Brit/pol/ #2254: Saving Tommy "Yom Kippur" Robinson Edition

Downing Street protest ruined by dafties trying to climb the fence.

Tommy Robinson arrested for 'breaching the peace' outside court during grooming trial

Irish abortion referendum: Exit polls suggest landslide for repeal

UK murder suspect Shane O'Brien added to world's 'most wanted' list

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Good thread 10/10

Takk for den nye tråden, venn.

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never back down tbh


Legendary LEFTIST politician who got ruined by jews after telling the truth about jews
The 2% of jews in the party then fucked his political life up permanently
Norwegian lefties should sit up and take note

Even if you don't like his politics you have to admit that he stands his ground politically


Learn not to talk about da joos?

No. Learn they are backstabbing motherfuckers and will stab both left and right who question their holojokes narrative

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WEW wrong pic

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How does this guy get mad Slav puss?

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I don't think it's a coincidence that this abortion referendum comes st the same time as the Irish government increasing immigration.

He has a big chin

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who tf is that

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Super Sus, he's a Russian urbex thing.


lads is tommy robinstein really going to get rekt in jail?

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If he goes to Jail, then probably yeah


yes. muslim gangs are known for using sugar, oil and boiling water mixture on enemies. they also have imams and group prayers that give them an organizational edge over other gangs.

fun fact Dale Cregan is a part of a gang called the Piranhas that fights muslim gangs.

Do we really think he's a spy when they've been doing everything they can to have him killed for years and years?

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Staged if anything

If he isn't then he as a handler who is

He's already back in. Done and dusted within an hour of being arrested


Yes, Islam basically runs our prison system.

I may not agree with Livingstone but I hold a grudging respect for that grump old curmudgeon.

Inshallah Tommy will convert tbh, Islam is the antithesis to daftyism

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That must be a joke account

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I find that hard to believe at best he's being held before trial.

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death before dishonor is the white gang

Fresh poof perspective on demo

he's right, anything that's seen as too far only serves to alienate

Not true

Where is the orb?

Criminal trials don't have turnarounds this fast. They just don't.

He had an 18 month suspended sentence of which he'd served 3. The judge said he'd breached the conditions and he was taken straight into the courthouse, sentenced and carted off to prison within the hour

He breached the conditions of a suspended sentence according to the judge

Oh I guess that makes sense then.

Tbh, but:

Hes was in custody for breach of the peace then he was seen for breaching his licence conditions by a judge who revoked them

What was the suspended sentence for?

why don't they just gulag us tbh? so sick of playing these normalfag games

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They don't care because they've already won

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Its not a possibility if you aren't a thick dafty cunt I dont think

because it's just easier to keep you demoralised and useless by constantly blackpilling and spamming useless informationlike SA and linkposter do


Frustrating the establishment in their efforts to wipe us out if you don't believe he's being played by the Men In Black

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tbh. I think SA's impotent anger is also meant to make us feel helpless. Think he's a spy, lad?

Every. Single. Time
Calibre of GCHQ agents is grim tbh

itd be pretty cool if we were all in the same gulag.

No. You (((Welshman)))

SA was going on and on about working in the film industry yesterday tbh, big payouts and so forth. alot of the media people are intelligence as well, maybe?



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He seems to be getting less work recently, he never used to stay up till three posting.

Look at the state of them as well
Surprised Ian Levy hasn't hauled your arse over the coals tbh

Would you rather get raped in US prison or murdered by muslims in UK prison?

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Our gulags will be run my Imans lad.

All the mods are spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)


eh idk tbh, I think our gulags would be run by AB lads pretty quick since only white men would be gulaged, might have to worry about spics though. muslims don't last long in north american prisons. the best is the canadian lads band up with wogs to beat up the muslims



What about you kipper?

Do you not have any irrelevant yank twitter links to post?

You're a really crap bully. Did you get your autism bashed in at school?


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Good lad but it's not time for sea cowposting just yet

The police are just an extension of Common Purpose at this point.

Anyone want to become a Jock? Nicola's selling Scotlandships

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This, if your enemy cucks you, you win.

best mummy tbh

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They won't go unless the temperature rises by at least 10 degrees tbh

They've all had common purpose courses. Lot's of articles on the net about it and retired cops are always on the radio complaining about the new crop of officers


*steps towards you*

not quite

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I don't know about that lad

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There are enough of them south of the border, it's not like it's much colder down here.

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someone say thicc mummies?

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