Brit/pol/ #2233: Norwegian Constitution Day Edition

17th May News:

Britain reaching 'peak acceptance' for LGBT rights, study finds

East Coast Mainline renationalised by government after Virgin Trains deal terminated


'He was my hero': Mother brought to tears by man who called her a 'smelly fatty' on a United Airlines flight praises good Samaritan for calling out the body-shamer and ordering him to swap seats

‘No secret’: Western countries have known Novichok formula for decades, German media report

British police could be 'routinely armed' to respond to terror threat in rural areas

'This poor girl': Amy Schumer reveals why she believes Meghan Markle will have the 'worst wedding' when she ties the knot with Prince Harry

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thanks, lad

two pakis choke out a faggot and make him apologise for being gay

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It's your Birthday?

It's my country's national day

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Controversial name of Dambusters dog will NOT be censored when the film is screened in cinemas to mark mission’s 75th anniversary

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kek it's 4am and I'm eating a banana with blackberry jam on a plate with a knife and fork

Absolute madman


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But why?

keek. They won't even mention the name in the article. Fucking pussies

People who use that word are Nazis, lad.

oh em gee all the cheddar's will be bleeding from their noses that day I tell you. My old man knew this couple, the guy was white and the wife was black, and he named one of his dogs after her. Basically as a convoluted way of implying she was a you know what.


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Doing the jobs lazy brits won't

I like Norway because of black metal. I'll listen to all black metal when I wake up later today to honor le Norge

idk I'm hungry and there's nothing to eat rly, before this I had two italian chicken sausages wrapped in a spic flatbread, it was slightly spicy so I figured eating something sweet afterward would be good. I also figured I'd eat the banana on a plate with a fork and knife with a sauce because it's kinda amusing

But it's bedtime, lad. You're going to get thicc if you eat right before bed

goodlad. I don't like that genre myself though tbh


morning lads

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Anglo-Lusitanian-Norwegian triple alliance tbh


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Can that really be? I thought since the referendum we had become the most racist and intolerant country in history.

It's all just propaganda, first to guilt you into it and then to make you conform with the norm smh

*punches the bullies*

'til us processed ground beef patties replete with antibiotics and soya isoflavones slathered with high fructose corn syrup-laden ketchup sandwiched between two fluffy blobs of simple carbohydrate elected ZOGNALD (((BLUMPF))) the mein kampf-reading heel-clicking jew joke-telling crypto-WN with 150 IQ and 1488D god level backgammon to destroy the jews by giving them everything they want

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anyone ever play this?

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Sorry about your penis lad

kek if they consider this 'peak acceptance' then I'm all for it, means they see this as the end and can't progress any further on that front.
Majority of people are still not comfortable with the poofs, and many dislike them. This is their 'peak acceptance'.

People may just about tolerate gayism and lesbianism but I don't see how trannyism will ever reach even the threshold of acceptability.

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It probably won't make any real progress until there is a perciptable growth in the number of trannies tbh

People are sickened by the gays, trannies won't get much farther than they currently have.

Good post

One of these days I'll find you and kill you.

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I've already left enough breadcrumbs for people to be able to find me tbh. I had to censor one of the pics I posted because of that. smh

We've been getting more shit sidethreads than usual, has the Zig Forums schism happened yet?

Well yeah you would do, your're a fat nonce.

Peak Costanza tbh.

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Lawless London: 17-year-old chased, attacked with sword in West Ham

Lads the efniks are culturally appropriating our dafty plans.

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You'll never be able to stop me, the Noncler, lad. I'll leave no child un-groped.

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corrugated cardboard


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English Heritage saying they’re refusing White applicants for a position as they only want ethnic minorities

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They're afraid football fans are going to unite under the red cross and seize control of Russia?

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Im unironically looking forward to the world cup

Japanese train departs 25 seconds early - again - BBC News
entire day schedule ruined fired from job my wife leave me

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tbh seconds are a bit extreme but iktf with the fucking ferry tbh

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Imagine living in a country where this is the extent of bad service.

The buses around here are sometimes 25-30 minutes late, and every 3 hours, nobody cares about us. We're like the land of the dead.

Reminds me of those rural articles about "a cow got stuck in a fence" and that being the main headline, it's rather quaint.


can imagine two jap salaryman sat reading the news and one looks up "did you hear about that train that left 25 seconds early? madness." and the other nods in approval

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This. Multiple busses in a row can fail to turn up, the operating company won't give any shits.


Happy Constitution Day lads

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*remembers the invasion*

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Maybe we should do a reparation raid of our own tbh

Man, 22, has his eyes gouged out with a spoon by his father and brothers because he wanted to marry a girl of his choice in Pakistan

what a wonderful diverse culture

This, but against the Normans.

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the company statement says it all

and back to local news haha

The Normans civilised your people tbh lad. Ireland was a fucking iron age shithole until the Norman invasion


The wonders of being enlightened by your own intelligence.

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I hope they know that their group isn't going to last the next 50 years as none of the wogs and muzzies give a shit about any of the buildings built in this country.

One of our local buses had a "Islam means peace" sign on the side of it, half way through the first day someone had scrapped half it off and the other half was covered in milkshake, was gone by the 2nd day.

female coworker wants me to walk them home but i usually ride my bike home so its going to extend my journey home by a long time but im gonna do it anyway cause i cant say no to people

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Is she cute lad? Is it worth the effort basically

They might steal some of the cathedrals for bants, smh

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not interested

smh wasting your time just say you have somewhere to be maybe they're interested in you

Good, it's such an obvious invasion that it's offensive they think people fall for it.
In London they had to play fair else it'd've been too obvious.

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jesus christ

lol what a pushover

its late at night so i feel bad what if they were mugged or something and then they did a story in the news about the evil man who refused to walk them home smh

Fucking disgusting blob.

Hungarians did the same to Muzzies tbh.

godbless her.

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Tucker destroys (((David Burstein))) who calls him a fellow white man
Next segment shows Jew teacher (((Dr. Stutelberg))) at public university is teaching diversity classes about whites being genocidal maniacs off her own bat and getting away with it
wew they really are relentless tbh

If she were mugged by a wog then they'd definitely blame you for not walking her home.

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Lad I understand but still I wouldn't walk her all the way just enough that she'll probably be fine
Besides Muzzies don't give a shit if there's two people they would attack in one big mass and then you're both fucked

shit my cover is blown

last year lad after the ahmed dance party at that concert

I noticed this earlier, he did his smug kike face and I realised that I couldn't watch it without destroying my computer.

the pakis in yorkshire are all about 4 foot and inbred itd look like a gremlins movie as i heemed them all off a motorway bridge

ahh right fair enough lad
It's always fun to listen to old people ranting, my grandparents are like it every time someone gets part+parcel'd in London, "we should ship them back" "naah we should hang them" "naah line them up against a wall and shoot them" and it just escalates.

Won't stop the gremlins from a quick acid throw and run

if pakis did that to me and gave me a fucked up monster face i'd unironically go full daftie and kill thousands of them

but it's morning

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Making it sound like a net benefit now tbh

He's probably talking about it in future tense not present

Because the BBC doesn't have to try.


What's the latest Ramavan news, lads? Going out to a city centre in 10 minutes. Kinda nervous nothing has gone BOOM yet.