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Am no wog lad, but I did buy them in wogland france

for dead taigs not dead taig babies

suck your mum

colonise taig lasses tbh


Don't download this image. It's a trick.

this tbh

'They deserve no mercy': Iraq deals briskly with accused 'women of Isis'

How long should the hearings we give to the traitors lads?

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*invades thread*

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woooooooooooooooooow I was waiting for like 10 minutes and I'm like, "why the fuck is nobody posting???" and then I finally see the number 751 smdh tbh famalam

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we need to reenact neurembourg complete with genital torture tbh

Martin Clunes

Leaders get the same as Ceaușescu's got, the rest don't even get one.

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For Stacey Q

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5.56mm long

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Wamen Logic

that what that lass said to you?

Would anyone here listen to a 2 man podcast about British politics and current affairs from an ethno-nationalist viewpoint?

Stupid thot - working class -


No, listen to Nige's show. Caller said it

wow another dead end road



Take Novichok for amazing weight loss!

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Westmonster OUT

what's the future medium?

Phwoar tbh

Yeah go on then

your mum

It's not a video game, you can't reload a save, you fucking deal with your mistake

Being in a coma for 4 weeks will do that to you lad. she looks like a younger version of my mum now and it's creeping me out

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suck your mum


YouTube fash wave videos

She looks a bit like Natalia tbh

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when you're BOOMING hard over abortion

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uncalled for tbh

lads, have you settled for less?

checked out a couple saucy blonde thots' feet today and also there was this pretty blonde thot with her midriff exposed, nice tight yellow tummy, very nice. broads keep catchin' me staring, then they keep looking back at me to see if I'm still looking to feed their ego, playing with their hair and whatnot

gotta love summer, even though it's hot as balls, especially when you get in the car

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This tbh. They treat it like a video game. They have no sense of responsibilty

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fuck off horatio

Kill yourself

Wasn't she a Russian mail order bride?


gay. just stream yourself playing m&b as a redcoat and say nigger constantly over voice chat

I've always felt that modern women behave more like children than adults tbh maybe it's Female privilege relinquishing them of any responsibility :^)

my mum? no she was born here

The same mum that will clean lads houses for free if they're in a state?

Everyone gets hornier when it's hot

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I don't really play video games but I am certainly open to alternatives to the podcast format

Wrong image but nvm



Anyone that has sex or even talks about it will be purged.


and your dad? Is he Russian?

This tbh
this is a semen retention board

I have a wife and child but I've never had sex. Am I allowed to stay?

Full blown on the cricket team English




Fuck off

You go into the blender first

Tbh putting your hard penis in a wet vagina when you're both really into each other and plan to get married feels really nice ngl

burning in hell for fornication wont feel really nice lad

There are lads itt who have never had sex.

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don't use nige as an instrument of bullying, user

you're getting the rope too lad

I've never kissed a woman.

we didn't get married and we split up

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literally the only reason extramarital sex is bad is because it spoils unmarried women that should be getting married while young and virgin and then popping out at least a half dozen offspring

the way I see it, 16 year old girls should be arranged to marry 25 year old men that just finished college and got a job and a mortgage etc. and are ready to support chilluns, then they have the wedding and then take the fast train to pound town for like 30 years with a litter of a dozen or so

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youre probably a filthy wop since you lust over blondes so much

sorry lad


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youre failed deanos at best


regret giving him a (you) tbh


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anyone who says they actually understand how to do maths with fractions is a liar

t. 5/4ths retarded

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>he comes on Zig Forums despite allegedly having normal social skills and a sex-life

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might delete the thread tbh this thread is fucking cursed



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Just use the much simpler decimals obviously.

I was only being ironic

on a serious note if you're not actively trying to have children you can't call yourself an English nationalist

bit irrational of you, lad?

no mate, it's just too complex

Do you have children?

Hold out your hand.

All mathematics is just jewish number tricks. A healthy tribal society only needs linguistic markers for 'one' 'a few' and 'lots'

the virgin fears the chad

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