Arkansas K-9 officer included in high school yearbook


An Arkansas K-9 school resource officer was honored with a spot in the high school’s yearbook.

Bryant Police K-9 Mya, a nearly 3-year-old Belgian Malinois, was featured in the staff section of the Bryant High School yearbook — right between two educators.

K-9 Mya, a school resource officer at Bryant High School in Arkansas, was featured in the school's yearbook.

"So it looks like one of Bryant PD's finest School Resource Officer's made the Hornet Yearbook this year. Good job Mya, you are representing the PD with pride…..Hornet Pride!!!” the department wrote on Facebook.


Police previously posted that Mya began serving with the department in August 2018. She serves as “primarily a narcotics K9 but is also trained for tracking and article recovery,” and works mainly in Bryant High School and at school functions.

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Why are those teachers so fucking obese? Disgusting.

I was thinking the same thing….

A: Arkansas

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Coincidentally, in today's local paper

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I wish I had a friend.

Fur friends are sehr kewl

Look at all those roasties.

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I was given a much newer yearbook photo.

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That's old news!
already posted it!

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This is what I came here for.

lol it's super cute and cool to have a fucking stationed cop and dog at school, god bless america!

The K9 SRO is better looking than the rest of the faculty. No kids fapping or shlicking to their teachers in that school.

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Check out my CAPTCHA!

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Sorry about that fuck up before.

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Why does a high school have a full time drug sniffing police dog on the staff?

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Cool! She looks really happy, she knows she's being appreciated!