Brit/pol/ #2330: Nightshift Edition

EU ‘wants to extend Brexit transition period by 6 months’

UK’s richest man raised in council house, went to grammar school, dislikes EU superstate

May refuses amnesty from prosecution for British troops who served during NI Troubles

Police warn of risk from crime gangs using guns on Scotland's streets

Organised criminals from abroad rewarded with British citizenship

Polish Immigrants Returning Home Cite Fear of Terrorism, Anti-White Racism by Black Brits

Civil partnerships could be scrapped as numbers plummet following gay marriage law

Two British tourists kidnapped in Democratic Republic of Congo have been released

'Class A drugs' found at Home Office headquarters

Our culture is at risk because Muslims don’t want to integrate – Dr. László Szabó

Belgium: Elderly man beaten up for drinking alcohol on terrace of Kebab shop

UK set to become truffle capital of the world within 30 years, scientists say

Hungary sides with Israel and the United States

Israeli-made weapons among arms handed over by militants in Damascus

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neat tbh

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Except we'll no longer be allowed to use pigs or dogs to hunt for them

He should drop the 'o'


Wew lad. That looks exactly like a way to dox yourself to authorities

The Staffordshire bull terrier is the 3rd most popular dog in Britain and just look where it is the most common dog geographically… in urban areas (read poor areas).

Yes they are probably genetically predisposed to violence to a certain degree but dont tell me there isnt a component of their aggressive behaviour caused by irresponsible training by scummy owners wanting a big tough fighting dog to protect them when they go out drug dealing.

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I never said to post results here you mug, I just thought it was rather interesting.

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At first I thought the tag was one of those generic normie ones but it seems they were using it for their shitty gammon memi
simbly ebin

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Based Breconshire tbh

lad calm down

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daily reminder

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What's with the celts and jack russells

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Their intellect displayed by their comedic genius now leads me to believe I should have voted Remain and have made a huge mistake
I have probably ruined the futures of legions of unborn Indian and muslim and black children. Shame on me.
I have robbed them of a European future



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I>f you haven't got a gf you are mass murdering nazi incel psycho in the making. You will be supplied with a state mandated gf….that fat black Somalian over there will do, which also means you will have to convert to Islam and dye your hair ginger and grow a beard. If not, it's prison for you boyo!

holy shite 8/pol/ is garbage

If you don't suck trump off with every post then you're joshua goldberg mentally ill jew

c o i n c i d e n c e

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The "Royal" wedding is now just your average African wedding tbh. FULL CUCK AHEAD

Black American bishop to give sermon at Royal Wedding

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I forgot how shite it was because I have been banned here so I cannot use halfshite because of VPN. but 8/pol/ is just pure live action role playing. imageboard culture seems to be dying really quickly. the election and all these cellphone kids everywhere are making everything into facebook.

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There's bit's left but I think Trump must have started a whole department to aquire it's influence. It should never have shilled for anyone. Politicians are all cunts
Zig Forums never had any allegiance to any politician of any party

Nice post

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everyone just wants to brag about careers and post reddit tier memmies and nobody makes OC, if they do its all uncreative "retrowave" shite that was never cool and is now 2 years old. its just the hard talk of teenagers. lots of military worship. I miss the bush era where there was an anti war movement in the USA. now everyone literally worships the military here, its disgusting. even in my own family people worship the military when my own grandfather explicitly said to everyone that the military is a joke and you die for the rich and the jews for no reason at all, you sit in a hole and get diseases. he yelled at some modern soldiers and called them pussies when he was an old man one time. he didn't allow any of his grandkids into the military and now that he has passed everyone worships the military again

No one cares what you like rite? You've been provided with a tool to filter what you don't like Stacy

we need to talk about the bullying problem on Zig Forums or one day some innocent lamb is going to snap and shoot up the place

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This tbh

I'll shoot you up if you keep granny posting, you fucking degenerate

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You seem kind of perturbed lad

Lad I'm not bins wtf


You deserve them for your extreme effort posting tbh

its okay bins

Post 1967 Holocaust narrative was spread to legitimize Israel and shield it from criticism for illegally occupying territory and behaving like absolute cunts ever since
The more they behave like absolute cunts, the more victim movies you'll have to sit through to remind you that yids are the true victims here

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I see shite/pol/ has also been overrun with closet materialists

Sounds like you have a case of penis envy lad tbh

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right wing authoritarian people are martially minded doesn't really matter the state the military is in they still respect the imperium

the military is still supposed to have like the fittest 1% and upwards of society in it so it's kind of a fascistic hierarchical construct but even that is kind of disappearing with tranny marines and shaniqua piloting drones with xbox controllers



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2016 was the worst thing to happen to imageboards tbh


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no more brother wars tbh

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I fundamentally disagree. there is a difference between a warrior and a soldier. state worshippers are just people who want to do the 20th century over again because it makes them comfortable


I wish there was a big war so all the little quislings of the jew nigger devil state could die in all the glory they want and constantly shove in our "civvie" faces

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halfchan went down the shitter much earlier than that tbh

the military humour actually seems to be pretty self depreciating and they don't like all the praise especially if they just sat in a cargo container for 4 years


wait i thought it said 2017 not 2007 nvm lad

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yeah the old guys maybe, stuff like dogface and so-forth but today they all think (at least USmil) they are gods gift to man

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This is an old Jew memi
Tbh we should start loads of accounts like these in the same vein to wake the normies up

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that series goes into the difference between a warrior and a soldier you'd like that part of it lad

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Hey fucking white people!
Which country will there be an incident of mentally disturbed peace tomorrow…fucking Ramavan innit!

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just lost all my (1)s tbh

killing pitbulls just makes the doggoman stronger tbh

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Imagine 2% of Scots controlled all the media, banks and law firms in England
Now imagine 2% of Welsh controlled those 2% of Scots controllling everything in England

imagine 2% of yorkshireman controlling all the yorkshire puds in england

found the jew! you have to go back! you'll never be white! dead jews! shariablue! CTR! wtf I hate trump now! muh d&c! muh chaim! kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike kike shill shill shill shill shill shill shill shill shill shill shill shill shill


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Steiner needs to be put down tbh, he's clearly ill

*Sets light to them*

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lovely buildings tbf, and right up Steiner's muh wood street.

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Aren't all Yorkshire pubs by definition only in Yorkshire?

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Half stone though, he hates any stone buildings because his uncle got killed by one or something I can't remember

Genocide is the only answer

i said PUDS

There's probably too much stone for his liking.

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I need a drink.

jewish projection

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Think we should return to high wages and feudalism lads
They used to get 6 months holiday a year

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top fucking keke tbh

>"haha I bet you want the plague you idiot! medieval times were bad!"
Serfdom in the modern day would be pretty cool if done properly, benefits of honest labour and community and the benefits of modern medicine.

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Atleast they didn't crossdress instead.

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I think it would be the way forward tbh

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mods are racist tbh smh

That's a coward not a queer.