US Government Is Pissed Off That 10% of Americans Don't Use The Internet At All


For many Americans, going online is an important way to connect with friends and family, shop, get news and search for information. Yet today, 10% of U.S. adults do not use the internet, according to a new Pew Research Center analysis of survey data.

The size of this group has changed little over the past four years, despite ongoing government and social service programs to encourage internet adoption in underserved areas. But that 10% figure is substantially lower than in 2000, when the Center first began to study the social impact of technology. That year, nearly half (48%) of American adults did not use the internet.

Internet non-adoption is linked to a number of demographic variables, including age, educational attainment, household income and community type, the Center’s latest analysis finds.

For instance, seniors are much more likely than younger adults to say they never go online. Although the share of non-internet users ages 65 and older has decreased by 7 percentage points since 2018, 27% still do not use the internet, compared with fewer than 10% of adults under the age of 65. Household income and education are also indicators of a person’s likelihood to be offline. Roughly three-in-ten adults with less than a high school education (29%) do not use the internet in 2019, compared with 35% in 2018. But that share falls as the level of educational attainment increases. Adults from households earning less than $30,000 a year are far more likely than the most affluent adults to not use the internet (18% vs. 2%).

Rural Americans are more likely than those who live in urban or suburban settings to never use the internet, but the share who do not use the internet has dropped 7 points since 2018. And due in part to the share of offline whites declining since 2018, blacks and Hispanics are more likely than whites to report that they never go online. (There were not enough Asian respondents in the sample to be broken out into a separate analysis.)

Despite some groups having persistently lower rates of internet adoption, the vast majority of Americans are now online. Over time, the offline population has been shrinking, and for some groups that change has been especially dramatic.

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I didn't come online till the early 2000s, used to listen to local radio stations to get my news, and from others who spread it by word. Back then it was slow as hell, had dial-up when I first got on… until 2008 or 2009 when they upgraded the cable lines and now its a lot faster. I still know 2 people who have never used the internet, one a rancher who I buy meat wholesale from and the other a friend who is retired too but he doesn't know anything about computers and never cared for them. Sometimes I wonder if I'd have been better off without the internet and just stuck to having fun naturally…… but… a lot of that is what got me into trouble too, like binge drinking and doing coke. I would not want to go back to relying on that for relief, too dangerous, too risky (especially now days when EVERYTHING is under heavy surveillance).

The problem with the internet is it can be addictive, whether you read news and shitpost here, or doing whatever it is younger people like to do with those apps. Internet addiction is the problem, and also so is HTML5 which is ruining the quality of the internet. I like sites like Rense, Natural News and Drudge Report because they're basic websites, I hate all those mobile-friendly sites with all that JS crap. Infowars used to be a regular platform but it is loaded to the brim with CRAP and I hardly go there anymore (and as far as Alex, he's just in it for the shekels now days anyway).

Leave the internet, escape the niggers and Killcen too. Got it.

Sure you can, but the thing is you got to find ways to occupy your time, and as time goes on more people are on the internet than off of it. Thats another catch 22. Even if you get off it, what do you do? DIY hobbies, charity work, homesteading, farming or ranching are all options. Healthy options that is. But the more society is dependent on the web, the more you become reliant on it to socialize or occupy some free time. My one friend who never had a computer, he fixes up and refurbishes old cars & trucks all day in his two garages. Thats how he occupies his time, traveling long distances to find and buy up spare parts, meet other like-minded car collectors to establish more connections, that kind of stuff.

So you can’t find a positive hobby without the internet? Not even reading?

I did, and that was prepping for SHTF….. but I've done almost everything I can and need done. I have nothing more I can do, outside building a bomb shelter in my backyard (too expensive and not necessary because I have a basement thats pretty secure already). I like finding other things to preoccupy my time now and one major way is reading and posting REAL NEWS here.

Do you use it? I do.
It blows HTML out of the water. What do you hate about it? You do not understand it so you are afraid of it? Somebody told you it was bad so you believe them? Was it Jim Willie? His site proves he does not deserve to have an opinion on the internet. He knows absolutely nothing about it, and I don't think you know much either. You are a "believer". Believers generally cannot think for themselves. They need an outside authority figure to tell them what is REAL and what is not.
On to Javascript. You fucking idiot! Do you use Javascript at all? Then STFU! I used to be like you. Blocked ALL scripts. The internet moved on without me – became beautiful while I only saw ugly. You know what worked for me? Educating myself. I learned some JS (node is awesome!), then I began to use different tools and the internet opened up like a beautiful flower to me! Now I know the difference between malicious scripts and frames and those that are necessary to the proper rendering ulof a page tge way thecweb designer designed it with, yes, everybody's devices in mind. I became a realist rather than a paranoid fool. I dropped blunt intruments like NoScript and learned howvto use uBlock Origin correctly, in conjunction with uMatrix. Now the internet is both beautiful AND semi-safe for me.
Know the safety levels you must employ for different kinds of online activities and enact those protocols, but don't go overboard!
I'm not tearing you apart, but fear is a terrible foundation upon which to build anything worthwhile, and I will not sit by and tolerate the spreading of it for uninformed reasons.
Also. Be a realist. 90% of the people are using ALL the different devices, so web designers have to design websites for them, that are usable for them. Fuck Jim Willie with his basement XP setup and literally the worst designed website on the planet and all his kind who are afraid of a little Javascript and maybe some bootstrapping! I'll be writing some HTML5, JS & CSS this very morning! I am unafraid. I would also be more than happy living alone in a cave in the Himalayas with no technology whatsoever! May end up there. But for now I will express myself, not from a position of fear or righteous indignation, but from a position of Seeker. I search for Truth because I "know" nothing, "believe" nothing. I educate myself. Constantly learn. Those who already supposedly "know" don't know shit. The only thing worth knowing is that one does not know anyway!
Alright, enough out of me. Gonna go learn more HTML5 and Javascript. You can learn both for free on Mozilla. Even reading the first page would be a good start…

You don't have to learn anything ever about anything if you don't want to, but if you desire to be taken seriously you do. You have no right to an opinion if you have not done the work to form it properly. Otherwise anybody has the right to tear your uninformed opinion to pieces. That's just the way it is. Perhaps being super attached to opinions isn't the best idea. They are not a solid foundation upon which to view TRUTH in all Her Naked Glory.
May Truth reveal Herself unto you, after you make the effort first. She expects confidence. Then, and only then will She unveil Her secret inner ardour…

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Essentially, the internet is no longer a place for "nerds," as in "smart people," but instead, it is a completely tamed place to indoctrinate, brainwash, and spread propaganda. There is no reason to stick around.

Even though the internet used to be associated with smart computer nerds, they have moved onwards. The smart people quit Facebook and the other popular websites, and left Zig Forums years ago, except for a few. Like me.

But even I will be going soon. The nerds are about to integrate back into society, and it'll be the normies who are addicted to stupid technology.

JS is filled with vulnerabilities and the scripts on most HTML5 platforms are GOD AWFUL, they can even slow down or completely freeze up your browser too! Thats not good online experience. I like things basic, I don't mind some pics, but keep it basic and as long as its not filled up with junk JS scripts I'll proceed to use the services. Nothing turns me off more than entering a website with 70+ third party scripts and 2 or 3 objects being blocked from Noscript and slowing down the speed of my connection. That shit is total cancer!

Well God bless you too user. My tip to you is to figure out how to homestead, find some cool DIY hobbies to keep yourself preoccupied and consider moving out to the beautiful country side, somewhere where taxes are cheap and because of lower population growth the land is too.

Lol @ thinking the internet was ever a place for 'smart people'

What planet did you grow up on?

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I will agree with you on the 3rd party scripts. Fuck them. And I agree the fucking internet is 90% slowed down by unnecessary bullshit, but that is mostly advertiser driven. The web designers design what their customers want, and their customers want to push ads and datamine. When I moved beyond the Nightmare mode in uBlock Origin and learned how to use uMatrix properly to fine-tune my browsing experience, I found that many sites like YouTube work wonderfully well for me, and much faster, when blocking 94% of them. Knowing precisely which 94% to block is the trick! Surfing the web is more fun than spending all day dicking with settings in uBlock Origin and uMatrix!

Not him, but I'm sure way back in the day when it was just rolled out most people WERE smart nerds who used it. Likely before the days of AOL. Remember the internet started from ARPANET and that was designed back in the 1960s!

What I do is pretty simple, I block pretty much EVERYTHING and then figure out what to allow from there, while keeping everything else blocked. And of-course I learn from there on, what scripts need to be allowed to run (temporarily that is) and what will never be allowed (the ones not needed in the first place)…. my whole "white list" from Noscript has been manually flushed out and nothing is allowed by default. I pick and choose what is as I go along. Once I exit my browser, bang! It resets and I wipe out all the sqlite cache/cookies/logs from the directory and its set back to default (nothing allowed).

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yeah, but you've got mail

I also agree that I should not have to block all this shit! They shouldn't be spreading all theie shit everywhere! But they do, and they will, so I have to.
I've gotten angry. It did nore harm than good. I've gotten drunk (with the same results). I've been outraged! Nothing solved anything.
Trying a different tack now.
Maybe I xan't change tge world 'out there', but I can change my perceptoon of it – and that is truly the only way to change the world anyway! Unless you can think of another way to interact with the universe.

I'd hate to be you

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What I do is pretty simple

you don't say

Why? Because I have 100% control over what runs and what does not in my own browser? Because I use utmost security from preventing tons of junk scripts from sucking up my data? Its actually very simple once you get the hang of it. All you have to do is remember what FEW scripts you need to allow temporarily for a site to run and all the rest just keep blocked.

huh? I don't have any idea what the hell you're talking about. All I said was "I would hate to be you"

Not positive at all. You must live for love, not fear.

Make this chapter your friend:

If you move up to where you are using Nano Defender with uBlock Origin, then write your own noop rules and block 3rd party altogether you may as well go full Nightmare mode and use uMatrix. If you do you will drop crude tools like NoScript. Weirdly things actually get much easier again at that point. Sometimes complicated platforms that require one to educate oneself in order to properly use them, along with more personal responsibility in conjunction with more granular control options can do that and more! If I had to count the time I wasted with NoScript, no, no… Glad I dropped it.

you should try masturbation. it has more of a positive effect

Say, what’s your bloodtype? Are you pretty healthy in general?

Teach me, oh great master-baiter.

Well if someone hacked my OS honestly I'm not worried about it because on this computer they won't find ANYTHING of value (meaning anything personal).

The type that kills vampires. You wouldn't be interested.
I'm generally healthy, yes, but not particularly – which could be said of anyone still alive.

Changing your perception is a magic trick—one that doesn’t work. You can improve your perspective, perhaps change your response to stimulus so that it doesn’t run your life. But good luck with this notion that all is mind and the world is the sum total of your shortcomings.

Note: I never so much as type my first name into this computer I use to read news and shitpost, so if hackers can figure a way around all my browser security, and manage to get around my VPN then they still have nothing of value. They might have some backups of all my UTF-8 TXT files which contain daily reports and links! I have a trove of that, but not much else besides some p2p networks which I use to find and download good media.

I hack my OS e'rry day!

I’m not a vampire, am I?

Trust me we are well aware you have nothing of value

For the record, I am very interested in the bloodtypes of posters.

I challenge all of you to name even ONE thing you've done with your computer that changed the world

I am prepared for whatever shit storm comes my way. If there happens to be a financial collapse I can survive a good 2 to 3 years off my backup supplies, and I have solar panels that will supply me enough energy to run my most basic utilities: freezer boxes and the refrigerator! Other than that, I rely on NO central heating or cooling system! So I already have what I need for hot summers and cold winters.

Pirated music.

Prove to me that any living being has ever experienced anything 'outside' of their perceptions and I will entertain tge notion that there is something REAL or tangible 'out there'. Until then, sit and scream from your little cage of perceptual stimuli and your responses to your own mental masturbations.
You have nothing but inner perceptual means to convey meaning to yourself ir anyone 'else'.
Prove me wrong.
You cannot. What tools will you employ?

I have supplied enough information for authorities to have TRAITORS locked up for LIFE! However, whether or not they are willing to utilize that information remains to be seen!

Those are things, not people. Things can be stolen, but love returns to you. If I’m going to life without the love of other people in order to survive, just kill me now.

live* oops

How ironic that the only thing the authorities care about was your threat to kill United States elected officials back in March

Right now you remind me a lot of Johnny Horton Jr, thinking he was going to be a true American patriotic hero when he kidnapped people at gunpoint recently, taking the law into his own hands, and putting himself into the same category as you:

An honest-to-god domestic terrorist

If you never went on the internet, you would have never made threats to kill elected officials recently, and they wouldn't be targeting you right now

Too bad you didn't have a script blocker to block your own stupid fucking script that day


It would have come in handy back in March, and may be prevented you from inserting your foot so deep into your fucking mouth

I never made any direct threat, ever. I only said the words "should be" which was no intention of actually doing anything. That was part of they hyperbole of that thread, which was filled with a lot of satire. Remember: I don't just post REAL NEWS, I also post satire for fun from time to time too, it helps having some fun here too.

For somebody who claims to exercise so much control over Internet security, you sure as fuck had a complete lack of self-control that day, and went down in history as a real security risk to the United States government

A simple Wiki article on the mind-body problem in philosophy dispels this antiquated mythos, as does a slap in the face from a Buddha or object oriented philosophy. But you are certain that you know.

I’m so tired of arguing against mistaken notions because I inevitably resort to using vocabulary the listener is unfamiliar with and won’t read about. So I’ll just smile and nod.

For the record……

I do not know this man in real life, and I have no associations with him or his domestic terrorism agenda

Hell is truly other people.

No direct threats were made, and I made sure the authorities got my side of the story by contacting Jim about it. He knows the truth, and so do the authorities that investigate it.

you have NO CLUE which 'authoritative agencies' are investigating it

Most people force every new stimulus they experience to fit their own arbitrarily defined world-view.
Some choose to change their entire world-view if a new stimulus or experience demands it (and they often do).
Most times I count myself among the latter. Being too attached to "the-way-things-are" often prevents one from truly seeing the way things actually are! It's actually the "thinging" that is the obstacle blocking one's view of the naked truth!
Stop 'Thinging'

There has been no agenda, other than to post news and have some fun here. If I had an agenda, especially if it were illegal, I would NOT be bragging about it online, I would be OFFLINE planning evil shit. And that is simply NOT the case.

Wasn't the internet just mainly for chatrooms and gamers in the early 2000s?

I would say to read Wittgenstein’s On Certainty about Incommensurability, then Donald Davidson’s SEOP article on Meaning Holism, especially the part about triangulation, then follow up with the first 4 chapters of Graham Harman’s Bells and Whistles. That would be a start.

Its ironic, because I have seen so many direct threats by others posted online before, almost all of them completely ignored. If they came after me it would obviously be political targeting, and considering I made NO direct threat I'd have a good legal reason to challenge that in court! You can guarantee I'd hire the best (((lawyers))) for the job, too.

I consider this perspectival and wrapped up in ideas about “existing” according to relations and intersubjective consensus. It’s the sort of place Richard Rorty wound up in with his book Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature; also feminist philosophers with standpoint theory and neo-pragmatic emotional intermediaries and experiments in the world + revision according to results.

But that’s political, social, not fundamentally ontological or metaphysical. It’s sophistic, not essential. Not my thing.

Email, chat rooms, online banking, online shopping, news, p2p, lots of stuff. Although not as much of it was filled up with HTML5 JS-infested crap back then, unlike today. Now days many online users no longer use laptops or computers, they use handheld gadgets and gaming devices!

Trust me, they are all being investigated as well

Alright. Thank you so much for your snobbish arrogance. My vocabulary is probably just not up to snuff enough for your particular form of psychobabble. You probably wouldn't understand me either if I used tantric terms or Tibetan Buddhist terminology to explain my position more fully, so I will not even try. I would rather come from a position of arrogant superiority and pretend to be delivering Shaktipaath enlightenment when I am really only slapping folks in the face with my sandal. I get it. You think I think I know, even though I made it clear that the only thing I know is that I do not know. Evidently you know better and will not share, so I hope you find some joy, serenity, ecstacy and overflowing abundance. There is plenty pouring forth from within if you ever find yourself lacking. You are more than welcome to all I have. Infinity has no bounds.
Neither does that chair or the "confines" of your less than healthy body. Even the infinitesimal is infinite. Broaden your perspective and you may see that limitations are the only place where absolute freedom can be practiced and enjoyed. It is a dance. You being here right now reading this post is no coincidence.
It is
Enjoy this day! I am!

I did share.

Unfortunately, I'm about 40 years ahead of you in those studies. I refuse to go backward. I do have great hopes fir you though, if you can stop being so attached to the physical material world, your body, that chair. At least you read and think. Few do. Still, have you noticed they don't like to get beat up aboutbit? Also, well read people find quite quickly that no one has read all the same shit as them, and that terminology does not have set rules. The rules are merely defined, not REAL. Just like the rules of this game called Life.

There does come a time for most people when being happy matters far more than achieving an apparently impossible goal, that the struggle is realized as destruction to the many other considerations in one’s life. There’s nothing wrong with that.

But not everyone will reach that point or give weight to other considerations. Is that not also part of human nature, alongside pedophilia and serial killing? Like it or not, humans have consciousness for good and ill. What can you do?

Where did you get the number 40? Also, “ahead” according to what, the arrow of time? I might be closer to death right now than you are, which is why I’ve chosen to greet it with a smile.

Also, I do not give a fuck today about my writing errors. I have a broken hand and just don't feel like editing. I feel like going outside and planting more of my garden. Think I'll go do that.

I'm having a blast already today!
I just took some Blue Buffalo™ premium cat food into town, and fed a pride of feral cats that live under an old historical building.

They devoured it

If there was a god, he'd be purring at me right now

RE: 40
because 39 wouldn't describe it as effectively

Keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming news article:


go easy on him. his hand hurts

The number 40 is because it was 40 years ago I was studying all the same things you are now. Don't worry! Your ideas will change too, along with your perceptions about life. Nobody is WRONG. There are nothing but viewpoints. Infinite viewpoints. Your viewpoint is no more valid than another. You only see different scenery.

He’s in his routine. It’s fine. I don’t mind.

I'm still putting the finishing 'touches' on my eco-article about cutting down on the use of paper.

I'm sure it must look strange to other people when they see me doing my research, because it probably looks like I'm simply digging and scratching my asshole through my pants…

which I am….

but I'm also wiping simultaneously…..

I don't care what they think. Saving the planet looks weird.

I still encourage you to read the three items I suggested now that you say you enjoy the material. :)

Huh? I don't have any idea what the fuck you're talking about.

All I said was "I would hate to be you"


Hate to break it to you, but I've been given very little time to live many times, including recently. I don't put much stock in the belief systems of doctors. I've come back from death's door so many times… But you're not fooling anyone. You're terrified of dying, of suffering. You reek of fear. It's ok. We all have fear. Accept it. Don't let it rule your life. Anger and hatred or even disrespect for 'others' only reflects on you! I speak from experience. I am an asshole. I hope to learn how to build others up by tearing myself down. I have plenty of experience trying to build myself up by tearing others down, obviously.

Sage for Afrocentrism.



The difference between you and I ?
(other than your ironic male endometriosis)

I'm outside, sitting in the shade, feeling a cool breeze and listening to birds chirping.

and I don't give a flying fuck about people knowing who, what or where I am….

I'm free

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but in all honesty, I've never been happier


bbl, gotta fold laundry.

I'm completely free of fear and doubt

This is the best chatroom on this entire chatsite

Wittgenstein agrees with me, actually; and I think that further studies into the field of Semiotics may behoove you at this point. Many disciplines are being brought together there, and maybe we can find some common language to communicate ideas.
btw, Killcen, HTML5 and Javascript are languages, not nefarious weapons out killing indiscriminately any more than your guns are out killing folks either!
Sure, language can be used as a weapon. It is a tool for communication after all. I use language to browbeat people and spread fear, uncertainty and doubt. But that's just me. What do you use languages for?
Finally heading out to communicate with the garden. It speaks a different language, but we communicate just fine. We pay attention to each others' needs. It kinda comes naturally. Meanwhile the cat is laying a turd in one corner of the garden and the chickens are scratching and pecking in another corner. The sun is out, the birds are singing, I'm alive and not focused on my pain or all the things wrong with the world… Ahhhh….


What The Guidebooks Don't Tell You

Javascript my be a programming language but it makes websites (and your browser) completely vulnerable to attacks. Figure it this way, my browser is like a Windows 95 OS (literally no third party bloatware or telemetry crap in the OS by default),… by using Javascript in my browser it turns it into Windows 10 because it is vulnerable to all kinds of third party bloatware and telemetry spying.

I don't like it for that sole reason. Its not even government related, its just JUNK that slows down my browser so they can siphon up all kinds of data they shouldn't even need to have.


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If anyone wants to mess with that, thats up to them. I however prefer the REAL web, which was before JS was ever invented or rolled out.

Consider THIS a REAL SITE:

The AR-15 may just be another rifle platform but it makes me (and my unknowledgeable friends) completely vulnerable to attacks. Figure it this way, my world is like my mind (completely devoid, empty; literally no third party bloatware, like the belief systems of others that I blindly took on for myself or any wrong-think in my OS by default),… by allowing AR-15s into my world it turns society into chaos because those who see things correctly like I do can obviously see we are all much more vulnerable to all kinds of attacks if we leave these obviously evil instruments of war to wander society, indiscriminately killing us all. Someone should make a law! Guns are bad, mmmkay?

I don't like AR-15s for that sole reason. Its not even government related, its just gun owners that slow down the progress of society so they can control us all through fear and own all kinds of 'tools' they shouldn't even need to have.

Seriously. Think about what you're saying.

Lel! No, spank you!
Pic related.

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Javascript is simply vulnerable to exploitation, if you use it in your browser expect your browser to become infected at some point. Its that simple. Its just like allowing Silverlight or Flash, its crap. Yes, it may make things LOOK FANCY but it comes with tremendous amounts of backdoors and hackable vulnerabilities.

If you want to use it, go for it. But I choose not to because it can easily be exploited to hack my browser and computer!

Wittgenstein is the fool in this story, so color me surprised.

Uh oh the cryptonite is coming back. Im thinking about rubbing it all over the door handle on 211 court avenue since everyones not doing their fucking job.


You all could at least blow me

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Thankfully everyone has already taken the whole 'Hes schizophrenic story line, so itll be hard to go back on that after dicking me for so many years for so long right before I make sure this shit gets in your eyes and makes your face blow apart


Hey guys, im just mentally ill and the rash isn't contagious. Meanwhile my wife got married to someone else. I lost my 100,000,000 company to who knows who. Theres a dam about to blow away 1000 people. Theres still people roaming around after having their fucking house burned down.

And its all over making sure im isolated and ghosty ghosted lmaof cute emoji emoji

Im so fucking mentally ill and the virus is so uncontagious im going to make sure everyone in that building gets a dose instead of trying to save the fucking day.

Blow me you bunch of fucking faggots and enjoy how no doctor other than me knows how to fucking fix it. Cause im not going to tell you fucking shit.

Kill me. I dont care. Enjoy your new vibrating eye and endless cysts popping out of your face.

Jeesus fucking christ

Hey so which is it? Am I mentally ill and its not contagious or are you going to have a pink eye for the rest of your life and be disfigured from the constant lymphoma and radiation poisoning this causes?

Ooooooh lets find out how long you can ignore ghosty ghost superman emoji emoji

Give me my fucking million dollars back