Trump says noise from wind turbines causes cancer

An Iowa Republican senator is expressing irritation at what he calls "idiotic" comments by President Trump about wind energy.

Mr. Trump, at the National Republican Congressional Committee's annual spring dinner Tuesday night, said noise from wind turbines causes cancer.

Sen. Chuck Grassley said in a conference call with reporters Wednesday that the comments "were first of all idiotic and it doesn't show much respect for Chuck Grassley as the grandfather of the wind energy tax credit."

Grassley was instrumental in approving a federal tax credit 26 years ago that has spurred wind energy development.

Iowa is a national leader in wind energy, with more than 4,000 turbines.

Asked about Mr. Trump's claim, Iowa's Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds refused to say the president was wrong, saying it was not her place to do so.

"You know how those things change. One year coffee is good for you and the next year coffee causes cancer," she said. "That's what happens. We've got a lot of people that are driving the industry and investing in the industry and we should be proud of our position."

She noted Iowa generates 40 percent of its electricity from wind.

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Facebook Grandma President.
He basically invented the birther movement and was its primary driving force.
he's already antivaxx
Still waiting for him to go full flat earth

To understand windmills, you must first understand the origages of wind, which is tremendously big, temendously windy.

My father was born in a wonderful part of Germany, where there were no windmills and nobody got cancer.

How could you possibly expect a stable genius like him to remember facts and figures about windmills when he's in the middle of still being audited by the IRS?


Chuck Grassley thinks he knows more than Tim Apple or Marilyn Lockheed, which is tremendously, tremendously bad.


Trump is right. We must unite all races and countries together under the raw power of fossil fuels to defeat this evil wind energy.

Mark Wiering here
I am Dutch and I have brane cancer

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The REAL Mark Wiering would've told us the origages of his brane cancer

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I 'wonder' where this whole fake news story origagated

I'm fully aware that dum-dum will be re-elected

it's hard to fathom five more years of misspelled words, moronic statements and complete absence of problems being fixed.

but more than anything, I'm fucking amazed that out of 360,000,000 Americans, we can't find even ONE good candidate

The only thing I can stay positive about Donald Trump is that I guess we finally got to do the 'elect a non-politician' thing….

I'm not sure exactly what tangible benefit we received from finally putting an non-politician in office, but at least we can finally say that we did it…

The reasons you guys voted for Donald Trump were the exact same reasons why I voted for Ross Perot in 1992, so I completely understand 'why' you thought it was a good idea….

I fucking hate politics….

And I'm pretty sure you voted for Trump because you hate 'politicians'

I guess this past couple years proves exactly why I became so apathetic after 1992, and decided I was never going to vote again….

Maybe 20 or 30 years from now, you might be my age, and this cycle might happen again, with a non politician running for office…. And maybe you will have grown apathetic as well, and not even bother casting a vote…

It seems to me that if you or I got elected as president, we would have immediately started trying to fix the problems on day one. It seems like we would have lived up to our campaign promises and tried to get to work solving the problems that America has created for itself. One or two terms in office is not a particularly long time, and if you truly wanted to fix America's problems, you would need to get started immediately and not waste a fucking minute…

So far I haven't seen any problems being fixed.

Not just with this administration, but with ANY presidency. I can't say I've ever seen any president actually fix problems before… The professional politicians aren't any better at problem-solving than the non-politician in office right now….

Although I am convinced that Ross Perot would have actually lived up to his promises, at this point it doesn't really matter….

At this point, when I look at the state of things, it kind of reminds me of Killcen 'complaining that the world has changed'… All of the complaining and postulating end arguing and hoping and praying on Earth won't change a goddamn thing at this point…

It's beyond repair, there isn't anybody qualified to run our country, and any hopes of us solving our problems have become nothing more than a pipe dream…

They're never going to fix anything…

So if no problems are going to be solved, and since it doesn't matter if there's a Democrat in office or a Republican, (those are imaginary concepts) then I guess I'm left making observations about the intelligence and dignity of the human being who happens to be in office…

In summary, the caveman in the White House might be one of the stupidest people I've ever seen in my life….

I can't believe I lived long enough to see somebody less intelligent than George W. Bush… I guess it's another five years of making observations about Trump's lack of intelligence, but I can live with that.

It's not like I have a choice….

It's not like any of you had a choice in the first place, which is why I think you wasted your votes much more than I ever wasted my vote on Ross Perot


BINGO. Now you get it.

There was literally no other choice. It was Trump or the worst, most corrupted scumbag on the face of the planet who has vast trails of death following her past. Someone who wanted to disarm us like cattle too. No way. Trump, with all his faults, is still 100,000x better than the wicked witch of Benghazi.

What America is witnessing is a replication of the collapse of the Roman Empire. This is exactly what happened to Rome. Corruption, Greed and Degeneracy took over, they became a mockery of God and all things good, they exploited their own citizenry to climb their way to the top and the rich lives clueless to the devastation everyone else suffered through…. they spent way beyond their means, diluted their currencies creating hyperinflation, and eventually the whole fucking system collapsed on itself.


Something is not right.

companies paid me to say 5g is totally cool and totally safe. my retarded voter base needs something to fear and rally against so ill say not wind turbines cause cancer but the fucking noise from them does

noise increases stress, and cancer risk

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oh now you're concerned about cancer? thank god i didn't get cancer from the stress of the sound a windmill makes. much better to breathe in clean mercury from the coal plant

5G is still much, much worse. I'd prefer wind turbines over 5G any freakin' day.

Trump is retarded because he can't handle his daughters fucking jews. He can't do anything about about it cuz (((feminist jews))). Golf, scamming investors, ice cream and twatter are his cope.

RE: BINGO now I get it

no sir, I 'got it' from day one… Since the day Trump announced his candidacy, I 'got it'….

but what Trump voters 'didn't get' was what I have known since the 1980s: that Trump is a fucking idiot, and a disgusting human with no integrity
(the exact opposite of Ross Perot)

I suppose the only difference between you and I is that instead of 'voting for an illiterate moron with a fabricated persona of a successful businessman' over 'voting for a maniacal insane corrupt witch', I simply refused to participate….

I refused to vote for any of the above….

and before you suggest that your vote mattered, let me remind you that's NOT true…

your vote did not matter… Hillary won the popular vote… big time….

538 votes are all they count, not yours, not mine

270 votes are where they stopped counting

Fortunately for the Romans, they never had Trump

at least they got to fall with dignity

I think that in his mind, there was a witty narrative about the health concerns surrounding wind power and power lines, and he’d planned on using synecdoche to imply that the sound of wind turbines is a warning you could get cancer.. but several pages of notes went missing in his brain and what he blurted out was “that noise gives you cancer.”

I’m not a member of the electoral college. Of course my vote didn’t count. It never counts. We don’t go to the polls to elect our presidents. We go to the polls to feel like we have some part in running the federal government.

Witches bake cookies. Trump has, I am confident, forgotten the paper when wiping his ass at least once.

A nation can suffer through competent people you don't like. It's all fucked up when there's a functional illiterate idiot like Trump in charge.

well there you have it. anyone can do this job.

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there's no dignity in your country falling apart at the seams. rome died like a bitch

This nation has been going downhill for a long, long time now. 9/11 following endless wars was the tipping point for inevitable demise. But traces of demise can be traced back to 1913, when the Federal Reserve system was founded to be honest. It took over 100 years to wreck America, these past few years are only the dingleberry added on top of the thick slimy shit cake.

but the 3 depressions that happened within 3 decades were glorious?


if nothing else, our 'president' serves
as an 'example' of America for the
rest of the world to see………………
a representation of 'who we are'….

there are people in the world who
know very little about America other
than Trump being our president….

that's the worst possible representation
we could ever have, the worst black eye

dignity ?…… hahahaha yeah, right

gross as shit.

I hate to break the bad news, but……..

America sucked testicles before the great depression

And it's been vomiting feces and sperm ever since

America's 'good old days' never actually existed

There are some people around the world who actually adore Trump.

I'm going to hold my breath until you tell me something that won't eventually crumbleand fall


America had its ups and downs, but today we are in a very bad 'down.' Maybe, someday, that will change. Maybe not.

Trump's stupidity is absolutely disgusting

We all know very well you hate him. Whats new?

the 'ups' were all artificial stimulation and myth

It's been downhill ever since the 'invasion' of whites that illegally immigrated here and stole this land from the Native Americans

Q: what's new?

A: absolutely nothing under the Sun

Bullshit. What are you trying to claim here, we'd be better off being subjugated under the British Empire as human cattle?

The American Revolution was the prime historic moment when the elites had their wigs flipped back with egg all over their despotic faces.

lol you fail to realize that you think we were elite

we were diseased alcoholic rapists and murderers

we were the original CARAVAN

Imagine 200 years from now
a Latino man on a 3D holographic interweb
telling another Latino man
That the current INVASION of Latino immigrants
was the perfect example
of 'elites' having their wigs flipped

Whatever our Founders were, the British royalty were 100,000x worse and enslaved their population more than we ever had. Even though our society is shit today, compared to disarmed third world feudalism its still glorious.

I guess you're unaware that you're being subjugated under the American Empire as human cattle?

At that point, America won't exist. It would be renamed and completely utterly different than what it is now. The American empire would be a thing of the past at that point.

It is getting worse today, no doubt. But at least many Americans still have access to food, electricity, shelter, the basics, even arms to defend themselves (which is considered a luxury for most around the world). As bad as it has gotten it could be much much worse.

I've seen videos of people who live elsewhere, in third world despotic conditions saying "you Americans don't realize how lucky you are!" and stuff like "whatever happens, do not give up your guns because thats when tyranny and oppression really begins."

Johnny, do yourself a favor… if you have no felony record, buy yourself a gun, or have Wendy buy you a gun and pay her back. Go to a range sometime and practice with it. This is how you will survive someday, this is how you will be able to protect what you have and protect Wendy someday too.

RE: wouldn't be called America anymore

P A Y A T T E N T I O N ! ! !
when white diseased alcoholic murdering rapists
invaded this country and illegally stole it from the Native America 'Indians', it wasn't called America

They called it 'The Turtle', or 'TURTLE ISLAND'


I went to prison for hospitalizing a man half my age and twice my size……

lol @ gun

Well as you get older, you'll get weaker and have less energy. Almost always is the case.

I've seen videos of people who live in the Himalayan Mountains, who have no electricity and no courthouses and no anything

but they have something we don't have

They're happy

Don't know who Mark Wiering is, but he is correct

The wind is created by a certain species of fantastic creature that we in the new climatology call the wind animalcula and they like freedom in movement.

They hate the artificial vanes of the windmill(turbine) because some of their energy in the migration to their mating grounds in various mountainous regions of the globe is captured as they are slowed down when they hit the vanes.

Thy don't care about cities and their structures as these remind them of mountainous regions.
Look at the complex whirlwinds that form in the corners of strip malls as the animalcula dance and breed.

They actually like man for destroying the vast forests that once impeded them when they crossed the plains, but the forests kept them under control, so now they over breed and hurricanes are formed.

But now after growing in strength after the journey over flat areas, unimpeded by forests, the hit these different type of manmade structures.

The release of energy from the animalcula to the wind vanes cause the animalcula to scream at an inaudible frequency,

5G will use spectrum in the existing LTE frequency range (600 MHz to 6 GHz) and also in millimeter wave (mmWave) bands (24–86 GHz).

The release of energy from the scream a single animalculum makes when it hits a wind vane is mmWave band 200+ GHz

This wave will penetrate any skull easily within 50 k of the windmill

I am one Of Presidents Trumps new EPA scientists and this is cutting edge research.

We are doing research now that seems to show that CO2 molecules control the wind animalcula like the vast forests once did.

We are being funded by various industries so the taxpayer doesn't have to foot the bill for this incredible research

The Chinese have known about this research and are ahead of us

Here is a video, that seems inocuous at first, but then one realizes that the Chinese scientists are researching the breeding habits of wind animalcula in their huge cities

America must not be left behind in this new field

Same as on Pitcairn Island.

I could imagine, they're off the grid, living as humans were meant. I can confirm homesteading does boost moral. The best times in my life were hanging out, drinking with friends, goofing off in the woods, fishing, hunting, etc. Its a good feeling to be one with nature. Very true.

When I lived off the grid I wanted to be in the biggest city I could find. The only thing that kept me happy were things that reminded me people had more sophisticated culture in urban areas.

Is this your blog? I like it. Update it sometime. Get a movement started. You can do it if you work at it and are dedicated enough. Maybe someday we'll meet up, and you won't even know its me. And we'll be breaking whiskey bottles till the crack of dawn, by a bonfire with some hot old hippy chicks by our sides. Huh?

Doesn't even look like him. How many hours did that fag spend bedazzling all the text?

You think you can out drink me Johnny? I think you could, today you could. Not back in the day, no way. I was drinkin' a bottle every night at times. Don't drink like that no more, but on occasion I'll suck down about half a bottle in one night.


I'll answer your question in a second… First, I need to retype the loquacious answer to the other guys question….

I had just finished the typing a loquacious answer, then when I reached over to help Wendy with something I accidentally deleted everything I typed

So give me a second to retype my answer to the other question, and I'll get back to you

Well, anyway my favorite whiskey is Canadian Club, next to Johnny Walker… that is, thats what I used to drink a lot of. Now days I experiment with finer whiskeys like Bowmore, Laphroaig, Highland Park, etc.

Whats your favorite whiskey Johnny?

Nope that's not me…

When I was 11 years old, in 1974, I developed my own cartoon character that I used to draw…

The cartoon character was named 'Johnny Neptune'….

Johnny Neptune was the world's most famous singer/entertainer, very much like an Elvis Presley type figure… But behind the scenes, without anybody's knowledge, Johnny Neptune was actually the world's greatest spy, very much like James Bond…

In my cartoons, Johnny Neptune was always saving the world without anybody realizing it, and he went 'undercover' as the world's most famous entertainer, hiding in plain sight….

I used to draw those cartoons, Xerox them, and sell them to my friends at school for $0.25 each

The next year, when I was 12 years old, I got commissioned to illustrate my first magazine cover…

When I finished the illustration I was about to sign my name on it, and I decided "wtf" and signed the name Johnny Neptune instead…

When I came up with the name 'Johnny Neptune', I developed it because it seemed like a name that you 'already knew'… Somehow, it already seemed familiar… It seemed like some name from the 1940s or something, like something from our distant memory…

these days, what with the subsequent development of Jimmy Neutron and Johnny Bravo and Billy Vomit, etc etc it loses the original appeal it had back in 1974, when nobody was calling themselves anything like that…

I've used that name as my pseudonym for my art business ever since I was 12…

It worked very well for me… Everybody always seemed it to remember that name…. it helped me get my foot in many many doors, and in fact, it's one of the reasons why I got hired by ZZ top to be their art director…

It's catchy… It was part of my 'schtick' can help sell myself and my artwork…

The guy you're talking about has nothing to do with me, and I have no idea when he began calling himself the same name I made up in 1974 at age 11

Oh, and I always loved Dewars and Glen Livet because they were also good, but cheap as well!

Right now I wouldn't touch a drop of whisky if you paid me. but then again right now I wouldn't even smoke a joint if you paid me.

my drug and drinking days are behind me… Thank God

But I started working at a nightclub when I was 15, and by the time I got hired as a DJ at age 18, I was such a bad alcoholic him that I couldn't even get drunk anymore, no matter how much I drank.

At age 18, I could drink anybody under the table

By the time I was 21, I would wake up with a delirium tremens…

I had to drink a fifth of absolut just to be able to stand up and stop shaking….

I liked single malt scotch

But now I prefer ice water

Oh, OK. Thats cool. Is your real name Andy, btw? Were you really arrested for extortion over donuts?

I'm going to be completely honest with you and tell you how I feel about alcohol… If you're willing to drink alcohol, there's no reason why you shouldn't be doing any other drugs, because alcohol is the worst most destructive thing, the worst intoxicant you could ever ingest.

I started taking LSD at age 12

I would sooner take LSD before I'd drink a beer or a scotch

Yes, I was…..

Yep, I had the same shakes when I quit drinking for a while too. But I never got drunk during work hours, only at night, every night, and I had to have A LOT of it to go to sleep.

Alcohol is the poor man's drug, always was, always will be. But then again, I was never rich or poor, just lower middle class. And I've done other stuff, like weed and coke and mushrooms. But only the coke I really enjoyed and never got addicted to either. Mushrooms never made me trip for some reason, just made me act goofy. Marijuana is what started to fuck with my mind after 20 years of smoking it on a regular basis. Then I quit doing drugs after that, even coke. And ever since then I just stick to the booze.

Will you be in trouble for revealing this new research?

And the only reason I did coke, this is true, wasn't because I could afford it, but because I was lucky enough to know a dealer who was a friend of mine in high school. He used to have tons of that shit, spread out on a table and cutting it up with talcum powder and baking soda. He'd call me up and say, "get your ass over here and chill for a while." I'd come over and start sniffing fat lines with the dude, he cut it with a big knife, lines the size of a normal straw you'd see at a restaurant. I'd buy a few 8balls some times, but other times I'd get it for free hanging out with him. Those days were FUN. Drinkin' beer, sniffin' coke and listening to rock 'n roll on the radio.

On March 4th, 2017 I was at a Dunkin Donuts when an employee tried to steal my 6" 1080 dpi 32 gig octacore processor phone.

She stole it off the table when my back was turned, talking to my wife.

It was captured on their security cameras, so I told my wife to call the police.

While I was outside talking to the cop, the female employee ran into the mens bathroom and ran back out.

I found my phone thrown into the bottom of the trash can.

She had cracked the screen on my phone

The cop didn't help me, he didn't do shit

For 16 days I tried to get the franchise general manager to pay the $100 repair fee for the screen of my phone. He was a fucking dickhead.

Finally, I told him I was going to the courthouse to file a civil action against him, his brother the owner, the employee who broke my phone, and Baskin Robbins/ Dunkin Donuts

(I didn't want to sue, I just wanted to demonstrate that I was willing to pursue civil litigation as a leverage to make him pay for the damage to my phone)

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I don't know if I'd survive that kind of stuff to be honest, it would freak me out too much.

How'd you end up so normal after all those years dropping acid?

They locked you up for that? I don't see what you did wrong!


On March 4th, my phone was stolen, and broken before I retrieved it

On March 14th, my wife and I were backstage at the ZZ TOP concert

On March 20th, I had become really really REALLY tired of Krishna Patel refusing to address my phone that his employee broke while trying to steal it from me

To be continued

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I dedicate this song to the REAL Johnny Neptune! This is the kind of music I listened to back in the day, drinking and coke sniffin!

MARCH 20th 2017 :

after 16 days of having him pretend his restaurant wasn't responsible for the damage to my property, I decided to file civil litigation in small claims court

on the way to the courthouse, I told my wife that I had a 'funny feeling' about it, so I decided I would stop in to Dozier law firm, and discuss the situation with an attorney before I went to the courthouse

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i want to start an indoor garden.

David Dorer handled criminal law, and was a new Young attorney hired by the civil law firm of the Dozier law…

He did not represent me, but he gave me a free consultation. I explained the situation

I asked Mr. Dorer if it was 'legal to threaten civil litigation to pursuade someone to pay damages'

He told me "it's completely legal. We do it every day"

I told him " I thought it might be misconstrued as extortion"

He said " NO"

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Sounds legit. WHY did they arrest you?

Dozier Law Firm is one block away from the Bibb County Courthouse, where I walked immediately after meeting David Dorer.

I took this picture of my phone and a hastily written agreement not to pursue civil litigation in exchange for the measly $100 for my phone screen

You'll also see the phone in the photo

I was arrested for extortion

Attached: JNs civil agreement march 20th 2017.jpg (1080x808, 158.25K)

Now for some "Boomer NEWS"…. an announcement for Boomers, by Boomers!


Is that an iPhone?

They arrested me BECAUSE I TROLLED MR. PATEL SO BAD, that I pissed him off, and he had 'pull' with the police

I did not extort anyone

I DID however commit harassing texts

I told Patel that his people bathed and brushed their teeth in the Ganges River while corpses floated by, and over many generations, it mutated their DNA, and that's why they paint a red target between their eyes.

I trolled my way into jail

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Don't lie, braw. Of course it is.

Johnny may hate chocolate fudge, but he'll go to jail for a sissy phone made by bay area homosexuals.

I'm happy, I'm safe, I'm good

They dead docketed the case

Everything worked out just fine

Anything that is not a flip phone or a regular landline phone, must be an iPhone. Thats exactly what iPhones look like.

Still, fuck Dunkin' Donuts and their shitty management. Corrupt as hell.

I'm glad it all worked well Johnny. Did you dig that tune I dedicated to you?

No, android phones look like android phones. But that is an iPhone.

I used to be a huge 'computer guy'''
not a programmer (I got pussy) but a computer guy

I used computers to create art, video & music
to me, they are 'creative studios'… I taught myself how to model, animate & render 3D animation on the old Commodore Amiga (also using my Video Toaster)

But I would NEVER be a Mac douchebag

Nor would I ever use an iPhone

I loved it

I love macs. I hated them when Jobs was alive, but now that Tim Cook's made the company more profitable I love them.

no matter HOW BAD things seem like they're going to be……

everything still works out okay in the end