Brit/pol/ #2241: Comfy Edition


Brexit News for Monday 21 May
Boris Johnson warns May: we want a deal with the EU, not a customs backstop

'You're having a laugh!' Farage SAVAGES caller who says Britain should have JOINED euro

'They're trying to stop Brexit' Douglas Carswell SHAMES political elite in FURIOUS rant

Johnson plays down Brexit betrayal fears


Labour MP Emma Dent Coad demands ‘jingoistic’ National Anthem is scrapped

‘Abolish the monarchy!’ SNP MP urges UK to get rid of the monarchy day after Royal Wedding

New nationwide timetable sees many trains cancelled

UK has NOT renewed Roman Abramovich's visa as Britain's relations with Russia reach new low following poisoning of spy Sergei Skripal

Tories to boost appeal with discount card for Nando’s


Mainstream media lose their marbles over Italy's new anti-establishment coaliton

Thousands of German bikers head to Berlin to protest against Merkel in show of patriotism

Russian-led forces mount 55 attacks on Ukraine army in Donbas in past day

United Nations Migration Agency Director-General William Lacy Swing has issued a barely concealed attack on the U.S. President, claimed mass migration is in the “national interest”, and that concerns about migrants are based on “false stereotypes and unfounded fear”

How Hungary's border fence deals with it's migrant problem

Methodist Pastor Says Caring About Unborn Babies Who Die in Abortions is “Idolatry”

Italy Campaign: Abortion Is ‘Number One Cause of Femicide in the World’

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good lad

Goo' la'

ta' lad

t'' la'

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I've got a foolproof plan to pass tomorrow's exam that involves playing vidya all day.

Adolf Hitler really is dead, according to science

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is it possible to mince while floating

he was in his 50's in the 1940's so no shit

The proof is before your eyes

What's the exam about?


smh I was going to study today but everywhere's shut

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I've Paid $18,000 To A $24,000 Student Loan, & I Still Owe $24,000
Are these mongs only just cottoning on that it's a con.

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The most riveting of all subjects lad, the law of easements and covenants

good lad, I approve

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It's just a short Letter to the Editor.

The Jewish scheme is so obvious, but who do they blame?

This reminds me that I must call my solicitor.


Anyone have kindle e-books?

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Trouble, lad?

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Justice and tragedy tbh smh



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tbqh mummyposters would do well to read that article

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Got an exam on Ovid in 2 hours tbh. Revising more is pointless so Im just going to listen to Bowden.

anglo niggers, don't you realize brexit will never happen? (((They))) are just buying time, support is falling because of the the economic impact and old people won't be around for the next vote.

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yeah, fairly decent value for money since you can get pdfs for free

(((They))) won't be around either.

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I prefer getting physical copies of books tbh, I've always found e-books to have distractions.

face it, younger generations are cucked and can't be saved.

This modern idea of a 'career' is fucking invidious.

I'd agree but I haven't tried kindle yet and I don't have much space. I think it could get me more excited for books as well and I can buy it when I feel like it and not wait for shipping etc. Also cheaper.

What distractions, lad?

Where do you get these pdfs? Are they just books you get… illegally? smh

What kindle do you have, lad?

What on earth is wrong with modern women? Of all the periods in time to want to work the modern era is the worst choice.
If I were them I'd be happy to be a housewife with few concerns rather than the soulless commute to and from a soulless corporate office job.

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The propaganda is strong. YOU ARE FUCKED.

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Kindle is definitely convenient, but as with any tech it can become a distraction. A physical copy of a book you can't have notifications pop up.
Going to the pub with my phone off and a book is peak comfy tbh

Its not even their politics, but the fact that they have been mentally and psychologically compromised by the constant and unremitting use of technology.

But that works both ways, they can either go full instagram normie, or towards us, and from what I've seen personally of gen z they are turning out alright.

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I hope I won't end up using the internet on it smh

me too lad but some books are fucking difficult to get irl, and I don't want to have to spend loads buying them, I read fast anyway. I do raid my parents library every time I visit though

the cheapest option they had, just pure black and white. Excellent battery life on it though
yeah there's plenty of websits out there for fiction and nonfiction

smh I never have any notifications on mine, I keep it on airplane mode and transfer books with the USB

Literally ALL women have to do to live a comfortable life is not get fat and not be too slutty, yet they still fail.

iktfl, but you can trawl through eBay and find some quality auctions, charity shops can also have some good deals.
Pics related, got a lovely copy of St Augustine's Confessions with gilded pages on eBay, immaculate condition, only cost a fiver.

Turning notifs off can work but I find myself drifting towards using the 'net whenever the option is available tbh, completely cutting myself off from it is the best way to go.


This article is great tragicomedy.

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Remember this trainwreck of a parody?

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Thanks for this lad.
What did they fucking expect? All their cries for equality they failed to realise that they are not men, they have an expiry date on their value.
Men age like wine, women age like milk.

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fucking hell

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The cracks are really starting to show.

Ever been repulsed and aroused at the same time?

fugg forgot pics

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London's Dirty Russian Money

America sanctioned the USSR in the 50's. Since that time dirty Russian money has flooded into the UK to the tune of trillions which was the only way the City of London was able to be reseated as a world financial hub and regain prosperity
Houses are sold for incredible sums in London and around Britain to basically launder money, meaning that houses worth £6 million are often sold for £25 million plus ( this of course has a knock on effect )
Money is also spent/laundered through private education - the biggest clients being the sons and daughters of the Russians and Chinese, including Hong Kong Chinese
Yachts, planes and cars are bought at inflated prices. The UK government gives massive tax breaks to people who buy private jets BUT more importantly they also give the owners a document allowing the owners to fly around European airspace undisturbed by customs
Most of the buyers are Russian

looks tasty lad

Flirting for better classes on planes is also this. They can't even be consistent in their own articles. Fucking hell.

Why are you reading a muslamic book, lad

one of my best cops tbqh lad, looks great on the shelf n'all
Normally used books on auction can be hit and miss, but other than a kink in one page it's in perfect condition, was dead chuffed when it arrived.

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- Peter Hitchens

We need to push the based peasant memi further tbh.

bit early in the day lad


it was a dumb joke that made no sense pls no bully nooo

live by the banter, die by the banter

Poor save, let the bullying commence.

It'd be rather easy to memi n'all actually, there's not a person alive who'd turn their nose up at having a third of the year off.
The only real challenge is the "hurr hurr you want to catch the plague" 'rebuttals', but we've modern medicine, we're not going to throw that away.
Localist serfdom would be rather appealing to many.

I've seen it in action regarding houses, worked a job on the opening of a new set of modern apartments in Victoria, priced £2.5m-£30m, and none of them being used. The foreigners buy the property rather than putting their money in the bank, the gov't makes a profit off of it to try and deal with our ridiculous debt.
The apartments were really shoddy quality, but that's not why they were buying them, the location is profitable and the properties will only go up in value despite being built like a house of sticks.
The gov't will keep allowing these expensive, useless properties to be built as it encourages foreign investment, the properties will never be used and will end up being a waste of space but who cares when your pockets are now lined with gold amirite.
God I hope there's a massive crash in the next few years that causes all foreign investors to pull out and the gov't to shit itself.

I think he was talking about the pattern, it was pretty dumb tbh

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Roman citizens had around 150 days of holiday a year as well

Australian education is full of swedentier cucks tbh

Nowadays you're lucky to get 20 days of holiday.

gen z is odd

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what happened to the concept of Roman citizenship after Gothic invasions?
did the Huns reduce everyone to slaves or what? its a bit of a mystery how people went from free citizen to landed serf
or was it the slave farmers that became serfs?

thats the Halo theme tune

I know it is lad.

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no idea lad, probably slaves -> serfs, citizens as well, or killed, or went East. For every citizen there were 5 slaves

Agriculture, is it that hard for normies to understand?



umm but we need the baste migrants to pick the fields

Lad stop posting that article, it doesn't mention the Black Death happened

women will never understand male relations

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GCHQ run reverse search on ebay platform to find out who bought that and when LAD

smh i like that one better

yeah the turmoil of the 4th-6th century in the West was bad
maybe it only comes every 1600 years, this total societal collapse into anarchy with only remnants of superpowers and city states weathering the storm

I renewed my book loicence, who gives a toss.

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Remember when SA found that mug seller on ebay and told us all to buy them? Remember how it turned out he didn't buy any?

I seriously hope no lads here drink this piss.

no-one forced you to ;^]

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smh I have a suspicion some probably do, give me my Wibo anytime

Watch it you little twats. Stop pretending you have uni exams and go revise

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can't stand vodka tbh
if I drink vodka I better goddamn well be squatting in a hole in Ukraine vaping through a gas mask

since it's another normie memi day/week/month

What's the best sandwich, lads.

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that or drinking with slav lads and seeing who can hold their own better

The point is they are laundering money. through it, selling and reselling, all the while inflating housing costs for everyone and, as you say, the government continues to line their pockets. Right now May has upped the anti Russia rhetoric because the Tories have received millions from (((Russian))) donors
A crash only affects people like us not them. It will not cause foreign money to pull out or the government to shit itself, indeed even more (((foreign investors))) will pile in after a crash and snap more debt and property up and reinflate the market and profit even more
The government allows the foreign investment on the orders of the (((City of London)))
The kikes have engineered it so if one card is pulled the whole house comes tumbling down
It's going to be very difficult to reverse. Some chap called Hitler tried it, I believe

but lad we don't drink Smirnoff, that's mainly for the export market

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