Brit/pol/ #2247: Pranayama Edition

Easy now lads

Brexit: Technology-based customs system 'could cost £20bn'

Russian spy poisoning: Yulia Skripal hopes to return to Russia

UK 'thief' held in woods hideout in France

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Going to be a comfy night lads. How do you all sleep? I sleep on my side, heard sleeping on your back is healthier though.

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*Breathes in*
Good lad

I sleep with your ma

good lad


If someone gets this joke I'll be impressed tbh.

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When does Zig Forumspol get good? I've been waiting since the GE for it to get better.

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Do you model yourself on Zhongying?

Is this esoteric cross dressers humour?

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Always back tbh, or tummy when Im drunk heard sleeping on your side can cause facial asymmetry, not sure how much truth is behind that though tbh

Sounds like someone we know tbh

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Well I sleep on my side and my face looks like shit.

He is a pagan LARPer

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If the BBC and our shitting dog of a government claim that Putin's evil forces tried to assassinate the poor thot and her dad then why would she want to go back to Russia?
Doesn't make sense.

samyac balaca

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I love steiners ramblings

Good lad.

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With the right editor he could be an unironically decent writer. Reminds me of Cormac McCarthy or Western-Lands era Burroughs

floopity whibblescromps

Poor lad smh

Steiner would like this.

You should always sleep with your arsehole covered

That lunatic should go postal already it'd be fun to stream the national news coverage. "Man, convinced he is a Basset hound, holding female gym users hostage demands terabytes of Lion king themed inflation porn. "

Sleeping on your back causes you to look like an orangutan



oi lads, little poster here

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Doesn't matter lad. They employ gay nigger muslim crossdressers at MI5 nowadays who spend all day playing dress up and reacharound in the ladies toiulets rather than constructing believable narratives

Sounds bananas

I never sleep.
I just wait in the dark

Nah. You probably just love Steiner

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Thanks lads

Keep those chakras balanced lad

Dhanyavaad baalak

cucks go to heaven

warriors go to valhalla

/nosleep/ is the new whatever

Can't wait until we take over and force every free man to be armed at all times while in public.

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*pulls up his dress*

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Are you implying you're going to sexually assault Death, lad?

Sounds like quite the coke habit lad.

South Africa: Government has “Likely” Misappropriated 51% of US “AIDS Help” Aid Money
"Dang! Dem niggers! Dey be niggerin'!"

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It's the penultimate milestone.

Not only did I beat death, I made him shit himself

Bush would sexually assault anything tbh
He's been living amongst niggers for too long



Holy shit the opening scene of 1864 is black pilling.

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Alex Jones is a national treasure tbh.

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BEHIND THE SCENES: MugClub Parodies! (Side-by-Side) | Louder With Crowder


JF demolished Crowder on ze public space the other day, worth a watch

stop criticising israel

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Fucking hell Image of the Beast is a great song

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Utrecht - The Netherlands
“Sic transit gloria mundi” (Thus passes the glory of the world).

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yes and in it's place they should have put a jew riding a knife armed apes back.

He can't forgive you for the crossdressing lad

Could you in his position.

JF live with Simon Harris who is /ourguy/

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>(((We))) killed him tho'
t.(((Shia lePoof)))

Instead they place a fallen white man

the myth of high jewish IQ is quite ridiculous.
apparently they magically experienced an IQ boost of an entire standard deviation in under three decades.

It's good shit. Listened to the whole thing twice tbh.

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Same tbh

"oy vey, looks like our average IQ is 115 now!"

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Been working on this story lately. "Womankiller."

It's about a man who is transported to a dimension consisting entirely of women who can only give birth to other women (They reproduce via magic), whom he subsequently has to fend off to protect his virginity. Every woman on this alien planet is hell bent on stealing his vitae, as they know bearing his child may lead to them having a son, who would be equally as strong and give them massive power in this gynocentric realm. Since men are stronger than women, there are heroic scenes of him fending off legions of female warriors alone as he tries to carve his way back through space and time to his home realm (He is cursed to remain in the realm forever if he gives in to his desires and lays with the inhabitants), requiring a herculean stoic effort to resist the temptations of an entire planet of women in the process. Reckon it'll be a big hit with the incel audience, make me the big bucks.

He doesn't know, I only did it in my room, and I've renounced that lifestyle. There's no honour in poking fun at a penitent man, lads.

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The statue is irrelevant if your standing upright looking at it.

Anyone can say their IQ is higher when they own the media outlets

shades of Jahans tbh

In the story he has a sweetheart at home who is a witches daughter, wooing her angered the witch who sent him on this inter-dimensional journey. She wanted to humiliate him by making him cheat on her by giving him an impossible task, resist the temptation of adultery when confronted with an entire planet of hot and bothered lasses who haven't seen a man their entire lives. Had a Conanesque image in my head tbh.

I often think about societies with insane gender ratios ever since I studied the demographics of post-War of the Triple Alliance Paraguay where there were half a dozen women for every man.


Make that three times.

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Fucking hell.

I'm teetotal would break it for him tbh.

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HERTS user V&
A man has been arrested on suspicion of preparation of terrorist acts, the Metropolitan Police has said.

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Thats nice tbh

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Couldn't find the ripping off his shirt pic to insert

Did he get rejected by another trap?


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In a good way right? I thought it fit rather well.

It's the thought that counts lad.

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Very noice
You ever heard of Herve Ryssen?
Well worth watching his videos. He's like a French Kevin McDonald
Vids are subtitled but he's very succinct and well researched. Written loads of books



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Okay. Thankyou

It matches up too well.

Icke never grabbed me as much, he seems to speak really vaguely. How does he get such big audiences tbh?

Never heard of him before tbh. I'll have a look later, cheers. I'm faffing about and half listening to that JF thing yom kippur posted atm.

I don't know why, nor care

Calm down lad, let the (you)'s soothe you.

Doesn't it just. I'm still not sure if the thing is meant as a lament or a gloat tbqh. Knowing how things are I almost just assume the latter.

Because he's vague, relying on his audiences to pfill in the gaps

Think you'll like him tbh. Not sure why he hasn't been posted b4. He knows his stuff and the vids are not monotonous but that's probably because you have to read the subtitles

feels tbh