Brit/pol/ #2238: JUST Edition

Boris Johnson: First visit by foreign secretary to Argentina for 25 years

Theresa May told to face down the Brexit hardliners

Michael Curry: Who is US preacher at Royal Wedding?

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What's the sample size

Not been on in a while, lads.

I fucking hate normies and the shit they go along with

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She phrased it such that it can't be assumed it's her opinion
Are there contextual tweets?

The last real British king died in 1066 the current ones are just filthy krauts.

Tfw finally forgiven my dad for masturbating in earshot of me and lieing about me as a kid.

Leave lad, its not worth it

Did he forgive you for ending up gay because of it

exterminatus tbh


Bloomin heck, I wouldn't

Everyone wanks
If he isn't a pedo then hes just a prick

I would argue not everyone wanks, and if they do they should at least be away from children (especially their own children)

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To each his own
If it was on oversight then is it an issue? I made so much noise with exs I had to move out

You're the one who should apologise for being a nosey little shit, let the man have a wank in peace.

East Asian boys are okay.

New police officers from Congo and Sudan represent changing face of the force
Disgusting. Check out Captain Cuck

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I'm going to fucking puke

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Top lel saville

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It was her opinion, lad.

That's my county lad, why are you chugging

speak for yourself

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Not true lad, based English language
It is indeed an unpopular opinion
She can claim its a discussion though
Unless she defended it afterwards
I dno as I don't twit

The upstairs and downstairs toilets in my home are connected, one on the floor above. You can hear the activity on the other toilet.
I'd been experimenting with phone sex lines from the newspaper that day, my parents had found out and punished me. Woke up to use the upstairs toilet, heard him on the phone chatting and wanking.

How did I know you'd object to that lmao

this just evolved into a whole nother level of degenerate
sadly you must have inherited the degenerate gene

the but implies it's hears, yeah? "unpopular opinion is" would mean it's not hers.

Name a more noble animal, I dare you

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Holy heck

No, she didn't state it was her opinion, lawfags would love this
I'd argue she was prefacing a controversial statement to curtail assumptions she must hold the view
Twitter isn't the same as a sworn affidavit

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Meghan Markle


this is an anti badger board lad

Brb killing myself

replied to the wrong post, but also filtered

That went from bad to worse real quick.

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legally maybe, but I don't think it's wrong to interpret it the way I did. If she wanted to make it look like it wasn't her idea I'd say it wasn't well done.

Tbh if I worked for the deep state I would set both their phones to self destruct and solve the problem

yea probably but can't really do anything about that.

My condolences lad. The only course is to live as best a life you can

Definitely not a wrong interpretation lad, in fact accurate to say the "but" is suspect
The law is an ass in the country, which I am sometimes very thankful for
The uni will bin her though, without doubt

Come on gchqt does a solid here

have you lifted today?

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Only the spirits of my friends and loved ones

I'll see what I can do when I'm back in the office lad


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thanks for reminding me

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A pint to my face sure.

Only the second worst post he's made in this thread

Vancouverite detected

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do you mean it? ive been trying to improve my posts lately

No. Post your pre-bully-beat-down quotes, lads

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Thanks sweetie x

No you bumder you put the glass in other peoples faces
You'll get glass in your eye otherwise


Russian dwarves are based tbh

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I wonder if the pike lad(s) has read this. I quite like Ted Hughes tbh.

Do white Americans often have pregnant heads?

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Five cops to guard three muslim media plants
Where were the other 6 million muzzies?

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Yes lad

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This is accurate. I'm drinking lots of beer though and might have overdone it with the prehydration.



Earshot? Who makes noises when they masturbate? Or was it the vibrating buttplug?


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I never knew how normie this board was until tonight. smh.

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I assume you mean saxon

It did though. It meant the Welsh.

9.30pm and Royal Wedding has already dropped off trending

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how do people this fat actually exist in Yankland when their healthcare is supposed to be punitive to the dregs of society?

At least SA is here

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~Jean Raspail, "The Camp of the Saints" (AD 1973)

I think their DNA has evolved over the decades to cater for such sizes.
Yanks are so unique they are almost a seperate race Think of them as obese Brazilians

fuck me, lads, just seen the video of that preacher at the wedding

He's a battyman as well.

He did talk some wank
But it beat the rest of the christcuck larping

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Absolute ledge!

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I wish the Romanovs were still on the throne to spread Othodoxy tbh.

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What was all that shit about fire? I missed it.

They're desperate to delude themselves.


Reminded me of this guy from 10:15 in

buckle up