Brit/pol/ #2256: Subaqueous Mammalian Esotericism Edition

Tommy Robinson arrested for 'breaching the peace' outside court during grooming trial

Irish abortion referendum: Exit polls suggest landslide for repeal

UK murder suspect Shane O'Brien added to world's 'most wanted' list

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Zig Forums Renaissance
Chodemonkey is going to strip Imkikey of his BO status.

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Those are women. You can tell cause the outfits don't look like shit.

Fucking finally.

Is that you, the real Westie?

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kek'd tbh

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Should I buy this, lads?

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Give me more lyrics for the doggoman ode, lad.

No, buy individual parts and build your own desktop
Okay, just don't buy the one you posted

They're not all Zionists. I'd rather Conservative Zionist Jews than Liberal Globalists.

Now that would be proper hunting.


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Thanks lad

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When the moon shines bright on the eye of the owl
The Doggoman rises and through the streets prowls

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Good lad.

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Lad that one on the right is blatantly a man


Thanks lad

>>>Zig Forums11617153


Spent a lot of time looking at this image, my conclusion, brown bear standing up in front of a split tree stump causing the illusion of spooky ears.

nice lad get some seal noise in the mix

We got raided earlier.

Your poetry is actually really good lad, are you taking it from somewhere else?

It's Tomomi Nakamura (Pirates designer), Midori Fukasawa (model), Masumi Kano (Baby designer). All women. Here's another pic of the one on the right.

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It was fun, we used to get raided all the time on 4chan.

Looking at the threads lad, yeah. Seems pretty ebin.

No lad the doggoman is my muse

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isn't he… the admin of the sight.. rofl

Out in the woods while the whole town sleeps.
Swiftly and silently the doggoman creeps.
When the moon shines bright on the eye of the owl
The Doggoman rises and through the streets prowls

Goodlad recorded some guitar tracks into my desktop mic the other day we can make the first song of Pissing Kidney Stones.

Actually I think you didn't add the 'ly' to those adverbs.

leftypol maybe I don't know why they try to take our esoteric localism and trap treatment board from us.

I didnt even notice tbh.

he banned him and filtered nigger to codemonkey

Comfy lad

kek, the state of it.

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Zig Forums is long lost

It was like 4 guys that obviously had some grasp of board culture.

this is an actual tune

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Top fucking lel

Any chan should accept that Zig Forums will always be their most active board and shouldn't allow it to be self moderated. Chans pretty much only exist to accommodate "politically incorrect" boards. You don't need a chan to talk about anime ffs, you can do that on a subreddit.

Smh, they didn't cover much at all in that time

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Was going to post some whale noises to throw in too but they just make it spooky rather than comfy smh

I long to be as comfy as that dogger tbh

Probably just newbrit being passive aggressive tbh.

I only had that on in the background but tbh I didn't find it engaging and didn't really listen.

pretty sure it was just the bongo cabal lad, I haven't seen a red flag with a white squiggle on it all day

It's a bold strategy. If only I actually cared about the future of Zig Forums at this point.

iktf. smh

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Big disappointment tbh

tfw you will never be a comfy doggo

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Those sea cows we hunted to extinction were big. No fear of humans apparently, used to just swim right up to the whaling boats

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Doggies are so cute, I need one smh

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Yeah tbh, I don't know if it was just built up too much but it wasn't exactly riveting was it. Doesn't detract from anything else he's done though.

kek. Good pic lad.

Yeah in the first few years they are right needy cunts tbh, and if you haven't got the time for that you shouldn't get one imo.

What doggos you got lad?

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sorry if you’re beyond caring about Zig Forums at this point but I find this fucking hilarious

>>>Zig Forums11619003


top kek lad

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Lmao, they think we're raiding them. I can't take this. Zig Forums are literally retarded, they see Trump sucking Jew dick and think it's all chess but straightaway jump to the conclusion they're being raided by Zig Forums after one post

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Patterdale terrier lad, fucking top dogs. I like BIG' dogs too but don't fall for the memmies, little dogs can be top quality though she's a bit of a weird cunt but definitely got a personality
Once you're past the hyper stage after a few years and they get into a routine they aren't such a pain in the arse and you can just enjoy having a comfy doggo to walk with.

Get medium sized doggos tbh, best doggos

Banned from Zig Forums, i didn't even do anything.

kek, turns out it was us all along lads.

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miss me, lads?

I got banned too, I (you)'d helmer with blumpfposting

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kek, i tried to (You) you and show my support. Zig Forums is an American board i suppose. smh, smh.


lads did joe blow up some buildings with RDX to save TOMMY TOMMY TOMMY, TOMMY TOMMY RUBENSTEIN yet?

It's such a good shop.

In general I don't discriminate with my doggos unless they're dysgenic as fuck, in which case those traits need to either be bred out of them or let the fuckers go extinct.

They're so full of shit and you know they don't even believe it themselves.

Good lads. Though it's a shame these mongs seem determined to kill Zig Forums as a platform altogether what can you do but laugh.

One of the more effective anti-drumpf memi, i keke hard every time it's posted.

We'll still be here if Zig Forums emigrates right? Where would Zig Forums even go though? Is there some spooky chan that we don't know about for them to fertilise with their seed?

That's the thing I don't think there's anywhere better, and there's the matter of trust with all those IP's and general info. Be hard to find a replacement.

Night lads. Tomorrow will be a better day.

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it's that equalizer theme time of night

Night lad

Anyone still getting cosy lightning?
its ogre



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tf is going on rn lads?

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codemonkey just seized Zig Forums

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Zig Forums is shite though

why did you post gore also lad?

it's not even gore, it just makes me laugh

where was that tbh?

Also chodemonkey's trip was cracked by an user in /tv/

idk probably india

gg no re

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pretty sure they are working at SPLC or something, would not doubt that most Zig Forums mods are intelligence types

why is it funny because some mentalist got died lad?