Brit/pol/ #2245: Green Leader Edition

Fuck using new links in like 2am lmao

UK must counter 'threats' in space - Williamson

UK turns blind eye to dirty Russian money, say MPs

Man stabbed to death on busy London street

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KAT tbh

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that's the only scenario where it would be possible

Reminder all yanks should be filtered on site, the only bring inflation porn and crudely edited maps.

Nah one where everyone is fighting at a stalemate and we've had to bring forward most of our reservists, thus leaving most of the isle undefended is a scenario where it would be possible, and honestly just an anti-war one where half the nation's troops get wiped out in the first 2 weeks would probably bring about a government collapse.

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Why won't people understand colonialism segregated people because they couldn't stop fighting and killing each other
If they think whitey is bad wait until the Asians are unleashed on Africans
Just look at Guyana. They hate each other with a passion

I was thinking about gassing you on site. That basement you live in must hold Zyklon pretty well.

Always a fun link for people who think whitey is ebil and violent

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this vid is qt

Why on earth would they want it?

You gotta be at least part white to make Eurasian babies lad.

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good night yanks!

haven't worked that part out yet, Russian mail order brides are a thing for a reason though

I'm literally completely white if you count a dash of taig. and besides, they're already part white so the babies would be Eurasian no matter what

night lad, don't let the woodlouse spiders bite

miss him tbh

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Yeah to gain citizenship in a first world country before divorcing you and take half of your hard earned shit which she uses to bring over her boyfriend Sergei from Belarus who she'd planned the whole affair with.

he was truly the soul of Zig Forums, what remains is an empty husk

it's more about gold digging and feeling like a princess in a big American house with a sparkly diamond ring

He's still about but not an autistic retard anymore.

Late night lefty twitter hours

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see, people like this are the ones I want Russian missiles to splatter into a million pieces

I had this very smug realisation awhile back, it helps me sleep tbh, no matter who wins in the end, these people will either end up beheaded by the sword of Islam or on the end of a rope by us. They literally cannot win.

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that's where you're wrong, kiddo

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Ah no but see, to get rid of us (their enemies) they will have to kill us, and thus, we will claim another victory.

Really we can't lose, we might even come back as angry ghosts and haunt the fucks

They're fundamentally cowards they'll panic like a cow that's just realised it's about to the bolt gun when the time comes.


fuck off wop

Lad, don't be racist. This is a post-racial board and as such do not tolerate bigotry, smh

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muttish colonial stock like me is free to take the mail order pill if we so desire, you lads need to keep your 100% blood clean from deadly non-British admixture however

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wow the pole thot blows the rest out of the water

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esoteric seacowism

*chirps at you*

If the mod that un perma banned me is here, top lad. I will cease my drunk posting.

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I keep getting so close yet so far

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I think it's impossible. I'm either dumb for not being able to do it, or dumb for not immediately realizing that it's impossible.

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Fresh Scottish gypo

he looks awful out and about in berlin

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He does. He looks homeless. I might donate some soap and a comb to his Patreon


If you don't mind me asking, what does a weekly pay packet look like for you? Are you still able to save by living with mummy?

1600 NOK each day. Living with mummy tbh. Driving now

145 pounds a day? That's pretty good for an 8 hour shift. I'll let you drive.

Any of you lads know Herve Ryssen?
Some good vids. I;ll drop a couple here

The Jewish Mafia

Just want Fred Dibnah back smh

his hometown is becoming an afro and islamic hellhole

It will get worse but all it requires is one man with enough will to stop it

saw this posted on /fit/

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I see she's got the coked up skank look nailed down

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Fuck off

uh huh

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Neither of them are even capable of acting. In every appearance, both of these tits play themselves.

STOP watching porn


lad i don't i just saw it linked on /fit/

you're not wanking to it are you?

What is it with yids and organ trafficking?

fits with their blood drinking

off to the gym lads

have a pleasant morning

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24 When Pilate saw that he was getting nowhere, but that instead an uproar was starting, he took water and washed his hands in front of the crowd. “I am innocent of this man’s blood,” he said. “It is your responsibility!”
25 All the people answered, “His blood is on us and on our children!”

Really makes me think

Parents plead for action over masked gangs robbing London's school children

kek morning

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muswell :^)

I don't have the liberty to wank during the day

Ekaterina tbh

White Juche is the cure for national masochism

Pleading for action? Over masked gangs?

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Oh jeez that sucks.

First time I've seen jewtube be this unsubtle

Wew. I guess it's message is too strong for Goytube. I had to get this under 8ch's file size limit.

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Isn't the file size limit 16mb?
SPLC hating on anglish
Once again I was ahead of my time in shilling angish on here ages ago

Rate my art lad, it's not racial just expression. :^ )

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Very nice

Juche is actually based though

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Posting a porn link should rightfully result in a permanent IP ban

What is the artist behind the originals of these, I can't remember it

Cleon Peterson. There's a mural of his below the Eiffel tower.

Funny how all you have to do is invert the image in paint to completely subvert the intended meaning

It's hilarious because you can post the images at lefties and say "What's wrong? It's just art, it's not racist." Hypocritical cunts.

Risk of water shortages for England warns Environment Agency


Nah lad, they just didn't bathe much back then r-right…?

Smh always thought aardman were baste. Pirates and scientists is actually a good film despite being obscure as fuck