Brit/pol/ #2252: Big Boy Edition

Irish abortion referendum: Polls close

Tight swimming trunks UK's 'most hated clothing'

UK murder suspect Shane O'Brien added to world's 'most wanted' list

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Tell me about magic, laddes.

first for Tommy

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I doubt it lad
He just likes them the same way he likes his bibles - bound in leather with a fucked up spine

Women are humans too



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take the SA not a spy honest pill

Fucks sake wrong flag

Science my man

sure we've had this edition before but good lad all the same

Who /GoingWeebGfHunting/ Here?

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xth for The Infantry Tank Mark II

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Goodluck boss

Its not real

Good lad

Thanks lad

Thanks lad, didn't realise smh

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if you just stop trying and drop out of life you can time travel about 7 years while accomplishing nothing

*alakazams you

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then explain this

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*types this post from a wee collection of silicone and copper*
Pretty magical tbh


Well shit you've got me there

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Why seven?

I'm posting this on reddit r/meirl lad, thanks for the karma

smh, they do stinky loud farts and disgusting shits

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You deserve a ban for this post even if it was ironic tbh

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I miss him lads

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Does that go in the skills or qualification bit of your cv

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Don't be sad lad we still have Andrew Dice Clay

real Phil Collins hours

Looks like the Irish "voted" to kill babies lads

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They mean supelizards


They can finally kill their kids on their own tax payer money and not ours >implying I've ever payed tax lmao

How are the scores so low, it's not even out yet.

Watch him squirm

came out today in the yankstanistates of mexico.

I like it lads.
civic cast, but the race differences are highlighted so it's bearable.
hope the catholic priest that's an islamophile-philosemite dies though.

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if you've ever bought anything you've paid tax

Oh yeah, shit, way to ruin my day.

i miss her tbh

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he nonced and was a degenerate kike faggot tho


She's now celebrating the fact that apparently the micks have voted to allow baby murder. Not only that, but she's directing her gloating at Jacob Rees Mogg because LOLOLOLOL CHRISTIAN (and definitely not muslim) BIGOT BTFO. There's a special place in hell for the super majority of people tbh. On that note, what I'm coming to realise is that the jews are an incredibly stupid people, whose lack of scruples and position as the un-empathetic other allows them to grift their way into power: which is their natural position in life (from their point of view). But theirs is a necessarily short lived hegemony due to its malevolent nature: it being entirely dependent upon the ability to inflame the worst and most maladaptive characteristics of the idiot masses (which inevitably lead to societal collapse). They are to a native elite, as coca cola is to water: they taste nice to stupid people; but ultimately rot your teeth, and are only to be consumed in an age of material decadence.

it's like you've read me like a book

Looks like the girl from skins

Doesn't make sense because they're basically acknowledging the existence of positive discrimination. How fucking vexing is it that such a thing is denied in the first place??? Who isn't aware that everyone gets a boost over white men?

lel implying I pay tax

I want to see the jews get what is coming to them tbh

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Ugh, don't remind me about that tv show.

Do GCHQ agents get a lower threshold or something?

Agreed. I want them exterminated, but know they deserve to be tortured off of this mortal coil. A quick death is too good for them.

we'll see them wiped out for good one day within our lifetimes, nasrallah can take israel we'll take the traitors here

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I just want everyone supporting this shit to suffer tbqh

spoilered for the fannies in the thread

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sorry lad

Someone should really do a deep analysis on what an abomination Skins is some day. I feel like there's so much there to get into.

self-employed know how to cook the books :^)

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True tbf

He was some banter though lad


yeah this tbh don't look into it spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) tbh

Plus the fact that sucking cock for rock is cash in hand

Any cash-in-hand job is basically free dosh tbf, if you know what you're doing then you can make a mint.

What did SA do today?

What's the point when every other show is that degenerate? I suppose one could make an interesting video by using skins as a showcase of a multitude of nation-wrecking kike memmies: and explaining precisely how it is that such shows use video editing and music etc to direct the idiot masses into (self) destructive lifestyles.

What miscegenation.


We need an SA bingo

A day in the life of your average christian supporting actor who also has an office job in london

*whistles* just another brick in the waaaaalllll

Lad, it ain't fannyish to not want to see something so sick. Everyone on here is aware of how evil our age is. We don't need visceral evidence thereof. Post your pics on the twitter feeds of normie cunts. They serve no purpose here other than to sicken people who are already disgusted.

wooo eh heh, should have brought some moon floss

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There are lads here who still see this as a weapon against our opponents despite it being one of the purest forms of evil.

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See what as a weapon against our opponents? Abortion? You mean in the sense that it means fewer niggers/underclasses?

yeah it totally justifies baby murder amirite haha ebin

Needs more rope posting

Rotherham rape babies
Answer this

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lads its almost time to stop dayposting tbh

"murdering babies is totes fine if it agrees with my politics"

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We passed that threshold long ago lad

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*wakes up all the dayfags*

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thye are already awake morag tong lad

so you want some shotgun ISIS vids then lass?

Finally finishing up reading the Abolition of Britain lads.

Everyone on here needs to read it tbh. I thought I "knew" it because I'm already pretty familiar with Petey, but it's something else. Literally fills you with dread every time you turn a page. He even opens one chapter on homosexuality with the line: "If homosexuality ere as common as smoking, we would have to bury the victims in mass graves."

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Tbh I don't give a shit if wogs, jews, lefties, the underclasses etc have abortions. In fact, I would rather they did everything humanly possible to limit their own numbers.

Tells me all I need to know about you

yeah some middle-easterner is really comparable to this

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*starts inflating*

With reference to AIDS?