Brit/pol/ #2230: FLA Edition

Brexit News for Monday 14 May
May's customs partnership 'all but dead' after Gove joins Boris in savaging proposal

EU ‘wants to extend Brexit transition period by 6 months’

BREXIT FURY: Barnier takes SWIPE at UK for negotiating like they want to join the EU

Part + Parcel


'You think like an Englishman!' Sky News row ERUPTS with Israeli scholar over Jerusalem

Free speech precedent could be set in anti-semite Chabloz case

Palestinians killed in protests against US embassy's move to Jerusalem

"Italy has fallen because people we don't like got democratically elected"

Ex-Harrow schoolboy, 41, 'floored boy, seven, with roundhouse kick in an unprovoked attack as he walked with his father to London's Natural History Museum'


Nigerian woman and her two children 'kicked off United Airlines flight due to their pungent odour'

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First for the FLA are just civic hooligans

thots tbh

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xth for Nationalist Distributism is the only way forward

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If you are going to eat raw mince, get a good quality steak and mince that.

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Sixth for Mercia gobbling raw meat

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>"I think I've figured out why I've found this dating thing really tough"
because you're a bitch


thanks lad

It's time

what happened to pike poster?

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this imagery is so fucking funny rofl

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It's getting late. Tell me a freedom story before I go to bed

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I bucked yer ma

…I'm going to need a longer story lad

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The revolting peasants of 1381 specifically targeted Flemish immigrants for murdering and their homes for torching.

Jews keep saying Israel was founded in 1948 and is now 70 years old but they claim it has been their homeland for 3000 years…why don't they claim Israel was founded 3000 years ago then?
Freedom for British Palestine tbh

I don't know anything about 1381
Can we restore the magna carta if we leave the EU?

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I can't see that story ending well any time soon. It's just a bunch of semitic people throwing lead at each other

Lads I want to watch Jimmy Savile and the ninth circle but I am worried I will break the seal and start the hammering.

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Technically Parliament can make or unmake whatever law it likes, lad.

don't worry jim'll fix it

so they're just shit voluntarily?

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More or less.

kek bunch of try hards

better stick the shekelstein flag at half mast for a day or two.

Children died and were injured. I hope Ivanka begs Daddy Don to launch a cruise missile attack on Israel and the genocidal barbarian Netanyahu butcher Bashar al-Assad of Syria over this

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can i turn this off because ive nearly posted doxx multiple times now

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ivanka is so annoying hope she dies

you deserve everything you get

Just don't type in any other field then you spastic

other browsers are slower lad

click name sometimes when trying to click

I can help you, but you will have to post "thank you civic you are true friend and ally"

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Opera is quick

Use Iridium.

*uses spyware to harvest more westie maid pictures*

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iirc Firefox is the fastest with Palemoon being second.

I hate all this fucking nepotism tbh. Sets a bad example. Shouldn't be allowed in any shape, way or form. It is blatantly mafia
It must end

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I've seen slugs move faster

Iridium removes the botnet of Chromium while retaining its speed.

Furrymemi is slow and buggy.

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pretty unstable

you can never avoid baby snail season though, absolute hordes of them

it'll get impotently firebombed one too many times by jumanjis and move back to tel aviv


Good lad, remember camping when I was younger and had to piss during the night, must've stepped on a dozen of the buggers as they were absolutely everywhere on the damp grass.

: c

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this is what your oneities is up to right now

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smh can't type for shit

What y'all lads up to?

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Using palemoon for a while now since it seems to have less bugs and crashes than Firefox but think I'm going to switch to Opera because it seems to support 3rd party plugins better.

Still better than Firefox for stability in my experience.

Loving nature is dangerous.


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bed tbh

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Lad I thought you were dead tbh

Dox yourself for the banter.

Jokes on you, my waifu is in the anime world

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Nighty night then lad


tfw want to look tough for the lassies at work but refuse to kill any insects that make their way into the building

I don't believe this tbh, how could we ever know?
Feel sorry for lobbies being boiled alive

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They lick their arses
Dogs mouths are not clean. At all
Stupid thot. Women need enslaving for their own safety tbh

iirc they lack a proper nervous system much like trees and plants so it's impossible for them to feel any kinda of pain.

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good heavens

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It is

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nature belongs outside
kill all the lost travellers

fortnite is hands down the worst thing that has ever happened to the human race

I'd say the jews are a bit worse.

went to a nice pub in the local park and there were yuge thicc trees taller than any building it was great

Not being so woke you can't sleep

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im sure they must be connected somehow

Should've taken a picture on my walk down to the church today, sun was out and the village looked lovely tbh

Never kill insects for thots. If it's a spider let it climb on your arm and blow it away out a window and wasps/bees should be caught in a glass. I really don't compromise on my love for nature, except for nigger mosquitoes and other parasites.

Is that like the 2018 team fortress?

i think so, everyone at work talking about it even the customers who are middle aged men, its everywhere

Thought for the day :
Jews are petrified of muslims so they made over 100 films about the Holocaust to remind us of how dangerous they are to their worldly ambitions

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It's a bit between Hunger games/battle royal and minecraft, it's all my friends play, one of them has spent like £500 on it.

nature belongs outside
kill it
make them into a lesson for the children of bugkind

hahahahaha you have friends

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I know and all of them play Fortnite

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>Responsibility lies with those who didn't fire any bullets or launch any bombs says (((White House)))

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Flies and wasps sure, but I'm not going to squish spiderbros and m'ladybirds tbqh

Sounds comfy tbh lad.

Phone cameras are a blessing, I'd miss so many lovely shots if it weren't for that, I dislike lugging my DSLR around and I end up not using it most of the time.

YK has betrayed us smh

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What the fuck has he spent £500 on exactly, the game's free afaik

these games are indistinguishable to me

fooking wamen on ze pablic spez.


What does it even put where? does it look like this?

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lolz iz low IQ.


except yellow

if it happens im so fucked lol

What's he done now?

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Just change browsers you mong if it does happen then just give us a shout and I'll wipe it

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You cannot delete ze pozdz on ze pablic spez. Zis is vree speej spez.