Brit/pol/ #2240: Lazy Edition

Texas School Shooting Suspect ‘Weirdly Nonemotional’ After Confessing to Massacre

REVEALED: Santa Fe school shooter 'killed girl who turned down his advances and rejected him in front of their classmates' before massacring seven more classmates and two teachers

Netanyahu Slams ‘Irrelevant’ UN Human Rights Council Probe into Gaza Deaths

New 'plastic tax' planned to drive use of unrecyclable material out of existence

Jeremy Corbyn warns 'perfect storm' of economic pressures facing workers fuelling 'mental health epidemic'

Theresa May accused of 'hypocrisy' over Lords reform after naming ex-ministers as peers

Ruth Davidson warns younger voters see Conservatives as 'anathema' and urges party to embrace more liberal outlook

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No wait, he attacked two people on the alt-right


I forgot the story of how he was raped. Would you lads remind me?

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A customer at his maid cafe bar bought him a drink, but it was spiked.

I thought it was at a party or something

oh right I thought it was a joke but yeah he really got raped smh

how do we protect our pure innocent bois from the nonces, lads?

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Wait, really? I thought it was a joke as well.

smh he won't like it if I say yes but he has told Zig Forums before tbh smh.

by arresting you

It is the board consensus on Zig Forums that Christianity is the only thing that matters, that people that care about the white race are "flesh-worshipping racecucks", that hating the Jews and other non-white races is "wrath" and thus bad, and that it doesn't matter if Europeans die out because there will be "the rapture" or whatever and all the worthy souls will be saved or whatever the fuck. They're not in tune with reality, their entire lives revolve around the ramblings of some inbred kike. Those screencaps are not isolated, embarrassing posts, they are good examples of what most people on that board believe.

The story as i remember it is some elderly turk thought he was a girl and forced him to give him a blowy at a party iirc.

Chastity plugs?

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Kek, I think it was just an older British lad who kissed him for unknown reasons.

smh, lad. The Noncler is an ironic super villain.

Sounds like it kind of defeats the purpose, yeah?

I can't make my mind up who I prefer tbh. Mum or daughter?

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It's the second fastest growing religion in the world you mong. Just because you're mad that a few dozen anonymous Christians on the internet don't blame all of their personal failures on Jews doesn't mean nobody believes it.

the bois can drive off the nonces by shouting this tbh

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That's a heap of shite.
t. Zig Forums user



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because of the birthrate of niggers and spics

oh okay so it's a white nationalist board and they all want to rope the muds? pff yeah right they're bigger cucks than leftypol

Is this the same yank who made these posts last night?

if you ever need a reason to ban all Americans from the board, look no further than that thread

I'd argue that trying to apply the immaterial on the material and vice versa is a stupid anti-religious and anti-transcendent ideal.

Amazing that you try to shame Christians for being devoted to the word of God when you're just as fixated on the Zig Forums talking points.
Good lord I hate you americans so much. You think you're the heirs and arbiters of European culture and genetics just because actual European explorers landed in North America several centuries ago. Get fucked, mongrel.

"A Russian weapon the U.S. is currently unable to defend against will be ready for war by 2020, according to sources with direct knowledge of American intelligence reports."
>"The sources, who spoke to CNBC on the condition of anonymity, said Russia successfully tested the weapon, which could carry a nuclear warhead, twice in 2016."
>"The third known test of the device, called a hypersonic glide vehicle, was carried out in October 2017 and resulted in a failure when the platform crashed seconds before striking its target."

We need to ban all the yanks/druggies/faggots. Zig Forums would be a better place

Cargo Freighters have been around for years now though.

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How is that going to stop a hypersonic missile?

But > 50% of the posters would be banned sweetie…

Oh no how unfortunate

All we need is a sect of Christianity that doesn't emphasise the need to bend over backwards, give up everything you have, and let your enemy fuck you, just to be a good Christian. So, the kind of Christianity that existed for most of the religion's history.

You don''t need fancy missiles lad.

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The ship is the weapon that the US can't defend against.

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Israel Gives Secret Aid to Syrian Rebels
“Israel stood by our side in a heroic way,” said Moatasem al-Golani, spokesman for the rebel group Fursan al-Joulan, or Knights of the Golan. “We wouldn’t have survived without Israel’s assistance.”
*Names have been changed so that ISIS isn't mentioned as one of the groups they've been helping

Wasn't that mostly due to the retards given the helm of that warship?


Aye lad, that's the spirit!

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That is the US Armed Forces, yes.

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Just standard US Navy sailors so yeah

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Apparently 2 were killed by the collision and the captain that retired to his quarters was badly injured along with some other people if I remember.

been reading The Collapse Of British Power. Barnett factors a change in national character into Britain's decline, particularly among the elites. talks about how Romanticism and Evangelicalism put feelings before thought. Methodists played a big part but ideas spread to both the Church of England and the Catholics as well.
The public school curiculum was influenced by these movements. The perception of imperialism then changed. Used to be "Whatever is good for Britain is the morally right thing". But the next generation of elite leaders believed that Britain was the successor to the Greeks and Romans, and had a mission from God to uplift the entire world to civilisation.
A lot of emphasis was put on studying old greco-roman works, learning greek and latin, etc. most elites had no experience of their own country outside of the school campus, and the elite had grown up completely isolated from the people they were supposed to lead.


Even in death we win

They're going to hit a hard ceiling without the west about tbh.

Based afro-latinos

I suppose it's only got worse as people have retreated to their ideological groups more and more.

>"they don't care if the hwhyte race dies out, the cucks!"

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Carl Schmitt is an interesting read on that sort of thing. Talks about how parts of ideologies are just secularised theological concepts.
You have Christians who believe in the perfection of man through salvation from God, but then people stop believing in God, but keep the idea of perfecting man. And then you get liberals and the like who think they can perfect man through changes in the environment and such.

tbf posts like these don't help

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Aww sweet

Well would you want your daughter to marry a Zig Forumsack?

Yeah but it becomes an idea without a base then and the idea of the perfect man becomes subjective. As seen right now the perfect man is lobotomised cattle.

Pretty sure I saw a screen cap of you saying racemixing was ok if they are both Christians. You still feel the same way?

A lad kissed him and he didn't stop him from kissing him. Think it was something like he woke up from being blind drunk the night before to a lad kissing him but westie just let him carry on and got into it as he thought it was a lass kissing him while he was half awake

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Do they though?


It was about neighbours, actually

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Dambusters has been given an overhaul and is now available in 4k. But what i'm interested in is will they change the name of the Labrador?

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So if they live next door to each other you support race mixing?

I think I could tolerate it if my daughter married an ir*sh or a sc*t.

Video shows a nigger surgeon dancing and singing while her patients are under the knife. She has at least seven malpractice lawsuits filed against her

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Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.
Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.
Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.
Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.
Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius.

Didn't remember seeing that in the bible lad


It was "would you rather a black christian neighbour or a white atheist neighbour"

Here let's do another one just for you, would you rather:
If you choose cancer, then obviously you love cancer.
If you choose splinter, then obviously you love splinters in your cock.

Obey the natural laws of this life and search for the transcendent laws you must obey in the next.

Lad you moving the goal posts, someone asked you if race mixing was ok if they were both Christians. You said yes.

No, I'm explaining how taking hypotheticals out of context is retarded.

Break the stick SA tell them at the very lest they have to be english but even then they should be subject to hersey laws if not Christian.

Anyone else read Rudolf Steiner?

Does he discuss the importance of inflation porn?

I only read the philosophy of Scott Steiner

That's not the point lad, these are hypothetical scenarios with two negative choices and you have to choose which of the two evils you'd rather deal with.
Do people really not understand this?

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But it was in context. It wasn't a would you rather. It was is it ok. All I'm asking is do you still stand behind your words.

And I've never supported it, you're clearly taking whatever post it was out of context, my post regarding racemixing was that it wasn't biblically forbidden.

I'll find it give me 10.

That's the philosophy of break the stick mate, a man says to his students if you say this stick is real, ill beat you. If you say the stick isn't real, Ill beat you. If you stay silent, I'll beat you. So the first student snatches the stick form the master and breaks the stick. If all the options are bad create a new one.

anyone read stephen fry?

National treasure

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Fair lad I've not heard of that, but the "If all the options are bad create a new one" ruins the whole purpose of the scenario.


face it lads, he only got famous for slamming theists epic style

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I'd say other Englishman are my true neigbours in this life, even if they've forgotten the word of god.

Isn't this the leftypol memi guy?

That's Max Stirner

no that's stirner. steiner is the esoteric one.
and then there's rudolf steiner.

And I'd agree lad, however that was not what was given in the scenario.

There's not supposed to be a fair choice, you're not allowed to break the gun etc
I don't get why people seem to have such a hard time understanding these
I'd shoot the kitten because cats are cunts

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Found it, I guess it was on your private Bongo Bongo Land. Is the context wrong here? Am I missing anything big?

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Ah, they all have such similar and german names.

I'd shoot you

All philosophy is wanky

the krauts always were the chad philophers

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He's not even that, they're evangelical secular moralisers and he was an egoist. The work that they quote was literally written as a quip in response to marxs ideas and buthurt marx to the point of writing essays in response.