Brit/pol/ #2231: Betrayal Edition

Craig Mackinlay election expenses trial delayed

Trial of South Thanet MP Craig Mackinlay over election expenses is delayed

Brexit News for Tuesday 15 May
Norway-style Brexit now 'dead' after Corbynsays he won't back EEA

May Attacks Rees-Mogg over Clean Brexit Support to ‘Send a Signal’ to Brexiteers

#GammonGate: Row breaks out over 'gammon' insult for middle-aged, red-faced Brexiteers after MP calls out derogatory term

Boris Johnson kept away from Turkish president on UK visit after branding him ‘the w***erer from Ankara’

Over half a million Londoners want to move out of the capital in the next year, a new survey has found

Number of EU workers in UK falls for first time since 2010, EMPLOYERS CONCERNED

Youths who choked student on Tube, forcing him to apologise for being gay, walk free from court


Germans as a people do not exist, so they cannot be betrayed, says Green Party leader

Sweden: Organised Criminals Recruiting ‘Child’ Migrants for ‘Youth Army’

Rocket man cancels talks with South, threatens to call off US talks over military drills

93% of migrant sex crimes in Finland are committed by migrants from Islamic countries

Spain police union warn 'legions of youth' working for narcos

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i bucked yer ma

First for joining Hezbollah and defeating the Jewish State

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Top lad

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Nobody ever tells SA he is a good lad when he makes us threads smh

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Oh nvm then

Haven't got to file a proper ban in ages smh

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see >>763630 :^)

*makes joke about interracial gay sex to white working class audience*

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Guess I'm a nobody then

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daily reminder

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Oh dear.

first dogpost ITT, get ready for MANY more

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Wew someone just drove past my house at 900mph on a moped

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Unjust tbh smh

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Adams Broadside

Very bitter but a little sweet, like strong black coffee.


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Who is he?

The other half of Peep Show

Dropped like a rock

If that's a film or a telly show I've never heard of it

Yanks out

NOICE tbh lad

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nobody reads these ghost written celeb biographies.
they are the shittest presents at christmas (at least you wear the socks). these books get opened up once, people look at the personal photographs in the middle, and then they get donated to the charity shop when it's time to move house.


Unjustified tbh

Is that referring to tweets in general, or shadowbanned tweets.

I know, it's well above the speed limit and it was ten o'clock at night


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getting drunk again lads x

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I hope you're not drinking to give yourself courage to commit a crime, lad.

Probably a pizza boy on a zero hours contract

if they locked me up i couldnt get pissed in my bedroom every night so

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Tweets in general. I think Owen uses a bot based on the followers you follow and who follow you, as do Twatter
Your a/c should probably have about 5k followers for the amount of time you've been on there tbh

Lord help the poor fucker.
Probably has to drive like it's crazy taxi to make those harsh limits.

No wonder why twitter isn't asking for his phone number, they shadowbanned him

Naah I don't really use it tbh


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Kek, Meghan Markle's dad has had a heart attack. Imagine if he dies on the wedding day

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that #pitbulldropoff trolling got me shadowbanned smh

Where the fuck did you find this, none of it makes sense.

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Yeah but it's not just about how much you use it it's also about how long you've been on there
They've just stopped showing your tweets and that stops you getting followed. It's got ten times worse since the ADL got involved

That was weeks ago
He's right now getting checked out by docs and is expected to make it if fit. Hope he brings a suicide vest

More about content tbf, I gained more traffic and followers when I started posting stuff. Granted it makes it so my stuff isn't public everywhere, but couldn't care less tbh

Americans keep tipping me at work, they don't realise Brits are Jews and don't tip. Thank you Americans for being so rich and generous and powerful.

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reminder that joe had a subtle dig at yomkippur recently

He's having surgery lad

Working at a pub innacity was good fun, yank customers would tip all the time. First tip I got was twenty euros which meant I had the faff of converting it but it was nice still.

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From today's paper tbh

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Just seen something else saying docs said no. He has to have surgery.


Kek, one can only dream

Weird thing is he's having a stent fitted and that used to be done through the artery in your leg but nowadays through a vein in your hand/arm

>"Speak now or forever hold your peace"

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Do it lad.
Destroy them

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"don't marry that stripper nigger harry" - old english man whose given up hope on life

Didn't the father warn Harry to not go through with it?

Invest in Huggies/Pampers

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Not sure. I stopped following it since their interview.

they'll be using their own kosher schlomo-approved brand

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her half brother

It's gonna be a big BIG Ramavan bomb-a-satb-athon this year


This isn't going to go down well with a lot of people.

The backlash from these articles is great, it's just pissing off blapipo.

just the heat nothing else

whose side are we britbongs supposed to be on?

Our own

The Right side.

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Sadiq Khan looks like Martin Freeman in The Office

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Stop LARPing


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Watching The Papers on BBC News and the journalists and presenter sound joyous that the North Korea talk is cancelled
Anything that spites Trump is good to them

Just sit back and watch them annihilate each other. It'll be a perfect world.

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Megan will celebrate her blackness when harry cops her nicking the silver ware.

doubt we will avoid getting dragged into it in some way, probably on the side of the Zionists

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Most likely.
All we could hope for is that our troops can see through the bullshit and leave the forces and band together just in case

low tories are cute tbf lads

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What if YK was RAHEEEEEM KASEEEEEEM all along?

We'll be dragged into it.

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topless = israel
white top = muzzies
red top = USA UK

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Not me m8
They can fuck right off with that idea

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I hear alot of vets are seething and with all the bullshit in Army ads being pushed, the MoD aren't even meeting recruitment targets in the army.

There was an article about the latter.,can't find it now.

Not fucking surprising seeing as their ad campaigns are targeting the groups that have no interest in enlisting.

@PrisonPoofter is picking a fight with Spencer. Woes is not happy

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It's been going on since 2013 at least.

tbf the old marines ads were pretty good, but the new shit they've pushed is just ridiculous.
Go onto the MoD's youtube channel and just look at the thumbnails and titles it's bloody ridiculous.
Thank God for my dodgy knee.

The fat jock is fewmin'

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I suppose that's why woes gets doxxed as a 'vile hate vlogger' and Jordan "i put the philo in philo-semitic' Peterson gets interviewed by channel 4