So you want to kill google? And not just kill it, fucking demolish it? Three things need to happen. All of Google's money comes from advertising, analytics, and hosting. To kill google we need to drive up their operational costs while lowering their profits.

Fuck with their advertisements
If you have ever worked with adsense before you will know that the one thing they absolutely despise is telling people to click ads. They want people who are actually interested in products to click advertisements, because only they will be persuaded to purchase products. On top of that, companies pay google per click. If they are paying a ton of money and few people are buying their products, they will pull out.
STEP 1: Go on to youtube, google shopping, or anyplace else with adsense ads in private browsing mode on a vpn or proxy.
STEP 2: Click all the ads you possibly can
STEP 3: Hop on a new proxy/vpn/tor circuit, and clear out the browser
STEP 4: Repeat

Fuck with their file storage
Google stores everything you upload, and keeps it there even if it gets "deleted." Storing stuff costs lots of money, and high speed ssd drives to keep it all on aren't cheap. The more you upload, the more they pay.
STEP 1: Choose a platform that allows you to upload files(eg: youtube, drive, gsites, ect)
STEP 2: Get a file that is at or over the maximum file limit
STEP 3: Upload it again, and again, and again, and again
EXTRA STEP: If you are doing youtube make a huge file with a ton of random music, text on the screen, and game footage. Their matching algorithm will have to go through your whole 1hr + video and match everything there for monitization.

Fuck with analytics
Google is so popular in the analytics world because it can show advertisers what type of people are viewing their page (see for a good explanation). If we can make this data unreliable then people will stop using google services.
STEP 1: Get a huge word dictionary
STEP 2: Make a small script that searches something entirely random every 20 minutes or so
STEP 3: Let it go as long as possible on as many accounts as possible
STEP 4: Go to random pages with tracking on them to give them fucked results

Fuck with the advertisers
If companies think their users won't buy their products because of google then they will pull out and stop funding them. Youtube's budget got slashed when a few guys pulled out, just imagine what would happen if we could get a ton of people to leave.
STEP 1: Get a huge list of "medium" sized advertisers. Companies that are small enough that it is easy to get a message through to them but big enough that they have a large advertising budget.
STEP 2: Get huge volumes of well written emails to them saying that you (a past customer) are highly against google and don't want to purchase from a company that supports them. Talk about the quality of their products and say you don't want to take your business elsewhere. Sweet talk them.
STEP 3: Get fucktons of people to do this. Gamergate style, but bigger.

Search engine:
- Yacy is a distributed peer to peer search engine that has had time to mature and harden
- Yandex is a Russian search engine that has been trying to break into googles market for years

- Palemoon is a firefox fork that has slowly been developing. Has the original firefox ux, and is very customizable.
- Everyone knows what fucking firefox is, although it has become bloated. If you use this, make sure to harden it

- helps you filter out google cdn's and analytics. A bit of a learning curve but its worth it.
ublock origin:
- A non-jewed adblocker that is extremely robust.
User Agent Switcher:
- Changes what websites read your browser as, helps fuck with analytics.



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Other urls found in this thread:'s-Permission
You could also help develop and shill free alternatives to google services. IPFS has potential to replace youtube and google drive for instance.'s-Permission

Could be useful as well.

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Yeah sure, as soon as you step up and start writing better software. I don't have a hardware budget big enough to support Mozilla Diversity.

What do you rely on google for anyways? I can garantee there is a better alternative out there for whatever service they are providing.

You don't keep everything in SSDs.
Don't upload the same file. They probably calculate the hash, notice it has a match and only store it once.

Is there a way we could just generate videos unfavorable semicircle style?

At the accounts high it was uploading 3-4 videos every minute.

I think you mean 'GNU/Terra'

We could upload terrabytes of data to google drive, we get a bunch of people to setup accounts and then the rest to just upload to their free storage mindlessly until it runs out.
Also set up a bunch of gmail accounts and sign them up to literally everything, make bots to email them if possible.

This is bullshit, the only thing that really gets done is a contribution to global warming.
Better attack in other ways. Like, develop something that will make people happily migrate to superior free software. Work on educating the masses. Etc.
This is too hard for average /tech visitor, though.

It's like pissing in the ocean or whatever the english expression is, it won't make a difference.

You can shill IPFS to the masses, it would be very easy to develop a youtube clone (without recommended videos/comments just simple video hosting) that respects free speech, then just shill it to then nationalist youtubers when they start censoring their content like they're planning.

Not if we find a way to automate this at an insane rate

what is deduplication, faggot

We should clog all their support lines with stupid requests so they can't reach real customers

Just randomly generate videos of noise

You still need IPs. Better idea, shill for the abolishment of google services. Contact websites, ask them to remove google analytics. YouTube will start censoring nationalist content soon, that's a golden opportunity to shill for a replacement.

Youtube detects them and removes them.

This makes more sense, but your account will probably get shoah'd together with all uploads if discovered.

They fixed about 1000 vulns in ffmpeg while the libav SJWs were trying to rape everyone
Their browser is fast enough to run on pre-ME pre-PSP hardware, Firefox runs like shit on anything that isn't a glorified game console
Google knows how to do logo redesigns without it looking like a fucking travesty

I don't think it should be hard to fool this.

This is why we have a team creating accounts so we have too many foe them to handle

Then we randomly crawl Zig Forums for images and text and generate videos of random length that way

You and whose personal army, faggot?

If we got halfchan and Zig Forums involved we'd have plenty of IPs


Kys borefag, I'm not even OP, this is something that would greatly help Zig Forums's goals

It's more like making our mark, besides, any retaliation will only help us

Zig Forums is not a roachpol caliphate, now kindly fuck off.

Make me borefag

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OP is a 12 year old faggot.
Storage costs google nothing (to 9 decimal places)

Literally the only thing you can do to hurt google is advocacy.
You have to spread anti-google decent though every normalfag channel you can. Spread ublock as wide as possible. Getting an adblocker on someone's android device is especially ruinous.
Shame people for being too stupid to block adverts. Promote alternatives to their core products (don't worry about loss making auxiliary products).
Accept that you'll have almost no effect, yet still be contributing to the inevitable rise of adblockers, which google absolutely view as an existential threat.

*make we

Also do NOT fucking install noscript, or Firefox's strict blocking list.
If you break a normalfag's facebook work-flow, they will reinstall their browser or just buy a new computer. Anything you do or suggest has to be as unintrusive as physically possible.

And lets say you kill Google
What other search engine is big enough to win over that market share?
The only one is baidu, which has even more blatant censorship

The best we can do is use meta search engines and spread dissent towards Jewgle

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Also, google will get hit VERY hard by the coming financial crisis. Some companies (procter and gamble) are already giving up on online advertising since even the people who don't block them just mentally register them as noise. When money is tight, that advertising budget might get shrunk down a bit. The previous financial crisis brought us bitcoin, the one before that brought us the pirate bay and bittorrent, who knows what this one will bring?

Google has an extremely dominant position. Say some people start using yandex, some people start using bing, some people start using yahoo, even if google keeps existing, they're not going to be in the position to rape the market like they are now.

Google is not just a search engine, it's an all-encompassing politically weaponised cancer.

Smartphones use Chrome and Google as defaults browser and search engine.
It's a lost battle

And? Apple doesn't like Google, if Bing would give as good search results they'd switch it over as default in a heartbeat, they already support Duckduckgo in Safari without adding it manually.

This unfortunately. Most people only see the tip of the iceberg. Their public facing web presence.

They don't see the political body. The lobbyists, the revolving door between politics and executive positions, astroturf groups, think-tanks, government subsidises, data exchange deals.
If you could globally DDOS their search engine off the internet forever, they still wouldn't die.

Implying that would be an improvement.
Bing/Microsoft is just as bad as Google.

Yes, but now google can't rape you as hard because they know microsoft will rape their market share in turn if they do that. A duopoly is a step up from a monopoly

So you are here just to shill for yandex?
Tnx but not tnx
I use meta search engines that allow me to search all searchengines at once and include results that are crosssecrion of them

For an alternative search engine YACY is pretty sweet although they need to crawl more.

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Didn't you get the government memo? Don't call it that anymore, its new name is "weather extremes".

But user, by doing what you say I would be making me more moderate. My intention is to go and put a bomb in their HQ in my country.
Uploading stuff to them does cost, but it's marginal; they buy in bulk and shit's cheap nowadays.

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So many words to just describe Searx?

That get actually looks cooler than the one everybody is waiting for.


Checked, lucky satan.

I don't think you.... uh...... know..... quite what you are doing here.

All US companies have policies where they hire dumb colored people, because they have to.
It's a law, based on a Supreme Court decision--

basically what the court's decision said was that:
If a company has a hiring policy in place that results in racial discrimination, then they are liable for having racially discriminating hiring practices--even if that was not their intent.

What this does in practice is it prevents employers from doing their own skills testing of employees, so instead, they just set a higher educational requirement.
(one example article about this effect, tho there are many others)

So basically... you are trying to "fight" a policy that all big companies are practically required to have, by law.


If you have not read it, this is an excerpt from a book Julian Assange wrote about Google. I highly reccommend people read it, because it gives a good idea of what Google is, what it's doing, and where it's heading. Here's a list of names/orgs that pop up:

If we want to take down Google, this is what we're up against.

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I don't think the OP's intent was to take down google for their shitty hiring practices. If google wants to hire a bunch of pajeets, nogs, and women, the company will fail on it's own given enough time.

yea but Google has the biggest index...
and so most of the others just use Google's results and then insert their own paid placements into that...
so all you are really doing is getting Google results but with paid placements inserted

I dunno if they are the only ones now, but for a long time, Google was the only one that didn't insert 'hidden' paid placements into their search results. They show advertisement links along the top of the results page, but they don't stick them in with the normal results.

Bing (Microsoft's engine) is the second-biggest search engine index. It was heavily corrupted/edited for a long time, you couldn't even search for OpenOffice on it (it would just give pages for Microsoft Office, and then unrelated links). It seems to do that now tho so maybe they loosened up somewhat...

everything else is much smaller.

They can hire anyone they please, but that’s not the point. On the other hand, Jewgle is forcing unfit people into job they are dangerously unqualified for, thanks to lower hiring standards and "positive" discrimination. The "anti-diversity" manifesto points out that different people have different skills, and it’s fine to hire them for those skills. What Jewgle is doing is hammering a colored piece that doesn’t fit the hole, and blame/fire the fitting piece when they want the job to be done properly.

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Not if they implement Iceland's and (((Leonid Bershidsky))) policy of mandatory paternal leave. Surely that will catapult them straight into the next golden age.

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This is the perfect search engine

LITERALLY cuckolding google.

Too bad i can't find anything with it lately. Either google is sabotaging them, or they're incompetent. Either way it's not looking good for startpage.

You can't hurt Google. YouTube is operating at a loss, you know why Google keeps it? Because information is the most valuable resource on Earth, Google would be stupid to let go of that, the same reason Google doesn't directly profit from Android either. The sheer amount of data Google has is worth more than Fort Knox

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Isn't that a good thing for us? If their diversity hires are as incompetent as you say they are, then they won't get the job done properly!

The reason why Google is so good at returning results is because it has a profile about you. If you use an intermediary such as Startpage, that profile that Google has is the collective result of all the people who use Startpage. This means the search results are tuned to the Startpage aggregate userbase rather than to you personally.

Search was superior before personalization.

It's good but insufficient because competent people are still working there, and they are in constant crunch time to compensate for those who are unfit. They need to put food on the table so they won’t leave. Plus, like everyone (including me) still using Google, YouTube, GMail, etc, they are able to brush any new policy with a small grin and a resigned "well, it's not THAT bad, I'm sure I'll just have to get USED TO IT". There are plenty of other services out there I don’t use because I dislike their policies... but looking back, the policies of the Google account I signed for a decade ago have nothing to do with the policies I have to endure today.

That never existed. Google was all about personalization since day 1. You can even read about it in Brin's published papers.

So what's bad with Google practising what they preach by doing diversity hires? I'm not sure how it affects you if you are not a Google employee.

I understand that, but the results should at least be relevant to the search terms i used. The more obscure my search terms are the more likely it is to get complete nonsense results that have nothing to do with the things i'm looking for. I haven't received such poor search results for at least a decade and even my startpage results were a lot better years ago. Something is going on with startpage.

Google policies affect me, they affect those who follow my YouTube channel, they affect those I follow on YouTube. Their search engine has become barely usable anymore for my needs, their constant push for politics everywhere in their products is getting me sick of it, the fact that they have banned someone from their platform without a issuing a single warning gets me worried they could suddenly remove my access to their services (I'm sure you can imagine the mess of having to tell all your contacts your mail is no longer available, all the other services using that address, the forums, chat clients, etc), and their new statement regarding removal without breaking any rule or guideline is worrying enough for me to say I don't want to deal with these people anymore.

A well constructed altavista search in 1999 was better than google 2017.

Personalization is fundamentally bullshit. Ads are always 100% irrelevant, and all personalization does is make the search results progressively more advert like. Don't try to feed me profitable results, and don't try to algorithmically second guess my intention, they will always be wrong.

So it's not the quality of Google's engineering that bothers you, it's the fact that they control their own technology and you rely on that technology. It's reasonable to be worried about that. What's not reasonable is that you're worried about the fact that Google hires unqualified people for qualified jobs. I personally don't care if they do that. I want them to do more so that their engineering doesn't work as efficiently as it could be.

More users are using Startpage and more spammers are spamming it.

I should have done this a long time ago. Are there other ways google might be able to track you even if you don't explicitly use there services?

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It's a whole; I'm amazed at what some people in the company can achieve, but the whole PR stunt and feel-good politics are wearing me out. Their products are going to shit because they have shit people working on it. They have shit people working on it because the HR is unfit for her job. They are kicking users out of their platform without a warning because they hire people who are more inclined to be activists than lovers of code and engineering.
I think I got it but maybe I'm wrong: you just want to see Google destroyed under the weight of their incompetence and possibly serve as a cautionary tale, I want to see it salvaged because it's a waste for those who are qualified and won't have the same amount of resources to do their job elsewhere.

Any page that has (((analytics))) or is using (((Google CDN))) gives you a beacon. uBlock+uMatrix+Decentraleyes+Self-Destructing Cookies should be enough to show Google a big fat middle finger without losing much functionality.

Mozilla is just as pozed as Google. There's no escaping the gay train.

If 777777 GET, Terry Davis will save us from Google niggers.


I'm fine to see Google destroyed by their own incompetence. As far as I can tell, they're doing just fine. I'm not a Google insider so I can only tell by how well Google operates for me at this moment: Google search still returns my results and Youtube still plays my videos.

I'm not concerned about qualified engineers working at Google because they ought to be competent enough to find work everywhere: they're competent and qualified by definition.

The problem being that those people unqualified for jobs are the first to abuse bad goy users. The more entitled snowflakes they hire, the more risky it becomes to keep using their services.

Not that I would do that in the first place, but some people (like the guy you replied to) find themselves already heavily invested in the ecosystem. And that's not a comfortable place to be in.

They're not transsexual lesbian niggresses though.

What's not reasonable about that?

That's your own fault for relying on other people's services! The reason why you don't run your own Internet service is because you want someone else to run it for you. If they're running the service, they control how it works! If you want to run your own service, then you should also take responsibility to pay the price for that.

It troubles me to think that normies really are this stupid.

STEP 1: install ublock origin or umatrix
STEP 2: Use Tor permanently
STEP 3: Don't use any google service

STEP 1: Don't use any of the service
STEP 2: rent a vps or storage
STEP 3: Don't use any google service

STEP 1:install ublock origin or umatrix
STEP 2:Use Tor permanently
STEP 3:Use a searx server
STEP 4: Don't use any google service

STEP 1:install ublock origin or umatrix
STEP 2:Use Tor permanently

Is in searx need to be activated by the maintainer tho.

Icecat and Tor

Good choice but you need tot use a white filter method.
It's more than a adblocker it's an tracker blocker too and it also removes facebook botnet features from webpages for example.

To make aware normies use lightbeam:

Gnunet has the capacity to be the internet with:
Publisher Anonymity
Reader Anonymity
Server Anonymity
Document Anonymity

This is the most retarded idea ever.
It's better to not feed the beast.

This, except for the shame part.

Shit, I guess I'll join.
==GNU+TERRORISM== for the win.

distroy Google's server farms
How to do this without getting caught?

Whoa guys, this is some very concerning stuff you are up to, perhaps it would be best to stop and stay away from these dangerous ideas.

giant solarflare

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So it is a copy paste of >>>/b/ incarnate?



Attached: IMG_0343.JPG (1264x1264, 296.32K)

why the fuck do you need only one?
Jesus Christ these fucking kids come on here expecting one fucking ring to rule them all.
There used to be many competing search engines and we should return to this as its better in the long run.

Use Brave

make a script that does that, nigger

what is yahoo? But these fuckers were even able to let muhrissa mayer stand in a good light where in reality you can basically just trash the rest of this formerly valuable company.

Yeah, besides the only reason Google can get some shit done is because they have more money than anyone else.
If people get tired of Google, move to other solutions then those will get better inevitably.
It would take a very special kind of retard to be as bad as Google is, if in possession of the same kind of money they have.

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Wouldn't hurt a bit to throw Random Spoofer Agent into that mix

Sounds good to me

Silly man. Google is basically an intelligence agency at this point, and a corporation more powerful than any country.
The only reason they don't slave your ass explicitly is because most people are willing to become debt slaves willingly.

it's not about them being retarded with it, it's because it's against the law to not be retarded

clean up at home. convince Jim to remove youtube embed support from 8ch. BO disable all embeds until Jim disables youtube embeds

Google is another Microsoft now.

My attitude toward it is the same:
"ehh I prefer not to use it"

Reiterating this.

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