Brit/pol/ #2327: OI BIN THAT BABY edition

£50m for grammar schools to take in more kids from low income backgrounds

First mosque in Western Isles opens doors

Failed asylum seeker who used five IDs to claim £370k in state benefits - Algerian Said Boudemagh spent eight years making bogus claims from his council flat

Leaked Doc Reveals White House Planning "Regime Change" In Iran

Almost 4,000 refugees and migrants stormed into Greece in April alone – Migrant crisis far from over

'Pray for me.' Amherst College student 'murdered' in Mexico City made panicked call to his mom saying four men dressed as cops were taking him to jail - and hours later he was found dead at a subway station

Single women a 'burden on the state', says Japanese MP

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first for this one was first

Yeah it was tbf

Started pissing in the shower as it's more hygienic than toilet overspray. Pic unrelated, but i used to have one. Got stolen by Pakis from my blazer pocket during PE15 years ago.

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On my break lads. On wifi. Any important news happening?

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sounds like a comfy village

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Two frogs got shanked in Paris and some joker ran onto the stage at Eurovision to scream about nazis

In other breaking news a fat lass asked for all her drinks 'diet' so I just gave her normal and told her it was diet.

Had haggis and baked beans finished off with a pint of squash and a bowl of Condor Ready Rubbed tbh

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Pretty sure that's actually a hate crime.


Also nice ID.

explain your reasoning though, how is pissing where you put your bare feet after you wash them more hygienic than using the toilet? I could see a girl pissing in the shower so she doesn't have to sit on the toilet when she's all dripping wet which would make a big mess, but a guy can just lift the seat and piss, it only gets a bit of water on the floor, not too bad

Lad if you blindfolded me and gave me normal coke, diet coke, coke zero, normal pepsi, diet pepsi and pepsi max I would 100% be able to tell the difference tbh


of the good or bad? I doubt the uncorrupted have enough influence to do any cleaning

the brownie at the front of the house gave me a free can of coke for waiting maybe they're not all bad lads :^)

was holding the bag in one hand and lost it coming off pavement smh that might have actually been better

ouch lad

this is what britain used to be about

Well you see lad, a shower is plumbed, and can have water running through it.

why are they binning babies now?

What else would they do with them after the NHS has pulled their heads off?

Israel is going to win Eurovision lads

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since when was Israel in Europe?

Fucking kikes

They won

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Nothing to see here goys

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Jews are white therefore European duh

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I liked the slovene thots

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Accidentally asked a tranny out on Friday. I immediately knew after hearing her voice and realising why she was wearing a scarf. I was polite and got her number though before running away. This isn't a shitpost, it really happened. Texted her a bit and she's really nice but is obsessed with femininity. She said she considers herself a "living reminder of artful, supple, sensitive pure glowing femininity". Pretty woke actually.

Is Godwinson and Internet Historian the same person?

He's an aussie

I'd sooner have America as part of Europe than Israel

urgh, didn't mean to post that vid, nvm



Israel has always been part of Europe goy

Dislike tbh lads

wtf, Pewdiepie seems ok.

Shit is going to kick off so they are sucking Jew cock.

Kek, based Hungary

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toplel, If she did that but branded it as Saudwave I'd be into it.

…did anyone else change the word boy to goy in that fat jews song in their head when they heard it?

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this is all too likely to be true tbh

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stupid go-ooo-oy

stupid goy
let's gas some jews
let's party

I smell a fix tbh.

did this happen?




Smells mega psyop-y tbh.

what the flying fuck?

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Seems like the whole show was a pro-israel psyop all along smh.

Is this your first day on any chan?

i've tried to avoid this, but i'm really starting to hate them on a deep, deep level

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Lad we pay money to Israel as a fucking guilt tax.

how much to we give them, and why? they should be paying us, we shed blood so they could have that strip of shit in teh desert

Are you the lad that had gold top for supper the other night too? Smh

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don't open this it's a photo of some slags

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Isn't officially known because it's sent for "military aid", we were however sending them development aid until 2000.


Let me get this right - this weird looking ugly troll doing heavily auto-tuned nigger music won Eurovision?

anti slag is code word for anti white

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Yes, who gives a fuck, it's fucking eurovision. What did you expect.

How do I ask out a girl that I never talk to?

If you're TS, come back. If not, fuck off to /int/ with your slagposting.

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You should probably just leave her alone lad you seem pretty creepy tbh

No, it's a different girl this time. I don't like that other one.

This tbh, just fuck off. You either speak to her or you don't and don't stalk her. We know you're stalking her, you've already spoken how she "cucked" you

I was only attracted to her because she was the only girl I knew. I'm asking how to meet other girls.

buy a bmw lad

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Any drunk man in? Had more than a few old mill myself.

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No lad, just drinking water tbh

Suit yourself, have fun getting ill with your stale barrel water.

I already drank on Thursday and Wednesday night smh

this is a nobooze board lad

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It's almost as if Globalists are deliberately trying to demoralise our people

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I had water tonight, and a coffee. Probably going to have another coffee now, well in a bit.


you shouldn't have coffee after 12pm

I know this. I'm going to be up all night and tomorrow anyway. I need to reset my fucked rhythm.

*the rest of today
not tomorrow…

lads is mercia still looking for me? me and 22st had a close call when he found out hideout

*fights off mod-men*

gave a swarthy mercian man diet coke instead of coke zero and he didnt know haha

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unironically prefer diet coke. Has a softer vanilla flavour.

had a bunch of these at the bar tonight taking selfies, bunch of dumb cunts, they kept trying to get free drinks and asking for annoying drink combinations and acting like dumb children

When will pitcucks learn, lads? Soccer moms are walking these beasts around playgrounds and parks like they're your friendly neighborhood Spot the doggo, not realizing that in the blink of an eye they can switch into murder-mode and chew a little girl's face off. Pit bull genocide when?

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i treat all dogs like this even labradors, you never know when a dog will snap or what trauma its been through in its life, even a kind hearted or small dog has huge canines that could rip your jugular out

Muslims out

Should have just called you a homo tbf

labradors are one of the dogs most likely to bite you, they're territorial and love to attack postmen

dracactivism .com/

He seems to be under the impression the media are creating National Socialists with their constant pandering to the destruction of the indigenous peoples. I suppose he is right in a roundabout way.

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Lad you're going to have to back your bullshit up