Brit/pol/ #2244: Aquatic Sea Mammal Nationalism

UK must counter 'threats' in space - Williamson

UK turns blind eye to dirty Russian money, say MPs

Man stabbed to death on busy London street

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Get your own Edwardian silent film waifu lad Ethel is mine

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Ta bossman


I haven't got time for that
Make a "roll for your silent film waifu" or fuck off


based neet 4 lyfe

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The dad should just kick the fuck out of him

I dunno if you responded to me but I posted Lillian Gish.

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quelle suprise

Copy and pasting tabloid articles no one reads about the royal wedding and minor American politicians saying things on Twitter will save Britain lad


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Virulent online bigotry is the only way to save Britain

Sorry lad
You fag


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Builds character
Or in your case, shows the lack thereof

Get wrecked, cunt.

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Weak-wrist westie

How does being punished for good deeds build character? smh

You then

Laaaaaaaad. Your lucky most of us are so desensitised due to years of image board and porn addiction to even find that remotely unsettling or attractive

How you respond to the unexpected

If you aren't being antisemitic online then you arent a real nationalist

I clean it up and eat it anyway smh

Nice lezzer trips

Jonah was eaten by a mighty whale and had to live in its pancreas for a fortnight. It made him appreciate life more when he got out.

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I wonder if it was a wog?

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Imagine going from being the single most important man in British and indeed Western Establishment politics, to basic punditry on a radio station on mundane topics and fellating the Yank media circuit at any chance he gets.

the character building is in the reaction lad. Some people will surrender others will strive to rebuild.

God told Abraham to kill his own son

How about a world war consisting of Russia and their allies including China plus all European and American nationalists against the Jewish elements that control the west and all the migrants?

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Better than having your family murdered and being made a pariah for suggesting a new political course.

Absolutely not
Couldn't give a fuck what Ivan wants to do in fucking Serbia

There won't be a WW3.

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Mans gotta eat

Wasn't that a test of his own moral fortitude?

Mans gotta live before he can eat.

Yeah for a bet between Yahweh and the devil

Quick maffs

good lad


It was an argument over the nature of gods creation was it not?

I know. He should really get a gun and take at least the leadership of the EU out. Him and Batten would make a great team. They could clear a few out and die in a glorious battle simultaneously saving Britain and Europe
He's perfectly placed if you think about it
Selfish bastard

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I doubt I know as much theology as you lad, you tell me

then we're all gonna die, what alternative is there? I've taken the Marche Slave pill, the only way to regain control of our countries is the greatest most destructive conflict in the history of the world

let the bear awaken from his slumber, may nuclear winter block out the sun and stars

floopity whibblescromps

it really isn't, he couldve actually followed through on his convictions

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That Blues and Royals frock is absolutely gay and shite. He promised to get dressed in bootie uniform and it's pissed the marines right off. Hopefully one of them will stab the racemixing traitor with a bayonet

I know fuck all about theology but my interpretation was that god was showing that his creating could be self governing in the laws of god even if god himself commanded otherwise.

Fuck off spic poster. Nothing lasts for ever anyway, even without the prospect of complete annihilation.

It's a selfish calculation but most people would pick family over conviction.


Fair interpretation

By God he's right


Could it be a happening?

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If he chose ideology over family then I'd rather not have him on the same island as me

Its drugs lad

Was just about to post this.

In other news, water found in fish tank

Rudebois not Bombpakis tbh

who /gerrymusik/ here?

The thing is these people will always rely on threatening the familia bond to achieve their goals. They will seek to take everything from you for holding to something higher. At a certain point you have to make the assessment of weather my family or something greater should take precedent. Plus if you really believed in something higher you'd know they hadn't really destroyed your family they're simply waiting for you.

Same outlook as jihadis

The only viable way is to be a 1920s mob boss then transition into politics


Holding to an ideal isn't something inherently wrong or nefarious. You're complaining about the kind of ideal that's being held too.

Agreed, but sacrificing your family for that ideal is beyond the pail

I'm Machiavellian for clarity

all neets will perish

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I don't think there's much gap between the 1920's and now then. The criminals have just managed to legalise their behavior.

Really? Because I think some things transcend even family and even then they haven't really robbed you of anything in the first place. If you were given a choice between saving your family or fixing Britain morally, spiritually and materially tomorrow which would you pick?

True that, was implying the untouchables tbf
I don't know
There is no Britain worth fighting for without my family, if the choice is a straight swap
If it was war or hardship then its another scenario

Bit too heavy for me tbh

there was governmental slideshow showing that what they fear most were the "true believers".

Does anyone have them saved?

I'm going to snap.

This is false, tptb fear selfdirected reasonable men more than direct able zealots

But its a 3 and a 4 lad it's not snap

The choice is simple you'd fix all of Britain for every other family, every other man woman and child at the price of your own. You may not even get to see the future you create yourself. You do it on the absolute conviction of what you are fighting and dying for, like so many of our for bearers.

I personally thing this is the element of heroism that has been stripped from culture.

That's not a word apparently
*easily influenced/directed

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What is the separation between a man holding to his own convictions and zealot in this case?

I'd sacrifice myself in those circumstances, but never my family

A zealot wants the ends and is unconcerned with the means
A man with convictions acts according to those convictions to achieve an end

"reasonable men" have their pressure points - and that is their weakness.

"true believers" follow their end wherever it leads. which makes them inherently unpredictable. That unpredictability is what makes them so dangerous. Take Christ for instance, any "reasonable man" in his situation would simply drop the assertion the he was the Son of God, simply because it was reasonable that holding to a belief that couldn't be proven to the Pharasees and resulted in death wasn't worth it.

Fuck, the 2018 Dodge Challanger with the Mercedes E class chassis is really nice.

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an italian

I'd die like Christ did
I wouldn't let the romans crucify my dad for my sins though

The problem is they'll target your family precisely because of that.

I don't see a contradiction. Someones convictions might mean that they have no problem with the means to a particular end.

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Aye lad
The contradiction is that the ends do not justify the means, at least in my case
Obviously its all subjective, but I assume you've already taken that as read

Looks kinda cool, looks a bit too BIG for me though tbh.

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