Brit/pol/ #2243: The Aquatic Realm Edition

UK must counter 'threats' in space - Williamson

UK turns blind eye to dirty Russian money, say MPs

Man stabbed to death on busy London street

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good lad

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Good laddodoggo

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Good lad.

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good lad

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Thanks lads

Dziękuję chłopak

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France votes against setting minimum age of sexual consent amid backlash

The bill makes sex between an adult and a minor under 15 illegal but accepts the possibility that a minor is capable of consenting to sex.

Here we go tbh.

>the first acts of a Zig Forums ran Britain after the removal of all the wogs, euros and jews and the hanging of all leftys, politicians, journos, gays, abortionists and peados, will just be laws and organisations set up to protect the green and pleasant lands and various large sea dwelling mammals.

Imagine being so straight you don't want to understand them just beat them with truncheons

Beautifully done, good job lad

I still don't understand why Zig Forums supports the Socialist side and not the side with literal Nazi's on it.

Slow and steady.

yea fucked that up lad.

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Fucking demonic gobbledegook.

It's simple geo-politics the more space and influence Russia cedes to the Western gay disco the close the gay disco comes to ruling the entire world.

because they think they're based russians probably lad

They must die

The Russian separatists are the gay disco though.


They're not the ones that want to bring LGBTQ and easy abortion to your neigbourhood lad. Plus I didn't expect a rootless cosmopolitan such as yourself to give a shit about a coup organised by western backers in some eastern hellhole so much.


this thot kept playing with her hair, then taking a quick peek back at me to see if I was lookin'. I think she caught me staring at her feet. Fuck yeah summer, all the grills are showing 'em off
hitting the fucking gym tomorrow, I need to get swole asap. Gonna do Starting Strength for 3-6 months to get back to where I was before and beyond, and then I'm gonna make the middle day arms/calves/abs.. still need a fucking haircut too

"literal nazis" that overthrew their government and replaced it with one completely controlled by jews

fuck jewkraine, it should be divided between Russia, Poland, and Romania

Ukraine wants to join the EU. EU = (sand)nigger zergrape

geo politics is a game involving all nations, you just happen to be a puppet or a master. Look at 19 and 20th century English history for fuck sake you can see it taking full shape there. Then again you are just foreigners here for material wealth at the end of the day.

Where the fuck did that come from

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give us Kiev, why not it was our second city for long enough, and there's still plenty of crypto-Poles there. But you want to give Russia more ports? even if it is just the Black Sea and fucking Romania? a fucking stained mix of all that's wrong with Eastern Europe and Latin culture. Go back to your feet.


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You can't claim you're both for Ukraine and England. Pick.

from here:


I don't claim I'm for Ukraine though, I just have an interest in the country for obvious reasons

This board is a little slice of virtual England as far as I'm concerned, fuck off JF.
Also I'd give Russia more influence because I know it comes at the expense of the US and the private interests governing their foreign policy. Anything moving away from a US checkmate is useful right now.

Then be impartial about the fact that Ukraine is being buttfucked in a proxy war between Russia and the US.

poles are so retarded lmao everything is polish

this gotta be the craziest shit i ever seen in v2 and ive seen some shit

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Who is us? Are you a Polak or Hohol? Kiev is East Slavic. The major city in Ukraine that is arguably Polish is Lwow or Lviv or whatever it's called. I think Poland should be pushed east to its 1444 borders and Germany allowed to extend east to 1914 borders.
Is anybody really scared of the Russian navy? Russia's strengths have always been its inherent invincibility to invasion and the sheer quantity of its land forces. I can see the argument for an independent Belarus Belarusians are whiter than Russians and Hohols but Ukraine should be part of Russia.
Yes, Besarabia je Moldova, and Moldova je Romania. I think part of Romania should go to Hungary though. Romania is cool, they impale Turks and have vampires. "I vant to suck your blood"

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Or at the very least blame them both equally.

I know it's a proxy war, but that doesn't mean I can't have an opinion on the matter, and I most certainly won't stop having one due to some cretin on an imageboard telling me to be more "impartial"

TPS: JF discusses the JQ with Frame Game Radio

smh I'm absolutely all for reduced US influence, just Russia isn't a great alternative either. I just hope a non zero sum game alternative can be found

ah yes, the city which was under the commonwealth since 1362 should not be Polish tbh I'm not too bothered by it, it's jsut a better alternative to the Russians having it in the theoretical event of Ukraine getting split up

plot thickens
and have you ever been there lad?

Think I know what im having for dinner, Thanks lad.

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it's ironic lads telling you to be impartial when everyone here is partisan as duck

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0.3% of kiev is polish according to wikipedia

*fuck smh

Your opinion is a>>772494
It's a mutlipolared world or a single polared world currently.

If you think any side in Ukraine is legitimate right now your opinion is wrong, otherwise fair play have an opinion as long as its a third one. .

tbh polish lad i admire your larping not many people are revanchist and imperialist here like me thumbs up tbh

It's a mutlipolared world or a single polared world currently.

*makes a ridiculous ad hominum attack at (you) in order to further reduce the level of discourse*

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Thanks lad

You are by far the worst poster this board has ever seen and I'd rather you posted on literally any board other than here

Have a look who's behind the UKIE nazis
Always follow the (((money))) lad

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smh I'm all for multi-Pole, the more Poles the better in my opinion smh

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Toppest of all keks, someone edit a slav into this.

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There's a river, and it was Vlach until it was conquered by Turks, after which it was conquered by Russia.

the PLC was multi-ethnic, you can't claim its entire territory on behalf of Poland. pic related is the one true Poland

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Just as long as they aren't here and you take back the bydlo scum you exported.

sorry im bitter and caustic i learned it from the internet lad

surprised to meet a pro Romanian yank

Tbh I think it's the wagecucking doing it to you more than anything.

same lad smh

happily would tbh, net benefit to us :^)

I'd exterminate all Romanians but I still wouldn't give you the territory.

I sincerely hope you believe that.

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What does he fund? The entire national guard unit? The political paramilitary that has little to do with it? The people who supply Pierogi to the troops?

I just need a Simba vs Jamaica one and my collection will be nearing completion.


tbh having that amount of young workers come back would help us a lot, even though some are scum. Better than them competing and undercutting in the already saturated British market, there's room for them out east

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Lad you're basically indirectly paid by us to stay here and keep the (you)'s count up.

I'd take it just for the costs saved in jailing these sods. We could just fill the prisons with gas at that point and not worry about kill any Europeans.

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I had burgers for dinner again, been having them a lot recently. Had oats for breakfast and ground beef slop for lunch. Not enough carbs rly, but the bread is getting stale and I don't feel like cooking rice/potatoes/pasta/whatever

gospòdin Gloucestershire I do it for free

good lad

what a surprise, never would have guessed

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Well until you're hanged for looking slightly chinky come the dafty revolution.

We got anymore sea shanties that makes fun of niggers? Those are the best.


He is a (((Ukrainian))) billionaire who funds and owns Azov

Trump may have been a psy-ops but Brexit wasn't right, RIGHT????

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He owns the entire government owned National Guard regiment?

Just enough to tip it to remain

yeah the buns were lightly grilled and there was a slice of cheddar cheese on them and some ketchup and a tomato slice below, it was good. I had a salad with honey mustard dressing beforehand

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Walsall Ramavan type of thing

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The big joke is that if Twitter bots can do that, then what can billions of Government, EU, Saudi, and Soros money do?

it's like a chinky knockoff GTA

Paki tribal violence has finally gained attention in the media.

Jewgle Jew+Azov

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"My white ho's an' drugs blud! Fuck u! Bing Bing!"
Time they were genocided along with their enablers b4 they genocide us TBH lads
*rings 1 Para to begin the genocide

>educate yourself lmao


Never have so many Civics and Astra's ever been in one place.

tbh Para probs would

Predicted wog bride for durty 'arry in 2015
wtf!? I'm a conspiracy theorist now!

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don't then. idgaf. I'm English and you're fukked

It's been this way forever UKIE lad

Looks like Charlie there tbh

Get back on your meds lad.

what, the way he's sniffing? would make sense to get him through it


I get the odd feeling you aren't English either.

he posts like a yank tbh

Ukraine: Batallion Backed by Jewish Billionaire Sent to Fight Pro-Russian Militias

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Fuck off you dirty slav bastard

You can fuck off as well tbh. Probably one of the only true Englisc people on this board tbh

50/50 on it being Schizoposter tbh, similar writing style and he always brings up me being a slav

wow I am now a /PutinPunter/

he lacks the vague posts made not replying to anyone, but I'll keep an eye out

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