Brit/pol/ #2255: Triggered Snowflakes Edition

Tommy Robinson arrested for 'breaching the peace' outside court during grooming trial

Irish abortion referendum: Exit polls suggest landslide for repeal

UK murder suspect Shane O'Brien added to world's 'most wanted' list

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good lad

kind of surprised and happy tbh

Fuckin BASED

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Good lad.

Well all that'd need is to be corrected, MSM misreport things all the Why did they fucking hunt her for a simple error.

We need to get together and kill some grey squirrels within our lawful rights and restrictions

EMERGENCY: Tommy Robinson Arrested And Jailed For Exposing Muslim Grooming Gangs

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Ex police officer from the English Democrats on Tommy's arrest
He doesn't like Tommy but has respect for him

I literally just had that argument from my mum. Obviously I responded 'BUT IT'S NOT HER BODY'. How fucking difficult is that to understand? It's factually, and literally not her fucking body. She's not having a part of her body removed, she's having a separate being that she's decided to create killed. Normies are just husks with jewish memmies echoing around them.

My mum also gave me the medical safety and victims of rape bullshit. When I told her that crowds of people were out celebrating in Ireland, when she bothered to acknowledge I even said it - her response was 'I don't think they are'. This bitch got a 2.1 from a good university when only about 3% of people went to university. I consider maybe about 1% of people to be properly human smh. The hyper majority are like babies.

any shirt ripping?

By making sure we're the dictators

Internet marketing on chans and other places tried to paint it as being not about muh girl power but it is. Even Redshitmedia said it wasn't. Fucking shills. Lad why are you watching it? It made me mad just because of how unrewarding finishing it felt. It's also retarded. I think there are actually two kind of cool visuals though, but it's not worth it.

You lads watching the game? Hoping Salah absolutely belts it into the back of the net and then comes home to bang my gf haha bants

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Two dictators?

good lad

thoughts on these guys?

Someone put it on, I didn't want to watch it


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5 and a one party state beneath them.

Who's bullying you, lad?

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I am tbh

No one lad smh
Jesus this is awful

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She also gets blacked multiple times

You don't need to be wholly for or against abortion, its not a dichotomy

I guess it was all that Israeli conscript training kicking in.

Not daft
It's a good video to listen to as he gives opinions on what works against the establishment. He's a smarter Joe

*bans antisemites from the movement*

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I saw that coming a mile off as soon as she was speaking to that nigger in the first couple minutes

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I got to this point with my mum and told her that rape victims represent a tiny, but much propagandised proportion of abortions. Her response was 'but it's the principle'. So in her deranged normie-cunt brain, the principle of selfish and feckless female evil supersedes the principle of self-control and responsibility. I hate them all so much tbh. Really didn't need this discussion on a saturday night. Feel so removed from my family (and all normies) right now.

Close your browser and fuck off then you muppet

I'm in favour of controlling womens access to purely medical or moral reasons.

You just need some based tradesmen in your life.

They probably still think it should be legal, lad. They just think people should have more responsibility. I may be wrong; but I do know normies.

This tbh

He was a member of UKIP when he left the police and stood for them gives similar advice to Joe

perspective is an illusion lad

Can't we just settle on a really low term limit for abortions, something like legal for first 2 months of pregnancy only, and a limit of one or two per woman?

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Zig Forums - Contrarianism, Aloofness, and Irony

It'd end 96% of abortions instantly.

I love it, now fuck off to where ever you've come from.

Moaning, whinging and antisocial behaviour

I meant the party, but he is a good lad

How about no unless there is a medical or moral reason.

Yes that's how it works

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Think I'm done with this save for now tbh

Yes, welcome and enjoy your stay.

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2 weeks to take an emergency contraceptive

With the above, yes

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He can't do that anymore.

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That sounds reasonable, i think it's hard to know whether you're pregnant before 2 weeks though, I'd allow a month.

Anime tiddy spam is now protected by the constitution

What did they mean by this.

People were so salty about getting blocked by him that they got the federal court ban him from doing that.

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From the normie perspective (even the """good"" normie - who thinks abortion is feckless) abortion must be allowed in all cases (and actually state funded) because about 0.001% of women who wish for abortions were raped. So long as abortion is available, then personal responsibility is diminished on a mass scale (as it has been by every jew memi that's popped up in the post war epoch).

Neetdom beckons Donalb


tbh legalising it for things like rape would just cause more and more fake rape claims so they can get rid of their mistake.

I convert to or play as a Muslim every time in that game tbh,it's just so much easier with open succession and the invasion cb and you can't really abuse catholic until you get to empire.

Maybe so lad

No, you're just polarising the issue


I do, lad.

Yes, and you're just being a faggot.

They'll just buy the stuff online if it's illegal though
If they want to do it they will and can


It's South Yorkshire. What do you expect's_Republic_of_South_Yorkshire

Then you put them on trial for lying.

You can use that same argument for dropping all drug legislation.

We could make unborn children legal "persons". Then if they do it anyway they will be facing a murder charge.

Yes, and it would be entirely valid

lads britain is finished why don't our people fight back?

*spends entire day on imageboard*

So what about downies

they are all quintessentially British traits lad.

might get some sweets

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maybe in specific cases, who knows. But yeah that's how pretty much me and my brother framed it an they agreed. Not that we yielded to abortion on any level, just that not fucking is a good way to avoid having unwanted babies.

Did you know girls now get shit implanted in their bodies that makes them unable to get pregnant for months or years? Obviously they can be removed, but still, what the fuck

Life is sacred.

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I don't think you can purchase abortion equipment off the internet tbh.

*grabs AR-15 and uses my constitutional right to form a militia to overthrow the government*

wait no hang on

No it wouldn't, it's a materialistic and economic argument that doesn't address the issue of social decay and immorality it just makes a profit off it.

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no coop near me thinking about going lidl for these bad boys

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Even foreigners?


Life is sacred

*posts rage-inducing image*

lads look at how fucked everything is if only the rest of our people were like us then britain would be saved



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You're a clever lad, lad


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Best ban alcohol too then aye

You can buy abortificent drugs online mate, don't need equipment at any rate
They did abortions since Jesus was around and before

Tommy Robinson supporter empties can of Stella on top of Downing Street gates
People won't take it anymore. This is only going to get bigger and bigger
The establishment are fucked. People are sick of the lies, the Iraq war protest failed but people don't forget
The old days are over. The way the establishment think they can still run things is over

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Yeah I did know that.

I like that you stand by that, I'd back you

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in conclusion this place is unhealthy and benefits neither anyone here nor britain ok thankyou

We have in the past when people were getting so drunk on gin that mothers were dropping their own babies. We still regulate alcohol and fags through tax. And self destructive degerate behaviors is different from killing a child because you didn't us a contraceptive, practice safe sex, or get yourself fucking sterilised.