that's actually going to come true

I predict that you have deliberately destabilized your life

I predict that you deliberately destabilized your daughter's life, and you destabilize your ex-wife's life

I predict that you were going to continue deliberately destabilizing your existence

And I predict that you will be very surprised on your deathbed, after the doctor has told your family that it's unlikely you will survive the stroke, and your last thought before you die will be "GOD DAMN IT, I LITERALLY WASTED THE LAST 25 YEARS OF MY LIFE WITH NEEDLESS FEAR"

Hahaha! Bullshit. They try every fucking time and have continually been beating the drum harder and harder for gun grabs. I'm not buying that BS at all. YES THEY DO WANT TO TAKE OUR GUNS.

Living in fear, ostracizing friends and family, and disrupting the fabric of your existence with unnecessary preparations for an event that will never occur in your lifetime: unstable

When something is unstable, it is destabilized

What is going on in here?
Inquiring minds want to know!

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I take time to see my family/relatives every year. Don't worry, I set aside prepping time for family time as well. Its something all us preppers have to do. We have to find the time to achieve our goals AND live a decent life too. A little fear and a little fun. Its a balance.


'they' want…..

'they' is a vague and ambiguous term with no quantifying value… 'they' has no meaning.

'they' don't matter, nor do 'their' wants

I could always point at any tiny group of people, and call them 'they'

But there are so many different 'theys'

I can point at a different group of people, and say 'they' don't want to take away your guns

or I could point to a completely different group of people and say 'they couldn't care less about the gun debate'

Or another different group of people and say 'they think there should be GUM Control to prevent people from sticking their chewing gum under tables after chewing it'

'they' will always exist, but 'they' don't matter.

Because nobody is taking away your guns
It's not going to happen, very much like the border wall, no matter how much it gets discussed, it's not actually going to occur……

So worrying about it makes no difference.
it would be more logical to spend your time worrying about having a satellite fall from the sky and crash through your ceiling.

Interesting post….
The most interesting part was the only four words that made sense.

Can you guess which four words I'm talking about?


My preparations could end up saving my daughter's life if the worse were to happen. If not, she'll be wealthy with the inheritance that has been stashed away over the years. I'm not worried about it, she's only stubborn when she comes over, griping about the rooms being filled up with valuable assets. Thats why I bought her and her family cots to sleep on when they come over for the 4th of July. Hey, if they wanna blow off some dynamite and drink like hounds then they gotta crash here on the holidays. Boo hoo for any inconvenience!

Killcen has a little fear and a little fun.

Johnny Neptune has a little fear and a whole lot of fun.

I have no fucking clue what I am even talking about, but it sure feels like I Win! How does it feel to (You)?

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We need more gun laws nowz. Guns, ban them.
It was just some faggot. School buses are too impractical for the slaves to use against their government if their government become totally douchey and tyrannical so we don't need to ban school buses and make new laws.

So in other words….

When you're not having fun, the destabilization you've caused your family was deliberate?


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I used to have a lot of different fears.
These days, the only thing that really scares me is a health scare for someone in my family or one of my pets.

But even then, I have found that needless fear doesn't help the situation, and actually makes it worse.

When one of your animals or one of your family is sick, they can detect your fear, and it makes them worse. The best thing to do when someone you love is sick is to show strength and reassurance that everything is okay.

That being said, recently I've been dealing with a health scare, and although I wasn't really afraid, I WAS stressed out by my overwhelming feeling of helplessness that there was nothing I could do to help them at that moment.


I only smoke Sage.



You've got 30 seconds to tell me where the words "ONLY TO FIND GIDEON'S BIBLE" come from

can you pass the test?

You've got 30 seconds, starting NOW

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bumped and reported

Your Hitler-Satan dubs have also been reported.