Brit/pol/ #2248: Just Poz My History Up Edition

Brexit News for Thursday 24 May
May to seek transition to 2023 | Corbyn in Northern Ireland

Romanian becomes second most common non-UK nationality

Grandfather who tackled car thief 'would do it again'

Student who chanted 'we hate blacks' admits racial charge

Ulster Bank to put vertical bank notes into circulation

MH17 missile owned by Russian brigade, investigators say

Thousands travel home to Ireland to vote in abortion referendum

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Are they fucking thick? They wouldn't put a man with a coat hangar arm on the front line.


Time for another evening of wagecucking, except now all the people I'm friends with have left or got the day off

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Another dafty jailed for neo-Nazi group social media posts

A man described as a "poster boy" for a banned far-right terror group has been jailed after using social media to post racist and anti-Semitic material.

Wayne Bell, 37, made hundreds of posts on Twitter and a Russian social media site, including one describing Jewish people as "destructive" and "vile".

He was a prominent member of National Action before it was banned in 2016.

Leeds Crown Court heard he also daubed Neo-Nazi graffiti on pillars and lamp posts in his home town of Castleford.

Bell pleaded guilty to two counts of stirring up racial hatred and three counts of possessing multiple items in order to destroy or damage property.

Sentencing him to four years and three months in jail, Mrs Justice Cheema Grubb said: "It is simply an act of birth that you are white and another man is black but you regard yourself as superior.

The court was told this would be added on to a 30-month jail term he is already serving for violent clashes with left wing activists in Liverpool in 2016.

"You are not someone who is content to seethe in private at the fact that people of other races are free and can thrive in peace."

The court heard that Bell, of Mount Walk, Castleford, "stored stashes of extreme material intended to use as part of a propaganda campaign on behalf of the extreme organisation".

His online activity between March and December 2016 started when he set up a profile on the Russian site VK under the pseudonym Celtic Raider.

On there he posted, commented and provided links to videos and publications in excess of 400 times, including an a image of a man being hung by a rope with the Star of David on his forehead.

The court heard that National Action, which started in 2013, had a small membership and aimed to recruit and "poison the minds" of young people aged 15 to 29.

Bell, who featured in two posters used in the group's recruitment campaign was said to be a regional representative.


call in sick and shitpost with us or
wire yourself up and shitpost at work

*smears self in blue paint*

*puts beanie on and smacks lips with the white and female disabled soldiers*

why does the nigger have and SVT
does she have a bergmann mp 18 or something wtf


hey lads it's Alberta Barbarossa.


They're fairly thick - but more than that - they are consumed by decadence, effeminacy and jewery to the point that any obvious fact that doesn't fit their pro-dopamine-narrative can be smugly negated by being an insincere parasite - so long as they are doing so in the name of some allegedly unfortunate caste (women, blacks, kikes etc).

The leftist faggots of old at least used to do this with some understanding of plausibility: so their smuggery would cover the cracks in their supposed logic. Nowadays the left is so hegemonic and drunk on power, that these cunts will apply their smugly delivered, John Oliver-tier pseudo-science to even the most patently obvious facts which happen to counter the all-consuming faggotry of leftists.

I cannot express forcefully enough just how much I long for the total collapse of leftism, and with it, the exposure, humiliation and annihilation of its pathologically narcissistic disciples.


rude tbh lad


Go suck some more dick lad

Easiest way
Surely you'd need massive pegs to to it otherwise

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I exclusively play Rome: Total War tbh.


no lad being gay is bad for you

Not as bad as this place is for you

played those old dune games, did c&c just rip them off entirely or is it me?

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No cc was earlier, like on the nes I think
Then dune ripped off age of mythology with the 3d one

you make a good point, been lurking for a few days And have tried to avoid it. think I will just go again maybe? who knows

Probably best to go

Oh cool, I bought EU Rome because that looks comfy but it doesn't run on windows 10 smh, set up a virtual to run it tebeache

yeah probable right,

Literally can't wait to join my sisters in (prosthetic) arms. It's gonna be such a rush to take on the nazis with my band of brass goggle-wearing, checkered scarf-sporting, hipster beard-having, pro-remain feminiggers!

You are actually Bertie, isn't it

me on the left


not at all lam

Don't worry about her, she's 'armless


what is this?

Near enough is good enough as they say


borrowing a laptop until can buy a new one as my old one broke when I tried to fix the audio port

I bought cocaine with my birthday money so I basically murdered spic babies

A special kind of evil tbh

how you keeping kiddo?

HOLY SHIT, LADS. GAYSPOT HAVE (presumably) JUST TAKEN DOWN THE BATTLEFIELD V VIDEO! It's no longer available lol. I bet there will be some push by gaming ((journalists)) to shame evil male whitey gamers for not fawning over this desecration of their history incoming.

SHAWSHANK 2: Weinstein Boogaloo
Morgan Freeman accused of sexual harassment by eight women

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install gentoo tbh. when you give it back the original owner will thank you

Ahhh making it worse by fixing, a tried and true solution

no that's not true I dont think

If it looks like a fag and talks like a fag then its a fag

thank god tbh hes insufferable

iirc they hammed up the ebil whitey angle massivily, and one of the "black women" was a South African born Jew

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the only reason I have yet to kill myself is because of my faith, wish I could go out like mishima maybe
how about you lad

the eternal tech
ted was right


He won't be a Freeman for long

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Did they think people would actually like it?



Probably, since BF1 sold in droves. Not because BF1 was a good game, because COD players were bored of the franchise.

eh if you are talking about me I don't talk like one I just sound autistic

but I do

everytime i watch alex hes trying to shill his fucking snake oil

Tbf we're still sort of on the losing side (although our numbers are growing exponentially as their's (the left's) shrink). Don't be tricked into thinking redpilled comments on youtube are reflective of the wider normie public is what I'm trying to say. Sadly, there are still teeming hordes of goy-cattle who will buy anything that's well reviewed and advertised (christ - half of the people complaining will still probably buy it, like the dependable little fuckwits they are).

On a positive note, we are - as I say - gaining ground; and all shit like this really does is push people towards us.

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alex is getting esoteric rn tbh

We are just as dependable a group of fuckwits lad

Not at all lad, I'm thinking of the normie sitting at home thinking "wtf there weren't women in wwii"
What's even better is that these normies will see it as an insult to their relatives memories.

unironically never watched one of his videos beyond memmies

The bolt action and satisfaction was an order of magnitude better on bf1 than any cod

Lads Post Scriptum tbh

Has Squad got bigger maps yet? I'll stick to Arma otherwise

No idea but Post Scriptum is running the same engine so it might be.

They did had British Forces a few weeks ago tbh

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We should get a Zig Forums game going or something.


Imagine actually thinking this

It's not out yet tbh

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That was a great video tbh. Many keks had
Someone needs to make 50 odd stills from it tbh

No he wasn't

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It was never ever out box lad.

I don't play it lad I just know why it sold well.

So far what I've seen it looks rather good, but I'm not going to invest in a closed alpha that'll probably end up like Star Citizen did

That's like switching to a different brand of milk.

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She jailed a fellow BLACK judge for three years for fraud

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Jailed by an ethnic in your own country for trying to defend it from furriners. Wew


But if you were bored of milk.

It's not

Then youre bored of life

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She was appointed to this case on purpose, and the dafty didn't stand a cat in hell's chance.

In what sense? We'll buy Bowden's books (we won't even do that)?

How sad do you have to be? smh