Brit/pol/ #2239: The hero Zig Forums needs but doesn't deserve

Texas School Shooting Suspect ‘Weirdly Nonemotional’ After Confessing to Massacre

REVEALED: Santa Fe school shooter 'killed girl who turned down his advances and rejected him in front of their classmates' before massacring seven more classmates and two teachers

Netanyahu Slams ‘Irrelevant’ UN Human Rights Council Probe into Gaza Deaths

New 'plastic tax' planned to drive use of unrecyclable material out of existence

Jeremy Corbyn warns 'perfect storm' of economic pressures facing workers fuelling 'mental health epidemic'

Theresa May accused of 'hypocrisy' over Lords reform after naming ex-ministers as peers

Ruth Davidson warns younger voters see Conservatives as 'anathema' and urges party to embrace more liberal outlook

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Hope the dayfags like this thread lad.


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keek you're alright, lad

Thanks, lad. I worked hard tbh

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the thumbnail. I'll link the results of the debate after.

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Call him a racist and a white boy and he'll lose the debate.


I'm aware, lad. I hate him, lads

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Shouldn't have watched this smh.

Why, lad?

Would you let him bite you?

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Use Hooktube.



Anyone /newRomanempire/ here?

imagine waking up in Italian Somaliland to the sounds of last night's dying thunderstorms and getting on your moped to ride to toil where you willingly help sculpt the latest Mussolini statue.

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lad I'm not watching

Based civic empire

Barely Roman tbh. Franco was the best dictator.

Are you talking about the Spanish empire? Because that barely ever existed.

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Nah they had race laws to prevent Italians, Jews, and Africans from interbreeding and to prevent Jews from attaining a dangerous level of influence. The whole 'conquering Greece' thing was fucking retarded though, especially considering the Greeks were kicking their asses so they had to whine for help from stronk Shermany

btw lads do you believe in ghosts? 'cause I've been watching a lot of videos and I think I believe in them now. My mother told me there was one in our house that moved a painting and make loud steps on the floor which scared the shit out of the cat, and she saw a gray orb that was so close to her eyes it blinded her and that I was terrified once (I was two years old) so she asked it to please leave and it never did anything else.

My life ambition is to see a ghost lad. I get so annoyed when normies talk so nonchalantly about seeing ghosts.

No, but any Roman Empire should contain France, Aquitaine, Catalonia, Spain and Portugal. Maybe New France and Latin America as well.

I don't believe in ghosts but I'm overly afraid of predators in the darkness smh

This is a really comfy, spooky watch if you're into ghosts.

Did somebody say BIG BEARS?

just gonna ignore the peak larp


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The hybrid polar/brown bear definitely exists, but short faced bears weren't as big as they're now memid to be. They were probably the size of a modern polar bear.

I love big things, lad. Polar bear size is not big enough.

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At least it's bigger than polar bears I guess. smh


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t. size queen

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You posted it lad, smh.

that makes sense to smee

pic related

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wow I was gonna ask what that was because it looks tasty but then I realized

oi mate you got a loicence for that photo of the Duchess of Sussex?

alright it's 3am and there's a tranny suing a moslem woman in Canada because she refused to wax his balls fuck this I'm going to bed

wew night lad

That's great news lad, we can find out just who stands where on the progressive stack.

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*looks at you*

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Is this a selfie lad? xD


keeeeeeeeek no

I accidentally hit on a tranny a few weeks ago. smh, it's not my fault. Trannys are the last vestige of femininity in Canada.

I challenge any one of you to go up to a woman in Canada and tell her she's pretty and you'd like to date her. Good fucking luck. They'll look at you like you're an alien with confusion and disgust.

Is this the cost of Anglo success?

I hit on a Canadian-Italian wogette at a party a few months ago and she was actually nice tbh. I ruined it when she saw how pissed I was smh.

chin up lad, there's always next time.

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tbh my first kiss was with a trap
didn't know at the time until she came out as trans months later so it wasn't gay tbh

wew lad. Show pics

what's going on ahhh

Hold up, so she was a man when you kissed her? topkek.

That's a woman.

Fuck lads, the dayfags are going to be pretty angry when they read all our shitposts.

It was an MtF tbh.
Traps that have been on HRT since 2-6yo are passable btw, she(he) modeled for nip magazines during her(his) teen years because of his(her) girlish body smh. Should probably stop before banned smh but it could happen to anyone.

I hope you purged it with fire afterwards.

buh buh

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Ignore me, I see what you meant now.

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That's the new way of saying Zig Forums

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wtf? why did she do that?

thought it wasn't loaded
also, is a nog and not very intelligent in the first place

No but you can see the guy in the back seat preparing for shit to go down.

I hate niggers but i don't like this. smh.

The nigger in the back said there's no clip so she must have thought it was safe to shoot it. As obviously she doesn't know you're supposed to check any gun you pick up as you can't know what's in it.

She looks white or Asian.

No she doesn't

hullo Zig Forums

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The hair looked blonde.


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Ethnically British people wouldn't make this mistake if they had gunz.

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Obviously she didn't know that you shouldn't point a gun at somebody and pull the trigger if you don't want them to be dead.

lower primates shouldn't handle objects they don't understand.

I always say "forward slash pole"

*stops using computers*

The fire rises

Another Supreme Gentleman

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I would like to see more 'incel' attacks just for the headlines tbh

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I want it just to witness more of that sweet, delicious rhetorical chasm between the pearl-clutching the leftists perform when muslims do it and the vitriol they spew when incels do it.

Who will stop the incel menace

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I had an idea of getting one of those and pimping it out from a hotel room.
Easy cash

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