Brit/pol/ #2257: Based Thor Edition

British victim of London Bridge terror attack is denied memorial

Mother of all thunderstorms’ hits Britain as lightning strikes ‘15,000 to 20,000 times’

Theresa May swerves call from senior Tory women to defy the DUP and liberalise abortion law in Northern Ireland as she congratulates Irish people on landslide support for reform

UK arms sales to Israel hit peak, as Prince William plans visit to Jerusalem

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Good lad

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I would do deviant thinks to Oakeshott.

Would you force her to carry your child?


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I'd hope every building in the street had one installed in protest

*down votes*

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Probably yeah.

I'd grab those curls like a set of reins and ride her arsehole to victory in the 3.25 at Doncaster tbh

This. They should put up plaques affirming their support for the islamic community who are the real victims of terrorism.

A plaque would do sweet fuck all considering London is fast becoming a shithole anyway.


first for improper use of a public electronic communications network

I love her tbh

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Get your own milfs.

I love her lads. I really do

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They should have a lifesize statue of that dude who scrapped with the durkas and used Millwall as a battlecry

American mummys look like dried out rubbery baseball mitts lad. Let him look at ours smh

*convicts you of a crime because you used a communications system intending to offend people*

Everything we do on Zig Forums qualifies.

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What's going on, big guy?

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just take it off

Hate facts are now officially banned.

but then everyone will see my moobs


>it's ok when the (((BBC))) does it.

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sexist much?!

Guys why is the sun so bright
Going outside was seriously a mistake, I knew it

*lurks twitter looking for antifags to report to Old Bill*

our mummies look fine u cunt

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its so hot here rn that there is "extra ozone" or some shite


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Take it off anyway mate. The embarrassment will drive you on to self-improvement.

why do they do this smdh?

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hang on, hang on, just what exactly did Elon Musk mean by this?


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at least cindy is a proper mummy

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she was a perfect lass but then she ruined her face completely

sounds a bit anti-semitic tbh

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I want to see it try jump high

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I remember reading an article where a 50 something megathot didn't know what aging gracefully was. She though it was some miracle material way of getting older but still looking young through fashion or makeup or something. It was hilarious but also really sad.

smdh why are british mummies so much better than shart mummies?

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They're just good examples, alot of our women were ruined over the decades by modernity.

True that
Hope you lads know a good brief

being young is a bit of a mene because you just take it for granted when you are young, its sad beause without transcendent religion ALL women have is being young

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tbh in sharticart land a young lass is a 7/10 just by virtue of not being fat. its so fucked here, even fat short stumpy slags think they are some kind of kardashian thot but giant baboon bums don't look good past age 25-30/35

aw. Poor lad

everything is shartica is fat smdh

the thicc memi has poisoned society

I reckin they could easily have a secular matriarchal status among women in raising them and preparing them not to be such cunts more feminine and just be better domestically but feminism killed that idea.


How so, lad?

thicc is just the new curvy

by encouraging people to obsess over fatties

yeah the victorian era mummies ran the interior part of society and helped make marriages happen but that was "oppression". anybody who seriously studies history knows that western women always had huge amounts of informal powers. the medshits even used to mock northerners about it like in aristotle when he says the celts were blood thirsty because they were ruled by their women


So are they or I misunderstanding what thicc means? I thought it just meant attractive plump shapely lasses

it makes ugly people think they are attractive. the maximum level of thicc is 1960s era marilyn monroe tier lasses anything else is just being fat. tall and slim women are better tbh

Grim lad but I live in London so everything mirrors a Yank city quite closely accept we trade Mexicans for ME and Indian sub continent migrants. The best looking women are always eastern European and any native white girl either looks at you with disdain or are overweight and aggressively friendly.

thicc just means fat for normie society really


Imagine being this pussy whipped

tbh the only yummy English ones are the middle-class commuters who come in from the home counties in the morning.

cats are shite

I should add I don't touch anything outside of Europe as a rule, plus most of them don't date outside their communities (unless it's a wog).

take it with a grain of salt because it was some C*lts cannot compete tier shite where they talk about med muh dik, meanwhile their entire military reform system was trying to catch up with "barbarians" and all their nobles kept celtic bodyguards and celtic mercs spread blue eyes and blond hair into northern india

eating bear smh

Every thot here that's 6/10 up thinks the ground they walk on should be kissed. They all have this idiotic kind of Sex in the Cityesk idea in their heads when what they're actually doing is paying huge amount of rent to work min wage jobs in bars after leaving university while hoping a proper job will come along.

a few wrinkles looks way better on a woman rather than paralysed skin and inflated lips

That makes sense.

I see a lot of EE girls hanging around with wogs. I have no idea why. Maybe they are just dead inside and have no shame, or daddy issues.

yeah I hate how fat our women have become, there are still some really good looking unhyphenated american lasses where I live though but they are almost all massive thots and the good ones have a train of men lining up to marry them.

looks like a female bogdanoff

I know that feel lad

Na it's because before the wall came down and even now wogs were none existent, so they're seen as exotic. I know one woman that married a Tanzanian and has now taking the half castes back to Latvia.

bit untrue
Athenians wouldn't be able to understand a system where the wife of a King/Chieftain still commanded the respect that was due someone in that station even when the kings dead
Celts weren't ruled by their women just had less of a patriarchal society due in fact that their clan based system put more emphasis on the coherence of the family unit working together

smdh this is the same overhere, every lass i have sort of courted in the last 4 years is always like one month-4 months from moving to LA or NYC to "get into movie production" or some shite. its so emotionally draining when they act interested in you as well

disgusting I hope they hammer smashed by bydlos

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that makes sense tbh, alot of the written medshite stuff is garbage, especially polybius and his homosex projections

This tbh. Every woman thinks she's Sarah Jessica Parker composing a super urbane and witty piece for vogue about love and relationships but they're actually just gutter whore fuck pigs.

A few years back I had a sudden urge to go to Hungary for a few weeks on the pull hoping I'd find a decent woman. Never bothered in the end.


hopefully the village burns the wogs to death and she becomes the sad old village bicycle living in an old shack on the outskirts
the men pay in zloty to use her snatch

Tacitus says being ruled by a woman is worse then slavery

Is the midwest an economic dead zone or is this just women getting stars in their eyes? Or is it both?

smdh this, I am so fucking sick of it as well. women aren't even fun anymore. my boss is this 51 year old mummy and she is 10x more exciting than young lasses because she isn't a phone zombie and has hobbies with her family. smdh, this time period is shite

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hoping for the perfect man to come along as a 6/10 to free them into a sex in the city lifestyle, when they wake up at 35+ with only a cat to lick her out.