Brit/pol/ #2253: Potatocide Edition

Irish abortion referendum: Exit polls suggest landslide for repeal

Tommy Robinson arrested for 'breaching the peace' outside court during grooming trial

UK murder suspect Shane O'Brien added to world's 'most wanted' list

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Beggorah, we aborted all of our potatoes by mistake!

What's the best nasheed? Asking for a friend.

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Oh yeah there is å ferry on this route as well so i get more time with the boys

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It's a bit early to be looking for conversation.

Sargon "free speech" of Akkad won't comment on what happened to Tommy Robinson because he has a kid and family to worry about.

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I guess there just isn't enough money or e-fame it for him.


He looks far more interested in enjoying himself now from the picture you've just posted.

Ywn pay for Sargon's food

Thank God.




Ferry trip is over. See you lads in 4 hours

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Clashing of Swords

good video tbh

Irish sluts celebrating referendum outcome

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Early exit polls have voted 'yes' at 68%

I know, this is so sad.

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Ireland isn't catlick anymore and I bet the cuck pope is fine with it.

No lad God made abortions for them to have :^)))

To be fair legalised abortion on demand is probably a requirement of EU membership at this point, and if there's one thing Ireland is renowned for it's not wanting to be independent.

crying with joy that they can murder babies

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Katera Barker, top, died on Wednesday in Nashville, Tennessee, after adoptive dad Matt Barker, inset, left her in a car and took a ride sharing service to the airport for a business trip. Police say that Matt Barker dropped off Katera and her five-year-old sibling at daycare on Wednesday morning, but didn't realize that Katera was still in the car after the drop-off. Katera's adoptive mother, Jenny Barker, top and inset, discovered the tragedy on Wednesday evening when she went to pick up the children from daycare, and was told that Katera had never been dropped off. She later found the child in the vehicle but it was too late.

He is /arelad/ tbh.

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Pure evil. Our civilisation is collapsing about us.

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I think the woman adopted the little nigger.


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Should never leave dogs in a hot car tbh

Didn't Dupre lose his job?

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He did, but it doesn't stop one from being well-dressed.

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umm but doesn't the fair right HATE mail support this group?

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So what they are saying is that Lefty's are scruffy and can't dress themselves?


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Not overly fond of GI but this is the right move, it's what we've been saying all along. NA take notes.


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I really cant afford to get fired tbh

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What did you say? Or didn't say?

NA had only one or two skinheads. The papers focused on them when taking photographs. Cum drinkers like you lap it all up though, don't you?

What did you say?

NA was shit and you know it.

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How do we fight pro-abortion "people"?

By aborting them.

Just say that you agree with them with the caveat that you also support a post-natal abortion and you're going to perform it on them. Right now.

Absolutely was but I'm not going to make up falshoods.

RT one is a mixture of groups such as MD, NF, NWI, etc and the bottom pic shows literally one skin head and an old man who is bald though not by choice.

You literally affirmed what I just said about you buying into media narratives.

I love our hive-mind.

I forgot just how annoying his voice is tbh. He's the slightly above average intelligence, black hoody wearing, metal music listening, darksiders playing middle-normie's choice of intellectual.

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I just couldn't shut up

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I'm talking image you mong, you dress the way the MSM portrays you and you're only helping them.

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You're an expert in your field — nothing will come out of it.

Nothing wrong there lad, the later stuff is a bit more of a problem though.

By waiting for their civilisation to collapse and letting it be replaced by a civilisation that places value on God.

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And I am talking about skinheads in particular. That's what started our interaction so don't pretend to be talking about something else to save face. NA were dogshit but no need to make stuff up.

Should have went more hardcore. We need to be heard.

I also need to pay my mortgage

Why? The first post is about how NA needed a cleaner image, you went on about skinheads. I've not made anything up, I'm pointing out how they needed to clean up.

Their time will come
Homos are just one group of many that are being setup for destruction.

We've put up with almost three years of luggage lad damage control on brit/pol/. It's time you found a better hobby lad.

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Anyone got that pic of the gay choir where most of their members have died from poz?

Love this lad

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what're ye buying?

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Alright lad, you'll hear what you want to hear so let's leave it at that.

I've always gotten away with it but you do you hun xx

*buys it at a high price*

You're the one claiming I was screeching skinheads, what are you on.

San Francisco's finest

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For some reason the media likes to pretend that 'hipster' just means 'young person who isn't a chav or deano' when it comes to issues concerning the far right. I think it's an attempt to emasculate the dissident right and to associate it with the inanity of hipsterdom (literally all of which is leftist).

The Indian woman who became a symbol of Irish abortion rights

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ta' lad

Just seems like a rather odd term to use, there'll be left-wing hipsters out there bitching that their brand is being stolen by literally hitler now.

What a mess.

Presumably she was one of the 0.001% of women seeking an abortion due to rape. Am I right? Even their arguments and their poster children belie the fact that deep down they know what they are doing is evil.

None of these people are dead. What's the story here?

The black suits represent a member of the original choir who has died, mongo.Were you expecting a load of propped up poz husks?

I remember a story about a poo in loo in Ireland that had a baby with a defect that was harmful to its mummy and would cause it to die anyway. I think the mummy died from the complications.

Therefore, abortions on demand for free without question.

Reality just keeps getting stranger.

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All of their arguments amount to less than 1% of all abortions

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it's going to be shiiiit

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All that is left is based norn

Not for long. We keep letting them win.

This is true lad, for once we need to have the initiative and push back

Nah lad that was an NA rally

there's some decent stuff

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We're fast approaching the age of Lucifer.

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Never heard of it tbh, Between the endless pozz and my own life I've stopped paying much attention to videogames.

Only question is how smh

What a time to be alive

Was posted last thread, seems like it'll be good.

Lucifer is the bringer of light lad he's a gud bwoi

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It's been a long time since I've had a reason to post this webm.

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Keep fucking up at work. Need to clear my mind and focus so that my strategy can begin.