Brit/pol/ #2250: Child Murder Edition

Brexit News for Friday 25 May
War of the Words over EU space programme

Irish abortion referendum voting opens

Universities Paying Irish Students to Travel Home and Vote to Repeal 8th Amendment

Bannon: 'The mainstream media is basically a communications department for the global elite'

Soros-Backed, Multi-Million Pound Plot to Thwart Brexit in Six Months

Hungarian deputy prime minister Zsolt Semjen has warned that Islam is penetrating Europe without resistance as Christianity and national identity fade away

Far-right group intimidates Vice journalists in their Montreal office

WW2 bunker found under Middlesbrough back garden

Battlefield V fans who failed history are mad that the game has women in it

Woman says her Amazon device recorded private conversation, sent audio files out to random contact

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Hilarious that the Irish identity and faith their ancestors fought so hard to protect and preserve 100 years ago is being washed away by globalism within a matter of years.

Same can be said for basically every country.

The Catholic Church made its own grave by being completely malevolent

suck your mum


'Holohoax' songwriter could be jailed

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Great grand dad was Irish, which is just enough to claim Irish citizenship.

The Irish are British tbh. Most people from or with family in the North will be part Irish.

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I'm eligible for Irish citizenship as well. Should I get it? Is there a reason to?


Nah lad, fuck that. Muh heritage is cringeworthy, and the Irish republic deserves to fail anyway.

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Everyone looked dead though.

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YouTube star John 'TotalBiscuit' Bain dies aged 33
Shame tbh, I liked his content back in the day. Rip.

Their faces said it all.

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Too bad he was a progressive cunt tbh.

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Just sayin' tbh

kek didn't age well

: c

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whenever someone mentions him on dp or what ever the person gushes over him

Northlets btfo once again.

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If they did it accurately Yorkshire would be one big green slice.

tfw north east master race

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the north is just fields of brown mulch and rock

how will they ever recover

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That's a bit weird, there is an entire national park in the midlands, The Peak District. Tokein based the shire off it

Where did you get that map?

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Chilterns Master-Race tbh


peak district is a national park, not an area of outstanding beauty.

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take t north pill lad

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The map is also missing the Yorkshire dales, Snowdonia, Brecon Beacons, Exmoor, New Forest, and the South Downs.

The name looks Sri-Lankan tbh

Yeah, but there are loads of beautiful spots inside National Parks

It can't be a good map then


It's from wikipedia and only listing the areas protected under conservation laws.

I do find it funny how the Surrey hills AONB goes right along the M25, you can basically see the border of London from it.

That's a bit disturbing. Are they "unlisting" areas of genuine beauty so that there is less fuss when they start building cheap housing all over it, to fill with third world monsters?

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Woman 'gagged and taped to chair by male colleagues after complaining about racism and sexism at Scottish government agency'
'This is what you get when you speak out against the boys'
A woman who complained of racism and misogyny at a Scottish government agency claims she was taped to a chair and gagged as a warning against speaking out.
>The Canadian national told the tribunal one of the men said: “This is what you get when you speak out against the boys.”

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There are still restrictions on national parks like the peak district but they're not as strict since they let you visit it and go everywhere and stuff I guess.

Top kek rofl

I'm really hoping you lads don't think because something isn't called an "Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty" that it isn't considered "beautiful", it's classed under another thing such as National Parks which has even tougher regulations and laws based on building and construction.

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Scratching my head here lads.

I know lad but it seems like a faff to have two different categories for what is basically the same thing.

I just wouldn't be that surprised if the current "elites" want to start decommissioning National Parks in order to push their population replacement agenda, as well as demoralise the natives and reduce any sense of National Pride such places help to produce

Just like Historic England proposing the destruction of iconic English statues

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oh you!

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I too have pride in this magic dirt.

Not really no.

Battlefield V looks intense

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It's our magic dirt.

Whose the bull of that relationship?

It's a load of shit anyway, lad. It's more or less a map of the few areas that will be spared the multicultural pozfest. Most of Britain's untouched, or agricultural land is an area of outstanding natural beauty. Wales has only a few small officially 'outstandingly beautiful' areas according to this nonsense. Basically the whole of undeveloped Wales is profoundly beautiful (and most of it is given how concentrated and small the population is).

Is there a Spain-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce? succ


Fuck magic dirt

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I'm not joking though. You can go to these places and still feel love for your country. The real country, not the shite in the cities. Also, there are usually hardly any wogs in these ares, making them even move lovely

They don't want us to love our country, they want us to hate it, so it's easier for them to destroy

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big get incoming

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The GET is going to be shit again lads, I can feel it

Yeah but the south is full of mudshits.


411,000 Romanians now in UK, more than doubled since David Cameron opened the door in 2014

Lad you are slipping into the "lefties post screenshots of this to make fun of right wingers" level here, no one is taking the clay away.

I count Birmingham as the north as well

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He doesn't understand that Beauty elevates the spirit and brings us close to God

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There's a programme on channel 4 next Tuesday at 9pm on statues that wogs and Jews want to take down
Jewog Afua Hirsch

I do but you are being a mentaller.

It's literally the same woman they are carting round to multiple different groups, from the BBC to Historic England

Kek. I honestly think the hipster scot looking one is the most ridiculous thing about that promotional image. It's like the developers couldn't miss the opportunity to realise their physical aspirations in that character. He is the embodiment of the devcucks' sub-hipster aspirations (which are to be an alpha hipster).

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Let me guess it's being led by Afua Hirsch


Isn't WOTW the guy we bullied off here?


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Yeah. Her career seems to have taken a mysteriously rapid upturn. Same goes for Jordan Peterson tbh. It's amazing how contrived mainstream memmies are.

No that was me, after I posted his stuff, and you didn't get rid of me either

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War of the worlds? Way of the west? Word of the world? Way of the world?

daily reminder to slaughter anyone who destroys the countryside

Do burrows count as destruction? What about warrens?

So are you the same guy who wrote stuff for the alt-right's website and got upset that we didn't want a pan-European super state? Because that was the same lad.

It's in the post I replied to lad, is ae37f2 a figment of my imagination?

Suspect it's because their opinions bring in views and from that, money, rather than anything actually nefarious.

good lad

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Yeah, that was me, but I was fucking with you, I didn't really write that article

Don't know if it was actually him, but the vid got posted and people responded ">another e-pundit" and the poster got pissy.

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Indeed, it worked though. I'm surprised you even remember it tbh

really makes you think

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They were trying to push that you shouldn't care what happened before the police showed up if there is a police shooting because context is racist.

Apparently the Ireland ref is going to be close, probably end up passing though.

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'course it will, they want more child sacrifices

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fucking hell they seem desperate to win this vote

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those images are so disturbing

Can you not please?

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That's the point.

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yeah, Irish who went to live abroad are even being paid to go back to the country to help kill off their home nation

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Hey lad there's nothing more Feminist than someone shoving a 2ft needle into a woman's vagina and breaking apart a developing child's brain stem.

Umm sweetie it's just a clump of cells

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it's a done deal lads, the best thing to do is detach from the (((news))) and focus on the LOCAL

how can people see it as anything other than demonic

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Kill them with spears