Brit/pol/ #2249: Genocide Edition

Antifa Advertise Conference Featuring Group Who Had Members Convicted of 1993 Bombing
The UK branch of the far-left extremist group Antifa recently held a conference in which members of Red Action, a group known for their connection to the 1993 Harrods bombing, speaking alongside Danish Antifa extremists.

Imam Found Guilty of Sexually Abusing Boy in Mosque, Muslim Community Turned Against Victim
A Muslim faith leader in Nottinghamshire was found guilty of three counts of indecently assaulting a young teen boy in the mosque where he preached and taught children the Quran.

Wow, how progressive.

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nth for the world ended in 1914

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QT soon

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Fresh Air


Don't do it lad, your heart will not be able to withstand it

It's okay lad, you can just toss off for the next 750 posts until the next one.

Is anyone bothering with QT?

Reckon if the Yanks had never rebelled then the British Empire would've become so supreme in the Victorian era that WW1 would never have happened and the Empire would still exist as a loose confederation of Anglo-Saxon protestant Imperial states tbh.

is this real or a larp

Thanks you poofy cunt

you tell him lad, I stand with you

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I don't know why I do it lad.

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Do you really?

I like feeling angry tbh

Smh fuck off tbh. Just don't be retarded and resist smh. The police are good lads when you cooperate, they'll even have banter with you
An officer even joked about getting a tasty solicitor's number (from her business card) and making comment about how she was good looking, kek

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Tbh, but don't assist or consent to anything

the police are not good lads

I made this

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You have to watch or you're a limp-wristed little tranny maid

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I'm talking about the lads out on the streets, not the police generally


Imagine if there was a Zig Forums local and we could all go to the pub and get pissed watching QT on the big screen jeering at it.

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I darent watch it

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Who /ragesleep/ here

Blacks hate all kinds of authority. That's why their countries and host cities look like Dant├Ęs nightmares.



dont know if I should keep going to therapy lads (anxiety), its almost too expensive but I think I need it.

God that looks cheap and badly produced


Get it on NHS lad

I want to suplex Soubry.

can you do that?

Good old PC Reg Hollis

Whatever happened to him?

Yes they are


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tried to an hero when the bill sacked him

Have you ever been arrested


So he was an August in real life too?

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nope, I got a knock on the door for wrong think once. every interaction with them theyve been cunts.


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Hungarian deputy prime minister Zsolt Semjen has warned that Islam is penetrating Europe without resistance as Christianity and national identity fade away.

smh lad

Woes has got even fatter

Will he ever stop?

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Sounds fucking shite

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Just like Nigel and his daughter.

and I thought he couldnt get any more greasy.

who is watching question time?

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I'm watching but listening to the Bill theme tune on repeat.

The American accent is fucking horrible, especially when it's a woman spouting upward-inflected gibberish on programs like Question Time. Also Soubry can take a running jump off of Beachy Head.

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I thought he said he was going to fix this at the start of the year? He said he was going to lose weight and improve his health. Why has he got worse?

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Listening to it while I play Frostpunk tbh.

Can recommend pirating it, it's a city builder set in a new ice age where you have to build a steampunk city in the arctic and survive without freezing to death while controlling the population.

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We've had a long winter tbh

Would rather eat a lightbulb

Because he's got a girlfriend who validates his lifestyle tbh.

Here's a good one.


Is she making him lots of puddings or something?

Is she a "feeder" that's into big boys

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LEAKED: Soros-Backed, Multi-Million Pound Plot to Thwart Brexit in Six Months

Yes lad this fits perfectly

The yank is annoying but pumpable

sounds comfy tbh

Sounds like Banished tbh

lads you saw the lineup why on earth are you watching it

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hopefully it's not like Banished, that game feels closer to wrangling retards than a survival citybuilder.

Not seen a single non-white person in it and everyone in your colony is British, pretty comfy tbh. Lots of BIG fluffy coats.

Can't think of a city builder to compare it to but it's pretty fun, not worth buying imo though it's quite pricey.

It's quite boring it's literally muh remain muh brexit, nothing of any substance is being discussed only hearsay.

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It's fun until you get a handle on it, and play through the two routes of progression.

Rather crack myself in the balls with a cat o' nine tails tbh

I feel like an abused wife who keeps coming back.


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The biggest spur to self-improvement is the fear that you will die alone. He will probably never sort his life out whilst he can still get his chode licked by the German granny.

She probably isnt too remarkable herself tbh.


The only person from Worthing.

Unfortunately these games all become rather stagnant once you finally stabilise your food/energy/etc and you've basically won at that point.

oh come on


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Fuck off Soubery, you drunk

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That means hundreds of thousands of third worlders to work for cheaper wages, that's what economists believe is 'Smart' these days.

Yeah that's the problem.

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No way is my laptop going to run this tbh

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she's a granny?

would respect her more if she was a pisshead tbh

this tbh. If they added combat or some kind of empire building then you would at least have the autistic satisfaction of painting the map your colour