Brit/pol/ #2235: Names and Addresses Edition

Brexit News for Thursday 17 May

Britain will tell EU it is prepared to stay tied to customs union beyond 2021

Companies in low-skilled sectors have neglected British workers because they save money by using cheap EU labour, report claims

Follow the Money: Three Jewish Billionaires Paved Way for Trump’s Iran Deal Withdrawal

Labour ‘Dissuades’ White Candidates from By-Election Shortlist, Three Promote Radical Imam

Future Mayor of London: Duwayne Brooks

Convicted sex attacker admits murdering barmaid in Finsbury Park on Christmas Eve

Boy, 16, stabbed to death outside McDonald's in broad daylight

Austrian man jailed up for glorifying Nazism after cops found "joke" Hitler-branded wine in his home

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Hopelessness is a real poison lad. You might have been better off in complete cheetos and weed fueled ignorance.

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they disabled it because you kept deleting threads, remember?

getting off the boat is a bad idea lad

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they fear what they cannot control

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Lady Rasta of Rastafarishire

Bet there's a few yids in there as well

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He has a point.

kek this never gets old, how do they keep falling for it?

he's a victim

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Don't bring Rastafari into this lad he warned us all where the modern world was heading

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Because the news isn't an investigative force let alone an honest one and hasn't been for a long time

Nah lad now they are plastering it over everything to make sure people know he's not the shooter.

gas the commies


Don' be wey dey getin dis man? Be she dey wey Rasta wi' dem dey draadlocks mon' or be dey wey her am soshaliss?

Either this heretic has never read the Bible or he's shilling for globalism and money for hookers and a new Roller

Matthew 23:33 : Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?

2 Peter 2:12 : But these, as natural BRUTE BEASTS, made to be taken and destroyed, speak evil of the things that they understand not; and shall utterly perish in their own corruption.

Titus 1:12 : One of themselves, even a prophet of their own, said, the Cretians are alway liars, evil beasts, slow bellies.

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Really, why?

Where are they finding these 56%ers for these programmes?

I wonder why school shootings always happen in US and not other countries with the same/less restrictive gun laws, is it just population or are yanks just mental?

I can't handle how close they are to the memi.

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dunno but I'd give her the venti treatment tbqh

The 56% memi is unironically destroying the fabric of American society and turning Whites into goblins

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1) its a media staged event to sell guns and prop up lobby groups
2) american school system and suburban life is like being in abaddon's pit
3) being a young man in america is like being in abbadon's pit
4)everyone is on medications that say may cause thoughts of violence
5)no relgion or common conscious sense everyone is expected to move around their whole life chasing wagie wages
6) cpu technology is rapidly destroying interpersonal relations and the young cannot take solace in the experience of elders

Okay lads, all of you who have sisters should introduce me to them tbh

We have that here about from the gun memi

btfo in the comments

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Not until you start washing regularly

My sister thinks I'm already mentally ill for having right wing opinions I don't need you to confirm her suspicions.

I have a cousin but that is it

It's "computer", not Central Processor Unit.

and you were describing "Disgenics" not "Eugenics".

TL;DR filtered tbh

I'm rolling on fatherless home, on meds and not a registered gun owner tbh

Just had a shower tbh. Give me her number, lad

I'll convince her, lad

What % is she, lad?

Please for the love of god use the flag or at least half decent anime ffs.

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Suggest me one


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Lad it's a sunny Friday afternoon in Europe we can't take this level of blackpilling right now even though you are entirely right


That 22st he's a living memi.

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Boku no Hero, lad. It has nice lasses as well

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sorry, lad

Man, kids these days are crazy.

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sorry I just went to a professional conference yesterday and was the youngest person there by about 10 years and nobody spoke to me since all these late 30s single women were schmoozing the internship banter.

Who is that?

Sounds shit lad tbh

tbh she wouldn't have given you the time of day, she is a dumb airhead stacy blonde

The shooter apparently.

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I love her, lads

It's a shonen but I really like the characters and the writing is decent for the genre

idno, lad. My brother has transformed the single mummy quit ea bit

There's been another shooting?

what ever happened to the whole coveralls and richard nixon rubber mask aesthetic

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Tbh I think the midwest as a social setting is doing a fair amount of killing you.

I've honestly only been reading it when bored.

It ended with the 90's?

Reminder :
"Don't lend your hand to raise no flag atop no ship of fools."

why its the only part of america that isn't totally demographically fucked tbh?

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Yeah in Texas.

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lads if you were going to go on a spree what would your outfit look like?

westie is not allowed to respond

Because they people are still culturally psychologically fucked for the most part. I don't think there is anywhere in north america you can really go to escape it either.

cowboy outfit and all-american big-boy shoes tbh

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Now that I think about it there's no where in the west you can really go, I'm so glad I'm with based grumpy openly racist tradies all day.



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way to ruin what he had going

I don't want korean peace anyway, I want millions of dead gooks

then how come the other races are bigger than them too, except pygmies which are basically chimpanzees

in America, people live in the city because it's cheaper (or because they're stuck there as in the case of Jew York), not because they want to

you mean Alaska, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine? and upper peninsula and West Virginia Midwest has meganiggertowns like Chicago, Detroit, Milwaukee, Cleveland, etc. like all the stereotypical niggercities are in the Midwest

GOD DAMNIT there was another memi shooting ffs now prices are going to go up on shit and elected representatives are going to go full kike and women are going to go full dumbcunt. I don't give a fucking FUCK about the stupid faggots that died but I hate the attack on our UNALIENABLE RIGHTS

Bullet proof vest and flip flops.

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Heely's are so I can roll around while spraying dual Mac-10's.

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Are you a fat neet or a skelly neet?


Bit bad taste tbh

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This is a nice look

also a second skull bandanna over the mask

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the injuns are all in the frozen wastes. Alaska from tbh, secede and join the Russian Federation as an autonomous region. Make Anchorage worldkapital

apparently the town in Texas was pretty white, that sucks, I heard "Santa Fe" and assumed it was all spics

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anchorage is a niggercity tbh


and the tiara you looted from Westie

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fat so I would have to have the shirt undone letting my fat flow as free as the lead I'm dishing out.

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They put niggers in Alaska?

that's great


yeah and the chugs up there walk around in the bush with russian AKs and the canadian chugs want to carve out their own ethnic state in that are of the continent

And nothing else, naked as the day I was born.

Wew. How did they get niggers to move to Alaska en masse?

alaska is a non-white shithole

probably some kind of HUD building projects like how they got all the niggers into the midwest

this has been the official edgy teen memi shooting song since parkland

either that or "1- nothing wrong with me, 2- etc." "let the bodies hit the floor xDDD"

the b4mv one actually has decent guitar riffs though plus they're Welsh

I hate my country

They need some Oz shitcore tbh

Bullet for my valentine is not metal. This is metal- learn the difference, it could save your life


do we know what colour he is yet?

I'm surprised no one has been lazy and unoriginal enough to post "Pumped up kicks."