AMERICAN CRISIS! Student Loan Debts Have Wrecked The Ability To Afford Having Children

My grandfather was just a toddler when soldiers came home from World War One in 1918. They brought the deadly Spanish Flu with them, which killed well over 50 million worldwide.

As a young adult, my grandfather struggled through the Great Depression with the rest of the world. And just as things started looking up, World War II broke out. Lucky for me, he survived it all.

After the war, my grandfather took a job as a teacher. And on that single salary he was able to buy a house, provide for his family, afford a car, and have a secure pension for when he retired.

His wife (my grandmother) started a small hair salon in the family living room to earn money on the side. They saved nearly every penny they ever earned. They never went into debt.

Back then, this was the fundamental promise of America: you were rewarded for working hard and saving money.

But now things are entirely different.

For starters, cost of living is totally out of control. My grandfather’s teaching salary was more than enough to support his family in a comfortable, middle class lifestyle. Today that would be almost impossible.

Census statistics show that just 25% of married households with children were dual income in 1950. Today it’s nearly 70%. Plus, to even qualify for a lot of jobs today, you must have a university degree… which carries its own enormous costs. A CRIMINAL RACKET!

A typical young person today emerges from university with student debt exceeding $40,000. And millions of young people have student debt exceeding $100,000. THAT IS DEBT SLAVERY, AND IT IS CALLED RACKETEERING AND EXPLOITATION! Why is our government allowing this? How does society allow this to happen?

Speaking of debt, my grandparents had none. But today’s median household (according to Federal Reserve data) has racked up consumer debt exceeding $30,000, with a bank balance of less than $5,000.

Coincidentally, a study from the University of Chicago last year showed that roughly 25% of people in their 20s reported having zero sex in the previous 12 months, almost the same amount as people living with Mom and Dad.

While this might sound comical, it matters: young people are putting off children as well.

In fact, the US fertility rate is now at its lowest level in DECADES, well below the amount necessary to maintain a stable population.

It’s simply too expensive to have kids.

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people are idiots for voluntarily getting debt, but this is bullsit excuse, people in japan or europe don't have massive student debts, and they have even less kids

Well poor people could breed like rabits but here's the problem: just being poor is now pretty expensive too these days. You could live in a 1 bedroom apartment and they'll still charge over $1,000 per month in some places. Now if these younger generations moved to more rural areas/small towns they could probably afford renting a trailer or renting residency in a home a lot easier and have enough to get by on and procreate.

However, remember, millennial are mostly city dwellers. And thats their biggest problem right there. Too picky, they think you have to live in a city to make it. Not true at all.

I've known the news on this website have been shit for years, but for fuck's sake, Tyler Durden, really? An edgelord meme icon from 10 years ago?
There were zero citations in the article and whatever research I found on this supposed Chicago study pointed to exactly the opposite of what the author was saying.
What the fuck?


What does age have to do with making it in a rural locale? Making it in a rural area has more to do with what skillset one possesses, such as mechanical apptitude, former military, physically strong to log the forests, and so on. Why is it about age?

What is substantive criticism? What is an op-ed? Shut up, shill.

Its called REAL NEWS.

Why do you force this Real News meme?

This isn't even news. It's opinion. The figures stated are not sourced or named by year even. This is more concern trolling and correlation = causation. Totally forgettable trash.

its called OP is pulling news from a shitty source that might as well be fox or daily mail

Nobody else is talking about this, maaan. Real Fucking News!

It may be an op-ed but I do think it is news worthy, and could even have some good points. When kids are so deep into debt, they have to take multiple part time jobs and work non-stop to pay that debt off. It gives them less time to date and fool around with the opposite sex, it gives them less ability to afford to date the opposite sex (after all, back in my day dating was covering a meal, going to a drive-in movie, getting drunk/stoned and then making out in the back of a car). So yes, dating does cost some and you need time to build relationships.

No young person is paying off a college education in this economy. Part-time jobs have low pay and, basically, you're delusional. They all take IBR and pay 15% of discretionary, letting the interest soar and hoping to God the next administration doesn't alter the terms of the agreement.

Making it in rural areas have more to do with making sure you have a job on lock down before moving out there. If you don't then there's no jobs out there. You're competing with half the county for the few decent paying jobs or the jobs seasonal and you'll only have it for a few months before you have to wait until next year.

Today that would not come to a surprise. The old mill I used to work at closed down in the 90s. I also have seen factories shut down, farmers nearby go broke over the years, a lot of depressing stuff. Back in the 70s and 80s my small town was live and kickin', tons of jobs for everyone. Now grown-ups are competing for employment at a Dollar General or local gas stations just to help stock inventory or work as a cashier. Those who are retired already living in town are the "lucky leftovers" they say.

OP is a faggot. NAME THE JEW ALREADY! Get rid of usury, get rid of the problem.

It's either get debt and a career to pay it back or work a shit job barely above minimum wage with no possibility of advancement. And don't give me "muh trade school, muh HVAC" because that costs money too fucktard.

Maybe people should stop falling for the dream? There is no advancement for anyone, no way out of what's coming, nowhere to hide. Accept it, and stop sucking corporate dick.

Jews will corner you into poverty, debt servitude, or both.

Isn't it obvious? The bankers who loan shark and the universities who rip these students off are full of kikes. I went in detail about this, however it was in a different thread.

What if you can't have what the boomers had? One generation can't drink the treasure of three, and poverty allows you to starve the beast. Why isn't living with less and dropping out of the competition to nowhere an acceptable goal?

Unfortunately, this. Buy weapons. Try and survive. Others will be doing the same

How in the hell did you get "Buy weapons" out of what I said? I didn't even imply you should "Buy" anything or "try" anything.

(not him) but I think if you were not going to buy or do anything you would end up homeless at some point in time, completely desperate on other people willing to give away charity. And if SHTF, you'd be among those who die.

Nice low hanging fruit, idiot. He's telling people what to buy, not strawmanning that we should "buy everything," as you suggest I'm implying with the opposite "buy nothing at all."

Rush out and purchase a fuckton of weaponry right as globohomo is pivoting toward arms control? Brilliant. What will you do with the weapons should you manage to hide them from the people who keep records on when you so much as take a piss? That's right, nothing at all.

You likely can't win a war against the so-called international community. Squandering what resources you do have on weapons doesn't give you any moral upper hand and it motivates them to impose stricter surveillance and more totalitarian legislation against your people as a group. Why do you think cuckservatives promote gun and gold ownership? Because they've rigged the game, dumbfuck. You're falling for the con over and over again.

Look at it this way, you could always fight back or at worst, have the decency to just blow your own brains out if you want to give up.

Guns are not just for fighting you know, they also can help set harsh examples to the world like "fuck you all, I'm outta here!" Know what I'm saying? And if it gets too bad, I'll die either way I please, shootout or suicide. Won't matter. In the end, fuck this world.

You're scum. Reported.

Well, since your daughters shouldn't be fed into these Marxist indoctrination hell-holes, then you only really have to manage financing your son's educations. Your daughters should be married off as teens into solid families and already-established husbands. So not too difficult to manage tbh.

Found the jew.

What about debt that isnt voluntary??

I wouldnt say its being picky, whats the point of moving to the country (my preference) if you cant even make enough to adjust for the commute to work now because we all know that's what moving to the rural areas means

I can't stand when a Boomer thinks he understands the motivations of much younger people.

No op, youre just a faggot that wanted to get paid for a do nothing office job so you overpaid for your official lemming certification instead of learning a trade.


Who pays for construction projects? How much money will a tradesman make if suddenly everyone wants to be a tradesman? Fuck off.

Another jew.

Just a reminder Americanos: ANY DEBT that you cannot discharge through bankruptcy is de-facto slavery. Keep on thinking your free Ameriniggers, keep on slaving in the free world

Nope. Retired. Thank God I was alive to witness America as a free country before it rotted and died too.

Looks like racketeering, loan sharking and debt slavery is now legal game in America. Sad.

You dont have to have a loan you entitled faggot. You dont deserve the newest iphone every year

Youre describing a hypothetical situation that has literally never happened. Being a skilled tradesman has always been in demand. Protip; humping rocks for 8 bucks an hr under the table isnt a skilled trade.

Amen. Nor do they need $50,000+ in student loan debts for college degree (unless they are thinking of a major profession which actually pays very well, such as a doctor or lawyer or some MIC engineer).

Otherwise it is better to stick with the trades if you want to live frugal while you save up for retirement….. although there is the problem that the US dollar may not be worth much 20 years down the road either, so you have to take future hyperinflation into consideration too and prepare before we face more financial crisis ahead.

One thing I do know: if you owe debt, but can't default or declare bankruptcy, then you are what is known as a "debt slave."

You're an ignoramus because there are professions which are not Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer. You want to live in a world where those are the only professions, and people break their backs to get into them and only them. And if those career paths fail to be lucrative, especially since they're being flooded by domestic citizens as well as foreigners, you want the losers to make an about-face and flood into the trades. You've solved nothing.

I'm sick of explaining this to you. Get the fucking point already.

Construction workers are tradesmen. They often work seasonally despite their need for steady income. This isn't a hypothetical.

What about skilled factory workers? For instance, semiconductor cleanroom workers. They experience layoffs in the hundreds, plant closures, etc. And they need an Associate's Degree to get through the front door.

You seriously don't have a fucking clue, retard.

I'm really exhausted at having to make these same arguments to the same pompous fucking idiots day after day alongside seeing people write that imageboards are such hot shit because the smart people come here. Where are the smart people?

All the smart people left to other boards a long time ago. All that is left are kike shills and paid posters to derail everything, same as on halfchan

I should be more careful. In my head everyone that stupidly says "go learn a trade" is Killcen. The small point that almost no one's skills are worth a fuck unless they also possess the tools of production. Maybe a doctor can save your life with some duct tape and a stick, but most everyone else is someone's nigger. If your pay isn't coming directly from an exchange with another individual, that's what you are whether you're a tradesman or an engineer.

…is lost on him. He's a broken record.

I'm leaving too. Fuck this place, and half.

Youre clearly dumber than a fucking machine ot you wouldnt be afraid of replacement. Youre not a skilled tradesman. And yes, a lot of the jobs arr seasonal. Learn to budget and dont be a nigger

The tool is a literal 5 dollar hammer fuckass if even. You can get hired with nothing but the clothes on your back. Ive done it multiple times

And learning a "trade" if you want to call factory workers that doesnt mean you go be a house nigger wage slave for some juden. It mean you run your own business

we need to erase all of them and take ownership of their corporations to the public

Due to cognitive dissonance, I'm simply going to provide this image. The intelligent on this board will come to conclusions on their own. The idiots will not.

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One day the population is too high
The next day we're not having enough babies
It's a problem, of course, but still.

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time for news

I guess the more people think they can simply pay for credibility the more they're going to have to pay.
Wouldn't it be better to earn credit for free than to pay for no credit and go into debt?

Sure paying for credit gives you the certificate of credibility but what happens when the credibility doesn't actually work?

Yes goy this is why no one is having children….except poor whites, poor blacks, poor mexicans, poor chinese etc. Strange how people who cant afford them still have them and people with money do not want to marry. It is almost as if there is some other financial reason. Maybe some sort of state enforced reason.

I don't care what the date is. Zerohedge and Infowars can play ping pong with this fucking article every month but it's old news at this point.