Brit/pol/ #2328: We Iz European n Sheeiit Edition

Brexit News for Sunday 13 May
May urges public to 'trust me' to deliver Brexit

EU ‘wants to extend Brexit transition period by 6 months’

UK’s richest man raised in council house, went to grammar school, dislikes EU superstate

May refuses amnesty from prosecution for British troops who served during NI Troubles

Organised criminals from abroad rewarded with British citizenship

Polish Immigrants Returning Home Cite Fear of Terrorism, Anti-White Racism by Black Brits

Civil partnerships could be scrapped as numbers plummet following gay marriage law

'Class A drugs' found at Home Office headquarters

Two British tourists kidnapped in Democratic Republic of Congo have been released

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Keek. That's great

Cheeky fuckers

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Only the Left could make a useless bench.
God I hate those preachy cunts.


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Lads it really bothers me I have no idea how to run a business

Kidnap a lass then sell her

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processing invoices or scheduling or pricing? what do you mean lad

Can you seen the NXIUM scar in the pics?

can i make a tiny bit of money by buying or finding unused chairs and tables and trying to do them up

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More that I have no really valuable skills

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yeah then sell them on ebay for dosh. not a bad way to make $$ while learning how to repair things

get a staple gun and nice paint brushes if you going to fix furnature tbh

youre becoming more like the real dorset

Tbh there could be plenty of old shit at the tip which I think is free

of course lad

aren't well all


lad I just fucking love woodwork and trees and axes
I don't know why

Go on gumtree, you'll find loads of stuff in your local area that people are just tossing.

check antique shops, you can often sell things from there online for higher prices. just be aware of shipping issues.

Go large lad
Aim for vapid people with loads of cash

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what is this stormy daniels sex cult memi all about lads? who are they and what happened?

sounds clever

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yeah when I did volunteering a couple years ago there was loads of old desks, chairs and the like that were just tossed out and given to us to dismantle hmm


grim tbh

Set up a shop like this.

Sncerely a good idea

its just another distraction from life for liberals in the west tbh. they can just hide in these fake outrages instead of just living life

harry enfields new stuff is quite embarrassing tbh

Get trolling lads. That BBK lad has already commented that the song made him wish the holocaust was real. Nutter!

Not surprising considering most of their stuff isn't airable anymore, the amount people will whinge means that you cannot produce anything actually entertaining.

Awful lot of cultural appropriation in there.

Do people still take Eurovision sincerely? The whole thing has been political for years now.

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Watched an episode from their early show where one of the "comedy" sketches was a working class mum looking to get blacked.

Fuck off that can't be real, were they held at gunpoint and told to make it?

imagine my shock

It's metamodernism, lad

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modern art is literally rubbsish

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you realise theyre making fun of them right lad? you cant be that stupid

1:50but keep wanking off to your sub par "based comedy

tbf that's just them taking the mick out of the underclass, not as though they had her gagging for black cock.

modern comedy is such shite because of how sensitive everyone is

Look here

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I'm scared that one day I am going to get drunk and reveal my powerlevel

best to just ignore him lad while he keeps talking about black dicks
lads obviously mental

Yeah it's clear that the sketches are nothing like what he described, it's just a caricature of the underclass.

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I'm openly antisemitic and even Jews respect me for it

How is your blog lass? You and Joe Owens are really going to save Britain I'm sure of it!


Do it lad.

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I never knew it was on until I heard about that bloke ran on the stage.

I don't think many people genuinely care

in the disc0rd all he would post about was interracial things until he got triggered by a bible bot because it wasn't catholic lmao

Mimi a qt

He sounds like a state asset.

nah he's just a scouser

I'm sure he btfo them epic style.

I'd heard that it was on but didn't watch it, no-one I know watched it, the only reason I know anything about it was I had people commenting on the results of it that they'd seen in articles and YT snippets.

She looks odd at certain angles tbh

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They are notorious coal burners.

You'd be surprised how many people are just waiting for someone else to call out the Jew tbh


Not really surprising considering how cuntish they are across the board.

everyone does tbh, she doesn't look arab, looks more Mediterranean


She's probably closer to what people in the area looked like before the Arab conquests. I've heard that the people in Levant countries are racist as fuck about breeding with arabs.

Pretty sure she's Assyrian/possibly Lebanese and not Arab

calling out the jew is one thing
dunno if I could drop the entire Hitler was a good guy, the holocaust was a lie pill in one sitting

Yeah odd ain't the right word tbf
them lips tho

That's not surprising in the slightest tbh considering that's what the ME looked like.


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You don't do it in one sitting, bits and pieces at a time, let them connect the dots.


I don't know, what was the pay like protecting Asia Minor royalty?

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Buxom sassanid girls. As many as you can carry

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Works for me.

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lad… you do know why people in north pakistan and afghanistan have blue eyes right?

yeah instead we'll be burned alive in our homes by mozzies with no way to defend ourselves, wonderful

sons of Japeth

I will save you, SA

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stfu faggot

I honestly thought that was due to aryan migrations through the area. No celts raping and pillaging.

What's the verdict lads?

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Lose the attitude bucko. It's the Lord's day

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umm the middle east is BROWN, bigot

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maybe but they did a muh heritage test on some and they had ancestors from the region of modern austria, where alexander hired most of his swordsmen companions and non macedonian cavalry (boii I think)

22st denies Christ

good lads
lads ITT dont realise WE are the romans and the niggers and pakis are the celts in this scenario
and they are coming for YOUR women