Massive Internet 'Glitch' Proves All IoT 'Smart' Appliances Vulnerable Disabling Digital Locks, AC

If you’re a Google user, you probably noticed some trouble last night when trying to access Google-owned services. Last night, Google reported several issues with its Cloud Platform, which made several Google sites slow or inoperable. Because of this, many of Google’s sites and services–including Gmail, G Suite, and YouTube–were slow or completely down for users in the U.S. and Europe.

However, the Google Cloud outage also affected third-party apps and services that use Google Cloud space for hosting. Affected third-party apps and services include Discord, Snapchat, and even Apple’s iCloud services.

But an especially annoying side effect of Google Cloud’s downtime was that Nest-branded smart home products for some users just failed to work. According to reports from Twitter, many people were unable to use their Nest thermostats, Nest smart locks, and Nest cameras during the downtime. This essentially meant that because of a cloud storage outage, people were prevented from getting inside their homes, using their AC, and monitoring their babies.

So we finally get AC, right? Great.

Google is down. We have a Nest thermostat. Nest runs on Google. Can’t turn on AC because app is down.

— Danny (@jDantastic) June 2, 2019

@googlenest It’s very inconvenient when the system is down. Especially if you use Nest Cameras for baby monitors. Is the outage expected to end soon? Sometimes I wish I just got simple baby monitors instead of paying a premium price and a monthly fee for an inconsistent service.

— Chris Weix (@thebigwax) June 2, 2019

Google cloud is down so people can't turn on their AC or get open their "smart" locks to let people into the house etc.

— zeynep tufekci (@zeynep) June 2, 2019

Well what did these mindless consumers expect when their new utilities rely on online access to function!? Stupid!

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Hahahahaha! And these kinds of people would love to call me a paranoid kook! HAHAHAHAHA! I am so glad that I'm a paranoid old kook because my older "outdated" utilities were working JUST FINE!! And no AC? Boooooo hooo! I have older AC units and fans, I don't even need central AC or heat. For heat I have an old wood burning stove! And no its not internet connected, all it needs is some wood.

What a faggot boomer. You'd think wood just grows on trees or something?!?

all this smart stuff is designed for "useless eaters". this is why it being made mandatory in the 3rd world.

Lol. I actually invested in a couple acres with someone I know out here in God's country, the acres being full of trees. So what me and my buddy do every other year is we get a couple of our friends, drive out there with chainsaws, latters, rope, wincher (the whole works) and cut large branches down and cut the wood into logs. Then we split the logs between ourselves and haul them back to our own properties to last the next couple winters. Its dirt cheap and we don't need to bother anyone, totally self-sufficient. Only problem is I'm getting too old to climb the trees, so I have my buddy cut the branches as I help guide them down with rope, and then we cut them into logs.

Good on you for living off grid to some extent.

I've been prepping since Y2K, it took me many years to become more self-sufficient, there are investments you must make, it takes time and work, and dedication. Anyone can do it, but its a process and you have to learn from experience and often help from others too. The mindless consumerism is something you have to do away with. Its not luxury living, but it is worth it.

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Hurry and Spread the word Now. THIS IS URGENT!!!!! Shit Shit Shit

kidnap a few dozen children and train them to be your new off-grid cult so they can take over when you die.

I don't do crazy shit like that user. I may seem crazy to you, but I'm not a bad person. However, I do have some friends who are like-minded and in the event when SHTF, we will do what we need to to protect ourselves, families and properties by any means necessary.

Mindless consumers BTFO, again.

ANYBODY who has their house connected to the interwebs deserves anything that happens to them. Especially if it is slow and painful.

The good thing is many people are waking up to this. There have been stories out there of people complaining about it and have stopped using this 'smart' crapola. Sometimes it takes hacking, glitches, malfunctioning, data leaking, whatever to wake people up to these insecurities. Normfags only learn when they start to feel pain or heartaches, only then will they take a look into the probable cause.

You don't need an app for this.

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The primary purpose of this technology is to harass and disable valuable people.


Just smoke some hashes, bro.

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Are those frenchie numbers on that thermostat? It's hard to read through all my freedom.

The highest number on that thermostat is below freezing. Brrrrrrr!

anti-slide 6

The tyrell 5000 is going to be standing in your kitchen eating your boomerprepper hickory baked beans wondering if his bluetooth door unlock app had spyware in it. Dont worry though, they dont kill white girls. Not right away at least.

tfw most NPCs nowadays cannot survive off the grid.

I don't know what NPC stands for but if its someone who relies on those digitized "smart" gadgets then you are very likely correct, they wouldn't be able to handle the work and dedication it takes to be self-sufficient. I'm not even 100% off-grid, I just don't rely on any central heat or AC. I couldn't imagine being 100% off-grid, it would be a lot more tough than what I do now to get by.

actual news

Just because yi are a paranoid kook,(sac) don't mean they arent out to get cha

It's tabletop RPG lingo for a character who isn't controlled by a player of the game. As this glossary entry says, a PC can become an NPC if he falls under the influence of a charm spell or potion or other similar effect (vampires, etc.)

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You know how they say. "S" in "IoT" stands for "security".
< gosh golly, network sneezed, now we can't flush our internet toilets
In the end, the security breach #1 proved to be same old: PEBCAK. It facilitates half of the rest.

Beautiful poetry. Post more bugmen outbursts

I've always been told by a hacker "nothing you connect to the internet is secure, if you want it secure it must not have capability to access the internet." I sincerely believe him.

Good news, but NPC consumers will still praising IoT and jewgle

legit news

Whatever happened to Keep It Simple, Stupid?

It has nothing to do with snake oil or being an npc. The lack of security in iot (many engineers call it the “Internet of shiT”) is due to a combination of side effects of licensing sketchy third world closed source drivers, general lack of understanding of TCP/IP, the breakneck pace of OS revision, and a trend in manufacturing to “rent” products to consumers for long term revenue. If your thermostat gets a new software upgrade six times a year you can justify charging for it over and over, even tho the task of heating a home has gone through like, two major innovations in 200 years.

You really don’t need an app for it, but it would be possible to design an app that enhances its functionality AND allows you to turn on the AC with your finger when it’s too hot.

In the meantime you can buy a $40 router with a firewall on it and put all your trashy chinese lightbulbs and thermostats and speakers on that network, and keep your PC on another segment that doesn’t allow forwarded traffic from your iot segment. Or use the guest network built into most routers. This keeps out the majority of attackers, but soho equipment is only so secure. If you want enterprise level security you should learn ios and get something better than you can find at Best Buy.

I'll stick to my old Jenn-aire coil-top stove for cooking, my regular offline microwave oven, my wood burning stove for winter, fans and mini-window AC units for summer! And I'll stick to my WIRED ethernet modem on my WIRED laptop that had the bluetooth/wifi/camera/mic physically removed. And I'll stick to my regular offline toilet, and regular offline shower, and my offline razor blade which I use to shave, and my regular non-electric toothbrush, and when I need entertainment my regular offline TV set with my regular offline DVD/VHS player, my regular offline stereo set and record player and my regular bottles of premium scotch whiskey!


Security is a matter of degrees, always less or more, but never absolute, yeah. OTOH, if your computer is an 80's thing that has no writable firmware and not even a HDD, then there's very little any hacker can do since your system effectively goes back to factory defaults the next time you power-cycle it. And that's one of the reasons I consider those old Amiga and Atari ST (which used the Motorolla 680x0 CPU) to be the last real computers. But by the mid-90's those went bye-bye, and the x86 CPUs and other hardware started getting more complicated, and the user lost control over it. The 80386SL that were sold on laptop models in the early 90's already had some power management stuff that wasn't accessible to the user, because it ran at a higher priority than ring 0. That eventually made its way into the 486, and it just got worse from there (and a lot more buggy too). Also peripherals started shipping with updatable firmware instead of having their code in ROM.
But the 80's systems are really safe, and especially the 8-bit micros have been fully reverse engineeerd to the point where all the undocumented opcodes have been well-known for a long time. Well they're quite simple, so there isn't much that can be hidden in there for long.

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what an absolute weak cunt, as long as the place is half insulated it's comfy as fuck if you ain't a pussy

I don't need to use the small AC unit all the time, nor would I want to. Its good to have a small AC unit you can install on your window if it gets extremely hot out, like 100 degrees. Otherwise a couple of fans will do just fine. And winter, same thing but the opposite, only need to use the wood burning stove to keep things above freezing level (so the pipes don't freeze up because then your asking for trouble!)

Having a small AC in case of emergency, like a heat breakout, is not such a bad idea. You don't need to use it all the time, but if it gets past 100 degrees out you are going to be fucking miserable without it. That said, if it gets too hot out for my old body to handle, I'll use it every now and then. Nothing wrong with that. Otherwise use an electric fan to cool off.

If you don't have heat for winter, just make sure you have some way to keep your pipes from freezing up and bursting. This can happen in extremely cold temperatures, and then you risk major leaks and possible foundational damage too. And dealing with that yourself SUCKS ASS, trust me.

If you ever leave the house or have company it really helps your social life to not reek like the primate exhibit at the zoo.

If more people would learn the basic concepts of pid control and watch a few minutes of “how to arduino” and understand a thermostats basic functions then a WiFi thermostat that knows about weekends would not seem like technological wizardry to consumers and you wouldn’t have to choose between a $1000 smart thermostat from carrier and a $20 smart thermostat from China that spies on you.

being so useless you cant remove your AC control board and jump the thermostat wires…. not having a backup window open with a solid core door and interior door lock to that room… being so lazy you dont just check on your kid every 10 mins or so…. this is the future we live in… im a millennial… people are fucking useless.

They'll just send death squads after you.

Automation is great but only when it's onsite and you have redundancy. Dumb fucks aren't paying for business service so they deserve everything they get.

Please don't buy Cisco.

ANYTHING 'smart' or IoT is going to spy on you… regardless if you purchase Made-In-The-USA or Made-In-China. All this Internet of Shit is garbage!

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More Fake Bunker News



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Obvious end result is obvious.

Modern computer code barely works, it’s far too complex for the human brain, all of it is full of bugs, and it’s completely unreliable.
Virtually no one on Earth is capable of writing code without fundamental flaws in it. I’m talking a handful, like 5 to 12 people on the entire planet who are actually capable of writing complex code without bugs or security flaws. Anyone relying on this shit to run their life, especially in vital areas such as security, is a moron.

That OS looks cool as fuck. Can it even go online though?

It feels so good to have none of that shit. People wonder why I don't have any of these things even though I'm really computer savvy, but they can never get the clue that the reason I don't use any of the botnet services is precisely because I am computer savvy.

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i'm hooked on eating shit

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Do like Andy, just-kiss-it, fuck off for good

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It depends on what you call "online". It has of course the typical modem/serial terminal programs, like every other computer did. With that you can dial into or directly connect over serial cable to a Unix shell, and do internet stuff like in the old days, with text-based programs such as Lynx, Pine, ircII, and so on. And you can transfer files that way too, between the Unix shell and your computer.
There's also a couple TCP/IP stack implementations for the Amiga, but I think you might need a newer version of the OS (like 2.1 maybe) in order to use those. And then you can use a graphical web browser or any kind of Internet clients, provided you have anough memory and disk space. A typical 1-meg Amiga 500 with two floppy drives probably won't cut it. But upgrade the OS (which also requires upgrading the Kickstart ROMs, but this is quite easy as they're socketted), and add HDD and 8 megs of extra RAM, and you should be able to do basic web browsing. Firefox and Chrome are right out, of course, but you don't even need those to post here (even Lynx is enough).
Actually even a Commodore 64 can do Internet stuff by itself, but there the memory is really tight and probably a lot of HTML documents won't even fit. This page (782478.html) is currently 86 KB, and that's more than the computer has to begin with.

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anti-slide 431524151232341

systemd happened

Great time to ask this, because I'm not all that tech-savvy. What is systemd exactly and when/why/how did they implement it in the first place?


On *nix systems, the first process the kernel spawns in called "init", with PID (process id) 1. It used to be a very small and simple thing, and still is on OpenBSD and NetBSD (pic-related). As you can see, the executable is only 32024 bytes in size, and dynamically linked to a few libraries. So there's very little code, and therefore there can't be many bugs in such a small program, much less deliberate backdoors. And that code is very stable, it has no need to be constantly updated, because it does the same thing that it always has: run the /etc/rc shell script that spawns other processes based on how the sysadmin has configured it. And it's flexible, so you can basically start any other process you want this way.
Systemd is Red Hat's answer to init. It's millions of lines of code, and does all kinds of stuff besides simply executing a shell script and starting processes. It definitely has serious bugs, but the developer often denies them and classifies bugs reports as "not a bug". There could very well be exploitable bugs or even backdoors in there, since the codebase is so huge, and it's rapidly changing, that nobody will ever audit it properly.
When I got my ARM SBC, I put Armbian on it, because I wanted to test the board before moving to NetBSD. I wasn't planning to keep Armbian, but in the < 2 months it was installed, I got hit by a major Systemd bug. One day I did an "apt-get update; apt-get upgrade" (which upgraded a ton of stuff, including systemd-related packages), and when I rebooted some time later, a bunch of daemons (including sshd) weren't starting anymore. Well since Armbian doesn't have the manpower to fix that, they wrote on their forum that it was up to their upstream (Ubuntu) to fix it, but those guys didn't do it quick because they don't really care about ARM very much. I guess they eventually got around to it, but I had already moved on by then.
So anyway, that's Systemd: a buggy, bloated POS that didn't need to exist but that got shoved into every major Linux distro, except Gentoo and Slackware which aren't noobie-friendly. So that's how they pozzed Linux, basically. I mean besides the part where Linus signed the CoC and welcomed the SJW and their cianigger handlers.

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Besides that you have the pride in doing things yourself.


it took the skilled guys at devuan two effin years to disentangle debian from that dumpster fire. fucking redhat cianiggers.

Thanks for telling me about that. I notice when I used Windows XP & Vista there seems to be a bunch of nefarious PID running in the background so I use sys admin tools to track down exactly what these processes and their TID (threads) are doing and a lot of them are related to complete bloatware crap I end up wiping off the system and removing their junk registries with regedit. Then suddenly - as if magic - my system runs A LOT faster and even boots up faster too.

Its as if programmers are being hired by Silicon Valley these days to deliberately infiltrate projects and bloat every OS they can with nefarious unnecessary codes and processes just so they can covertly spy on us and siphon as much of our data as possible. When will there be tools for Linux to start de-bloating the alternatives?

I use Devuan, my first distro was Debian

Never that's the goal, make distro dependent of this shit

Well now that all the mainstream Linux distros have systemd and CoC policies, why not create tools to remove all the garbage bloatware and unnecessary codes like we have to do with Windows?

lmao, you are funny

this is what you plebs get for trusting Big Tech spy shit