Brit/pol/ #2325: Thinking Edition

Brexit News for Friday 11 May
Theresa May puts high-tech customs plan 'back on the table'

£50m for grammar schools to take in more kids from low income backgrounds

First mosque in Western Isles opens doors

Failed asylum seeker who used five IDs to claim £370k in state benefits - Algerian Said Boudemagh spent eight years making bogus claims from his council flat

Leaked Doc Reveals White House Planning "Regime Change" In Iran

Almost 4,000 refugees and migrants stormed into Greece in April alone – Migrant crisis far from over

'Pray for me.' Amherst College student 'murdered' in Mexico City made panicked call to his mom saying four men dressed as cops were taking him to jail - and hours later he was found dead at a subway station

Single women a 'burden on the state', says Japanese MP

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btfo epic style

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Sharing hate posts online could lead to six months' jail as judges recommend harsh punishments for internet trolls who torment racial, religious or sexual minority groups


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Yank student murdered in mexico city. damn i really wanted to go on their pyramids and visit their death cult shrines tbh,

they just want them to get the full sacrificial experience

tbh, that was caused by our government and their retard policies, not us.

I'm waiting for hate for the state to be considered a hate crime. It will of course only be used against native English while the brown hordes continue to rapa and pillage.

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based bugpeople


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by which they mean rational

I want to feel like somebody wants me to be happy

I agree
I disagree, I think the age for marriage should be first menstruation, and the legality of sex should be determined by marital status, not the irrelevant, feminist "consent". There should be no such thing as divorce.

get std tested asap

I had to write about shit like the 'irrational' fear of Rhodesians of the 'black peril' in my history degree, couldn't take it, why I dropped out tbh.

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Oxymoron tbh

How the fuck does anyone stay rational when the orcs start swarming your land brining nothing but misery?

you should have stuck it out, then once you'd got your qualification written the truth, saying you had a history degree to prove your credentials

yeah, i should've but i'm not a perfect person and i couldn't hack it, ashamed to say

surprised they acknowledged that Rhodesia even existed

It's unbearable that you have to lie about history in the first place to claim you're qualified on the subject.

Because it doesn't there's just a failed state in its place.

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what the fuck dude

Just pretend to wash your hands or something until he leaves. Then when it's time to piss, count down from 10 while imagining elephants drinking at a lake and spraying water on their backs to cool off and going like "PHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" that does it for me

Sounds like making it easier to convict tame wrongthinkers who say they're against Islam not Muslims etc. Being reckless as to something inciting hatred sounds like more "ignore the actual context, just go on complainants perception". Given that police have been caught out looking for online 'crime' like this amd then asking people from their hate crime departments to make the complaint, they effectively have licence to ramp up political persecution of their own initiative. I despair at lefties who don't worry about this because "only far right bigots" will get fucked by it.

Time to go postal lad.

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Fucking hell, that thing is hideous, but it's going to look even more hideous as slices after slice is taken out of it. Who the fuck thought this was a good idea? A cannibal fetishist?

the child will be ugly as sin lol

I thought she was sterile.

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what the fuck just get a cream cake nigger

Harry is marrying Priti Patel?

Well it's a party organised by jews, attended by jews, supported by jews, so….

focussed hate has been getting me by, carrying me far, that and meditation, prayer…

keep telling yourself that

I fucking hope so.

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jej, her face reminds me more of quintessentially tbh

Even if she was she'd have access to the best fertility clinics on the planet. Still one can hope.


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tbh since these fucks are trying to be "just like every modern couple :))))))" then perhaps they won't have children hahahaha who am I kidding the kikes are forcing him into this for that exact purpose

I couldn't imagine why.


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Is this some kind of esoteric practice lad? Please elaborate

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Why are there so many single mothers in the Philippines? The state doesn't do shit for them so it can't be that.

SMH it's the fatalistic and postmodern society of Japan that makes them degenerates. China on the other hand….

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Morning Routine for the First Day of School || Productive and Organised

In lower organisms the paternal role for children tends to be minimal.

Lad sometimes I have that and I have quite a big penner tbh.

why don't autistic people wash? I though they liked routine

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Pretty dead today, lads. Is this the end?


na its just all the deano lads are out on the lash. only lads left are us volcels. so it will be a much higher quality thread

That infograph is too small, I can't read all the book titles

Would enjoy doing something like watching a film together since the news is just the same old shit if not for our glorious nofun allowed mods.

friday prayers at mosque

Know any good ones, lad?

True, lad. Let's show them the power of pure virgins.

Jesus Christ

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Do you like the film "Logan's Run"?

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Fresh Godwinson

Zig Forums is a closed eschatological loop lad. We're all just waiting for you to ask the mousy lass out so that season can 5 can end and this iteration can come to a close. The longer you leave it the more frayed the fabric of posting reality will become

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Haven't seen it

Godwinson is a cowardly faggot tbh

want to?

I think so

You lads have become obsessed with the end of the season. I first need somewhere to live on my own, and then I need to learn how to do that once I get there.

Sure, lad. have it?

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if brit is stuck in a closed loop does that mean we will get to relive brexit again? i want to remember what hope feels like

You have your own bloody board for this, either make a film thread here and post in that or fuck off back to where you came from


Logan's run in 10 minutes, get in

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I'll make a thread for it didn't think about that. Can't wait for the eternal mod butthurt regardless though.

What's your problem, lad? We post it here for immediate attention, nobody is watching the film thread all day waiting for somebody to post.

That'd work, but only for planned films, this was on the spur of the moment tbh

DR Congo: British tourists kidnapped in Virunga National Park
Two British tourists are among three people to have been kidnapped in a national park in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

How long do they have lads? Taking bets. I say -1 hour.

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>"let's keep filling the threads with meta shite haha butthurt much xddddd"
It's every time 22st posts, considering perma'ing him since it's getting to be tedious.

You already have a board for it, why does it need to be posted here.

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today a neighbour dog came up to the gate in a friendly way instead of barking
is this the power of nofap?

I don't watch with anyone from another board though.


I don't post on that board, lad, and the groups that post there and here are different. It's just posted her so the people who want can join. What is wrong with that? Especially now that it is slow.

Do these cretins watch the news?

I think Ebola just made a comeback there.
I assume the BBC tells them that it's a land of milk and honey inhabited by jolly sambo's.

maybe there are people here who don't post there who would like to relax with fellow posters

Except it's the /newbrit/ channel.

I wouldn't give a shit, but every time we give an inch the piss and a thousand miles get taken.


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So what? It was created back then. You're such a cunt at times, lad.

she's like a ray of sunshine.

Not really, just realise what is wrong and what you hate, and then focus every aspect of yourself into destroying it. Total coherence.


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its great. feel like a teenager again

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That's just the name they should probably change it because it's not even people from newbrit there, it's public so anyone can add a film and watch. Whatever doesn't really matter anyway.

keek. They're aware

t. butthurt Scotchman