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links to here tyvm

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fuck wales


For Stacey Q

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rude smh

Dolphins are the better cetaceans

eat my dust nerd


Fuck you, saes.


Who /drinkingstoutoutofaglencairnglass/ here?


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Nice metadubs, dweeb

Is that a snifter or a tumbler in English

Trips confirm tbh

Good. You'll be a father soon.

My gf's period are fairly irregular, so I'm using a rubber. The problem was that for a while I found it difficult to get hard wearing a condom, but somehow now it's fine and I can (sometimes) do her for close to one hour.


nice trips, dork

btw sextuple seven get coming up

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anyone got his version of blue remembered hills

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It works.

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Am trying to lose weight atm

Streuth, but I am a manslag

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Hey 22st have you recovered from your latest bout of jungle fever?

I was being ironic
I forgot where I was for a moment

how to loose moobs? i'm skinny but still looks a bit shit tbh.

What did he do?

*fags itt

He loves big booty black queenz now

Chest presses, butterfly curls, boxing

Posting sheboons showing their large batties

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Allow that tbh

bush poster is on the road to perdition

fair play lad
I had a football sccident at school and damaged my banjo string which now makes me last quite a long time without losing the sensation.

It's a blessing and a curse tbh

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What is keto?



Is that you Keto Lad?

How was the ice cream?

Antisemites out

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their wiki is good

Ripping your monks hood

his fenulum

he snapped his frenny wenny

Don't spoiler link reddit lad

Still not getting it ngl

The bit that feels good lad

Ever got your cock caught in your fly

How does that make you better at sex?

it pained me to link to reddit, but their wiki advice on doing keto is great

chavs are a kind of last stand of implicit british identity tbhj

Its like snake handling
You lose all fear

all he said is that he can hold back longer without spewing his goo up the vagoo

Don't spoiler it though you utter mongrel

Townie massif

Should I chop of my frenulum to become a sex legend like Bush Poster?

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My prediction for the future:
All chav towns will become gentrified as the white flight continues

It's a reduction in sensation.

Night, lads. Back to the toil

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Fuck, I want to learn the banjo now.

If you want to join Yahweh in heaven then it is written, lad

Aw don't go

Fuck off you scandi cunt

Don't do it lad.
It is super painful and embarassing.

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I have to lad. I need at least 5 hours or I get sleepy on the road

On a positive note another lads bassethound came up and played with my black lab and they both looked very majestic frollicking together. Felt like the statue was telling me to kill them all.

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*punches you*

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Deano you legend

Okay sleep tight then

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why do brits binge on drink and drugs so much


Andre Wanglin the Pinoy Pussy Pounder of Columbus is pretty based sometimes tbh


To numb the pain of seeing this country crumble beneath our feet, perpetrated by nothing more than a cabal of traitors and third world monsters.

Drowning sorrows after loss of empire tbh

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farewell brother

anglin? he seems kind of chilled out and normal, his debate with sargon made sargon seem like a mega retard

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that too

This tbh


just had a wank and feel mournful of the wasted sexual energy tbh lads.

do i even need to caption this image

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yeah Zig Forums hates on him 'cause he's a namefag and unironically uses the phrase "alt-right" but he's pretty alright really

Why didn't you meet wessex


Have a bit to eat, a multi mineral with zinc in it, and a cup of tea. You'll feel back to normal in less than an hour or so

Lop it off lad

why did he say that he lived in the jungle and a tribal chieftain offered him his daughter is that true

wamen smh


I know, the article is like retard thots + satanic jews, just end them all.

That was in that Hyde Wars episode with Nick.