Brit/pol/ #2232: Wahey Lads Edition

Brexit News for Wednesday 16 May
Brexit Britain booming as a record number of Britons now in work and more foreigners have jobs than before the referendum

Europhile Lords defeat government on Brexit for 15th time

Only 32% of British public trust news media, according to new research

BBC report accuses people concerned about migration of ‘giving it large’

East Coast train line to be put into public control

Gaza ‘slaughter’: UK Government response to Palestinian deaths ‘wholly inadequate’ – Corbyn

17 Austrian Identitarians to Be Prosecuted Under ‘Mafia Law’ Accused of Being Criminal Organisation

EU president tears into Donald Trump, warning US president is bad friend who acts with 'capricious assertiveness'

Charles Bronson told Rose West to Hang Herself After Receiving Love Letter

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Are these the football fans that SA thinks are the savours of the hwhite race?

simbly ebin

vid related

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its a good video my lamb


He's been a step in the right direction for the party.

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football fans are simply misled, where footbal has become a proxy for legitimate nationalism and group identity, but a lot are solid degenerates

top kek
UKIP just needs to speak the truth - it wont always be popular but better to be consistently proven right than popular

Gerard Batten is the best thing that's happened to UKIP since Are Nutt it's not saying much but still.

It's what the video here states

it is bread & circuses
entertain - distract - bewitch/cast a spell on the audiance and they wont notice how poverty and tyranny slowly encroaches on them

His interview where he quoted the koran and bto the lib epic style was pretty good too.
He doesn't seem to have much of a character just yet but perhaps that's what the party needs, less of a personality cult and more of a party.

Yes lad bread and circus look at these people being brainwashed.

"glamour" originally means a magic enchantment
celebrity culture, pop culture is literally a spell cast by the powers that be to stupify and bewitch the subject population so they can push policies that a sober and alert population would reject violently

just look at all these cucks falling for the bread+circus wtf how can they enjoy entertainment I bet they want pakis to rape their daughters

Anyone see that video where Alan Watt talks about this? Apparently they were theorising that sports (then just children's games for the most part) could be used to siphon off tribalistic and nationalistic tenancies as far back as H.G Wells' time.

get over yourself. Look at the saudi-funded, multicultural shit that is presented as football today

das rite

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the romans and byzantines loved their sports too - they formed tribes around the team colour

Local football is perfectly fine and healthy, I'm not attacking football (which is as old as medieval times)
But you are retarded if you dont think current premier league football is anything but social-engineering, bread & circuses shite. Just follow the money. How many of those clubs are owned by foreign billionaires?

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no shit sherlock, but to paint entertainment entirely like that is stupid, I know fellas who'll watch the game at the pub but will still be pissed off about the state of affairs.
There's definitely bread+circus in play, but there's far more to it than that for why lads watch it, for many it's their only outlet.

It's funny whenever you see people complaining about modern sports riots tbh

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Love it when the media baits incels tbh

Aye I'm cautiously optimistic about him, he's on the right page about much of the rot.
Partly made possible or at least easier by the steps made before of opening the public up to the immigration debate and legitimizing their vies, and opening the way for further steps in the near future that can go even further. We shall see.

That's one thing I'm hoping they're going to do, stop trying to pander to people who're going to despise you anyway and double down. I can understand the concern for a bit of PR but there's no point if you're alienate your core. But then the "I'm not racist I just think we should be able to control immigration" angle has worked well in our favour really.

I still miss Nutt

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thats the point, it's their only outlet and it's controlled by foreign money pushing damaging agendas

Their sports were pretty cool though. People died. Football is a game for children.

You know where this kind of attitude leads to eventually lad….
Is he a spy sent to finish UKIP off?

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Can you webm it or hooktube it it's asking me to sign in and bollocks to that

I think UKIP should talk about economics a lot more.
Talk about debt, QE, purchasing power, prices relative to wages, housing costs & availability etc and especially deal with countryside issues like fishing.

We all do lad, we all do.

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But they're not beyond help, and the sport can be salvaged. Attacking footie fans just for enjoying entertainment is silly.

I dont like how he attended an event with tommy robinson and AMW

Are you talking about commercial fishing? Outside of a few rivers and private areas you're allowed to fish basically anywhere in the country.

I'm not attacking fans at all
I'm saying there's a problem with the industry

Here lad.

My bad lad mixed you up with another poster.

Yeah I am talking about fishing communities and the fishing industry
They've been sold out so many times by the government, perfect propaganda opportunity to point out things like the Cod Wars and the Factortame case

UKIP could easily gain some MP's in coastal areas if they promised to revive the UK fishing industry

They are well aware of it, we've got Fishing for Leave working constantly, they've had a few events across the country. UKIP needs to connect with them as it's prime LOCAL territory that they could snap up.

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Up until the 80's you had to come from a town or city to play for it's football team

I thought they already did promise that in the last two elections.

Almost everyone posting on this board is a e-celeb on the down low, lad

Aren't you?

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I mean if they really hammered the economic point home
I like UKIP but they need to talk more economics on twitter, call out the financial system and fiat currency

No I actually like laughing at the spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) and dafties from the lofty position of anonymity.

Yeah tbh. I can understand why and I guess it's fairly bold and could bring in new voters but I'd prefer if he didn't associate those lot.

Agreed, the arguments about fractional reserve banking and QE have been lost a bit lately. I wish Godfrey were still prominent as he knows what's up with this stuff and openly talks about it.

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I'm Pewdiepie, tbh.

I don't like it, it feels like he's hitting to many correct notes at once while getting in with a crowd that the spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) could pull the plug on at any time.

He's a top lad on twatter tbh

What do you want them to back the currency with if not debt?

Not to say that fiat can't work perfectly fine under a nationalist system.

>SA defending BASED footy
stop being a mong lad, football is nothing more than a safety valve to sate would-be garroters of the political class from doing so.


He's banned/shadowbanned on Twitter but after that Day of Freedom….tbh
Also he has never done time for Islamophobia and Jez Turner is facing 7 years for saying ONE thing about Jews

Top lad

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*kicks the ball*

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We shall see, as captain Pugwash used to say.

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Barbecued sirloin with new potatoes and some salad tbh

*headers the ball*

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I honestly wonder if the state will now just keep sending fall guys just so they can have GCHQ monitor you personally going insane as a test bed for some sort of new psychological weapon they're developing.


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Jew vs Jew
Every. Single. Time

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good lad

Are you implying that people who oppose jews are jews now?

How long before the Kikes start shoahing each other on political ground?

I like it when their own cultural golems turn on them.

I've discovered we can go absolutely garrity and behead every last motherfucking traitor in the UK if only we hire a great PR machine
How's about we all club together and chip in a fiver each? Thoughts?

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PR is a memi that employs retards with media "degrees".

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don't bother arguing with him tbh

If he scores another one then I'll be black too

Batten is starting to sound pretty good, ngl

His filenames and posts are so suspect tbh

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Not an argument tbh

So is your post count tbh.

/newbrit/ posters I suspect

Wew, that election was literally 3 years ago and he still hasn’t faced justice

Thank you lad

tbh mate we've had better spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine). On a completely unrelated note never trust a Norwegian.

Owned by an antman and a jew

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Pleb pizza for me tonight CHEEKY CHEAT MEAL! which means I'm forced to go and get some beers now

kek I swear to fuck I'll make them regret it one day

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When someone disagrees with you about something in real life do you also accuse them of either being a /newbrit/ poster or a Jew?

No because they're usually not jewish and straight.
based tories tbh


and if they are Jewish and gay like you I normally kill them by smacking them round the skull with a frozen Palestinian

Well i was going to say a ball peen hammer but you'd get it too TBBK.

So you talk to a lot of non jewish gays?

Yeah I probably could have put the together a bit better grammar wise. But no I know gammons only.

redpill me on impressionism

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It looks nice.

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Van Gogh was crazy and really saw the world that way. Everyone else is copying.

Shit lad, with banter like this I bet you've got a mean collection of advice animal pictures

how shit is it going to be

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yeah what the fuck was with that. was it just a movie memi or was there some advertising/psychological advantage to it?

tbh, Van Gogh was a bit shit. Some of his work is stylistically pretty, but are we really going to pretend this is a masterwork?

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wait, V? I though we just had Battlefield 1?

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dunno tbh, might've just been a trend for the time, like how all companies now these ugly new versions of their logos

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I'm guessing that it's going back to modern/near-future