Israel's Spacecraft Fails To Land On Moon, Lunar Holocaust Memorial Postponed

The Israeli spacecraft Beresheet did not make the anticipated landing on the moon as planned on Thursday night.

Disappointment set in at the SpaceIL mission center as it became evident that while Beresheet did make it to the moon and won't be capable to carry out it's final mission.

As the spacecraft approached the moon, SpaceIL lost contact with Beresheet several times. The scientists kept hope as the connection was restored, but just minutes before the spacecraft was supposed to touch down, contact was lost once again and it crashed on the moon.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who was at hand to watch the landing, said that Israel will continue to try landing on the moon. Minutes later Netanyahu took to the microphone again to promise "Israel will land on the moon!"

Tens of thousands of Israelis had stayed up until the wee hours of the morning to watch the lunar lander’s launch from Cape Canaveral in Florida on Feb. 21 aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket.

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The shoah just happened on the moon! Oy vey!
I bet it was the secret nazi base that shot it down, those 6 millions names are lost, again.

What a waste of shekels
Nephew, you are on a tighter budget

Jews can't into space. No jews in star trek which proves it.

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Six Million Atoms of Jewish Engineering were shoahed on the moon today. Please don't be apathetic to the lunar Auschwitz goyim, that would be antisemitic.

even the moon rejects jews

So they couldn't make it to the Hollywood studios, because the city is full of tents and human feces? Got it. Maybe next time, but don't bank on the nostalgia factor, because without Kubrick the moon landing just isn't the same anymore…

More like bearshit, lol.

What do you mean second?

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Hitler never killed himself. The secret is the Nazis sent him on a spaceship off to the moon, where there was a secret Nazi base and the Nazis have taken over the moon, where they have missiles to shoot down their enemies. Thats why America refuses to go to the moon and why the Jews got their craft blown from Lunar orbit.

Once the Jews think of escaping planet Earth they await gas chambers from outer space.

I need to make a cheesy B-movie horror titled
"Gas Chambers From Outer Space"
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They are called "spaceships" tbh. You probably don't need to do much to procure death in space.

No jews in star trek

This is obvious. Because they created the diversified cashless society in that awfully cold desert called outer space so that they could finally put that greater Israel on earth and breath fresh air and be served by bots. Enjoy your holodeck, goy.

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The delicious irony is that the actor that plays your pic related is an actual jew.

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so there's no need for aid any longer? I means surely they don't need any money from us, if they have money to waste into this, also is there something valuable on the surface of the moon?