Brit/pol/ #2236: The Amerimutt and the Prince

Gas the Windsors, Saxon monarchy now.

Companies in low-skilled sectors have neglected British workers because they save money by using cheap EU labour, report claims

Follow the Money: Three Jewish Billionaires Paved Way for Trump’s Iran Deal Withdrawal

Labour ‘Dissuades’ White Candidates from By-Election Shortlist, Three Promote Radical Imam

Future Mayor of London: Duwayne Brooks

Convicted sex attacker admits murdering barmaid in Finsbury Park on Christmas Eve

Boy, 16, stabbed to death outside McDonald's in broad daylight

Austrian man jailed up for glorifying Nazism after cops found "joke" Hitler-branded wine in his home

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1st for nigglet mongrel babbies


1st for based civics

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another victory for global britain

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tbh I'm pretty sure they are talking about trade when they talk about global Britain.


so… many…. mongrels

Usurp it again Traitor Tudor

Yeah. Genetic trade.

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I miss the House of Wessex.

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Isn't it offensive to marry during Ramadan?

Plantagenet was much better

Civil War had some cool flags tbh

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What we need is another big tudor king tbh.

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Absolute unit


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If only we had a republican in the commons

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got jehovah'd for the first time this morning he asked me what I thought of the future and a little lass read a bible verse apparently they can predict the future lads
he asked what I thought the future would be like I couldn't say the truth smh

Can't we just invite a new monarch in again?

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There are only a few monarchies left. We'd probably have to get the Japs to give us a Prince tbh.

Could be worse

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restart the alliance islandbros marching together

Jacobite restoration when?

Endless JOCKING inc

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is there any hope left lads?

wtf said that twice I'm fucked

Top taste lad

No, no more.

I've said it many times, Harry missed a trick not marrying a Japanese Princess or a Romanov.

The clash of two big-brained individuals

woah, hot take, never even thought of that tbh

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The righteous will possess the earth and they will live forever on it - Psalms 37:29
you don't need to worry the bible and God predicts everything will be fine :) it must be comforting to truly believe this I wish I could

A lot of Dukes and Lords though, I'm sure we could find someone decent in that mess.,_Duke_of_Bavaria

This is the guy in the line for Jacobite restoration, and he's a MUH SHOAH survivor with no sons

No female Romanov's left, the direct line died out in 2016.

seeing all these rich smug fucks in their stupid outfits makes me wish for class war

Saddest day of the year so far tbh.

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Aren't there even successors of the Ottoman royal family still larping it up?

are you posting cromwell ironically?
you do know he was the one who allowed jews back into the country by lifting the royal ban that had been in place since 1290?
and that he most likely did so in return for funding and support he received from dutch jews?
and that a VAST majority of the modern worlds ills could be fairly traced back to that treacherous decision?

Working for around 12 hours today starting at 3pm, so I guess I won't be able to enjoy the wedding.

why, lad?


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I got bored already.


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Princess Alexis Mikhailovna Romanovskaya-Ilyinskaya

She's 24, old enough for Harry.

They'll be lucky if they even conceive. Giving even the slightest shit about it only fuels their fame.


They are part romanov (oldenberg: schleswig-holstein-sonderburg -> schleswig-holstein-gottorp -> holstein-gottorp-romanov)

It annoys me when people act like Prince Harry isn't a proper Royal. He's the 2nd child of the 1st in line, that's a massive position.

Cromwell is southern, anglo and based. Only sheepshaggers and poortherners (not that there's a difference) support the kang.


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She has admitted to her ex husband that she can't have kids.

He's also a bastard with no royal blood.

Those marriages would be for political reasons and have actual tangible benefits to the UK though, and be to actual nobles.

She looks like a spastic lad

Where are the dna results get him on jezza kyle because I don't know if that's true

This is true though tbf

Better start fucking pakis then so we can all work together to kill atheists

Do you think the Royal family would ever confirm something so embarrassing. Still he's a spitting image of his real dad.


It isn't race mixing if there are all Jerries, you numpt.

Whoa I can't type today.

tfw l o y a l


lad he looks like Charles so much

He isn't lad. And if anything, this marriage only solidifies that fact.
Like said, she literally can't conceive, and she won't even want to for the first few years. By the time she might even think about it she'll be pushing 40.

I hope something happens

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That's not people are saying, they're saying if Harry is going to marry some divorcee former stripper mystery meat why couldn't he just marry an actual noble instead.

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'noble' coal burners

Lads I really hope you have a source for that.
thing is even if she can't, she'll have all the best medical equipment at her disposal
((they)) want a mutt on the throne, it's why this has been set up

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This is your mind on tripfagging

Then Harry isn't doing anything wrong if he fetishes the nigger

There is no way that Harry or his offspring are getting the throne.

Did history just not happen according to pagans?

*blocks your path*

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come on lad

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I read on that gossip site that Joseph Gorden Levitts is HIV positive and enjoys paying men to tied up and raped. he loves spreading the pozz apparently, Hollywood seems to be a den of gay and/or Jewish paedophilia and rape.

But then why do you have to turn noble into some slit eye? Why is that acceptable? If she was an African princess would it be ok in your eyes?

*throws acid on you then gets away with it and you kill yourself*

You have your theory and I have mine.

*kills William and Kate*

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Lads it's dumb to argue about the nip princess stuff because Japs won't marry outside their nobility because the royal family descended from the sun or some shit.


You would have to get rid of the 3 kids as well.

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Easily done

get woke, cuck

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Even if she saw literally every fertilisation clinic in the UK, the clock is working against her.
If she's lucky, the very maximum number of children she could possible have is one.

And even then, the kid will look white and the melanin kqeenz crowd would throw a shit fit,

*gas explosion kills the Royal family leaving the throne for Harry*
How tragic

So why is a Jap princess ok?

one drop, lad

The whole marriage is clearly a fucking setup, all you have to do is take a look at his previous partners.

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Or a Romanov, which would the better option.

You replied to my Princess Alexis comment didn't you, bellend.

Don't have my 56% photos on me.

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it's a theoretical discussion about what could happen we're not having a serious debate, if we're going to go all serious all the royals should change their name back to saxe coburg gotha and live 100% christian monogamous lives marrying only other northwest european nobles and dissolve parliament and kill all the brown people except that's not really gonna happen

No I'm saying muh jap princess isn't acceptable and you are a hypocrite for thinking it is so.