(sac)Attention few Zig Forums users!:Mod is not dead, just derelict in it's duty

I was recently banned for posting a pix of a large negro penis
I did this as a test to see if there was any moderation left here on Zig Forums, as the catalogue has not been cleaned of old posts and has grown to a huge pile of steaming crap

Now, as a former janitor, who had to clean steaming piles of crap for real left by some sick fetish freak beside a toilet, I know what it's like to have to do this odious chore

The Zig Forums mod volunteered to do this metaphorically speaking by becoming a mod, showing the scat loving propensity of every wannabe mod

I knew The Zig Forums mod, being a typical white cuck, would be triggered by huge negro cock.

Any who, it still seems to be around, or some semblance of it

Here is my reply to the ban:wat the fuck

are you supposed to be the mod?
Then do you fucking job and clean the catalogue up
otherwise fuck off and leave us alone you useless person

i shall make a post of this to mock you

better yet, give the job of Zig Forums mod to /killcen/

he will be a complete travesty like Trump, but at least trump, unlike you,(sac) is present(except when he's watching fox news or watching home movies of his daughter)

Now, /killcen/ would make a terrible mod, but like democracy, he's better than all the alternatives

I would never apply for the job, even though i would be the bestest mod ever, as i tried jerking to scat porn for a while and couldn't grow to like it, even though I was pitching

Now. I'm sure the recent mod had just a little to much of a taste of shit as the typical mod is a receiver, and may even have discovered that he doesn't like the taste all the time.

Maybe he is just taking a break brushing his teeth

But we need someone here to take the mouthful

Don't take the job if you truly have no taste for it

I've seen /killcen/ take a lot of shit and come back for more, and he's a great pitcher too boot

He's too shy and paranoid to apply, but Any anons here need to encourage him

he has a few boards, so he knows how to run them, and he's been here longer than anyone
I say
/killcen/ wins by attrition

let's all encourage him (this means you)

and i aint even lyin



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It is quite revealing that of all the trash that gets posted here, a penis triggers a response by a moderator

I've been too busy not losing my limbs on an oil rig and enjoying anime tiddies to deal with you niggers. I just remembered I should probably clean the board a bit before I head back. Just report shit, fags.

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And if Krillcen has the balls to email me and prove he's him over at [email protected] I'll co-vol with him so long as he knows I'll still delete his garbage news.


ok wild catter

there will be blood
if only in yor larping

imageboard user who was also once a custodian cleaning toilets:

I'm impressed by your humble confession

most people would've been
too embarrassed to admit
being an imageboard faggot

the man said he's too paranoid to givr anyone a real email address

Leave this thread up long enough for him to notice it and overcome his derangement that you might be a glownigger

He really thinks like this

You might be the 1st person he's gonna have to trust in yrs

it's too bad the real andy left. he could probably talk killcen into it.

I helped a cousin for 2 yrs cleaning septic tanks
I once sucked a womam's laundry off the line with the very powerful vacuum hose

I quit when I got careless one day and picked the hose up the wrong way and got covered in 5 yrs worth of shit

A pajeet woulda called me an untouchacble,(sAC) AND I felt like one at that moment

well, well, well… that's quaint.

Alternative To Your Shit Chute Tale:

after dating Jill for 8 years, on New Year's Eve of 1992, I somehow managed to end up taking Jill and Debi (the girl from Sweden who I had just started fucking) out on the town.

After hitting the nightclubs and getting drunk as fuck and high as shit, we all three ended up in a suite at the Marriott Lenox, where Jill and Debi both got naked and proceeded to go down on each other while I took turns fucking them.

that entire night was crazy as hell…..

oh yeah, and out of nowhere, Debi suddenly had explosive diarrhea and liquid shit came spraying out all over Jill's chin and chest

that was the last time I fucked Jill.

I married the Swedish girl.

there was a time when some of us had theorized that you might be the mod

you're in Canada, aren't you?

do they call trailers 'caravans' there like they do in England? I thought septic tanks were usually associated with trailers.

So, if Killcen became the mod, he would only have himself to moderate?

At this point, I think he's the only one here anymore

Did you stick your tongue out to catch any spray?

20 yrs ago, 60 klicks nort of Toronto in the small city of Barrie, on the sunny shores of lake Simcoe(haha..heee, it's 20 miles across and that's considered a small lake here) was just getting sewers installed

with 100 k people at the time, good money good be made for someone willing to get shit stained cleaning septic tanks

My cousin made about 150 k a yr in US after expenses

He would illegally dump at least 1/2 his tanker of shit without paying dumping fees in undeveloped areas(a lot of septic tank suckers did this)

He had enough money to afford an almost yacht which I would go out on and sleep and have sex with friends his wife invited for the weekend, including her when he went gto pick up supplies

He sold his big truck after 6 yrs and kept the portapotty little sucker for another 2 yrs

He made a fuck load of money the time the pope visited Barrie renting out toilets and cleaning them

He made enough to buy a house in Toronto….thats a lot

(sac) of old shit here

I don't know who you are

You sound like you want us to think you're Andy, but the scenarios are so fucked up

As for /killcen/, the mod is serious

he gave an email account to contact him

use a throw away account, /killcen/

I've been using a throw away phone # to create a telegram account

A lot of useeful stuff posted on telegram, like pirated mvie links that would be deleted in 1 hr on reddit, or 10 min on youtube

The vacuums used to clean septic anks are the same ones to clean storm drains

stick your arm in there and it might come off

a truck like my cousin's

jesus, he couldn't resist anchoring it for a little while

a mod is neccessarry for one reason only, to keep the cay=talgue clean

i kept my typing unedited to show whats its like before i clean it up

the mod aint interested in a dying board

so little attention for him

killcen will be a more responsible anchorman

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i VOTE FOR /killcen/
I voted for Trump and that turned out ok