Google Chrome to Block Ad Blockers

Google is straight up killing 3rd party ad blockers with Manifest V3 due in October. 3rd party ad blockers will no longer be able to access the webRequest API. This effectively is stopping over 2 billion free Chrome users from being able to block ads at all. uBlock, Ad Block Plus, Privacy Badger etc, will be completely ineffective without a paid enterprise level subscription to Chrome.

The implementation of the new rules would effectively negate extensions such as uBlock Origin and the Electronic Frontier Foundation's Privacy Badger, both of which use the webRequest API to block ads and other content before it even reaches the browser. Google wants extensions to instead use a different API called declarativeNetRequest, which lets Chrome decide whether to block content based on a set of up to 30,000 rules.

Is it all about the money?

Google's argument is that the extensions using the webRequest API slow performance because the browser has to wait for the extensions to decide whether to display content. declarativeNetRequest is arguably faster because the browser can start loading content while it decides what to block.
"Currently, with the webRequest permission, an extension can delay a request for an arbitrary amount of time, since Chrome needs to wait for the result from the extension in order to continue processing the request," states Google's current draft of Manifest V3. "This can have a significant effect on every single network request."

One of the best-known ad blockers, AdBlock Plus, already use rules to block ads and should have little trouble adjusting to declarativeNetRequest. But AdBlock Plus is widely seen as less effective than some other ad blockers. So is Chrome's built-in ad blocker, which blocks only ads that Google finds too obtrusive or annoying.
Is it all about the money?

Raymond Hill, developer of uBlock Origin, argues that Google, a dominant player in the online ad market, is making this change so that more ads show up in Chrome.

"Google strategy has been to find the optimal point between the two goals of growing the user base of Google Chrome and preventing content blockers from harming its business,"
"The blocking ability of the webRequest API caused Google to yield control of content blocking to content blockers. Now that Google Chrome is the dominant browser, it is in a better position to shift the optimal point between the two goals which benefits Google's primary business.

Eva Galperin, director of cybersecurity at the EFF, summed of the feelings of many Twitter users following this news: "This is a really disappointing decision by Google. I will be switching to Firefox.",news-30206.html

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The cynical side of me says that they've probably weighed the risks and the benefits and they know that the vast amount of users will just go 'huh, okay'. The number of people I see commenting about ads tells me that a lot of people don't use ad blockers at all.

Oh, what a shocker. But I don't use that botnet browser anyway, no one should.

Honestly sticking to hardened Noscript policies (such as blocking global scripts, blocking Javascript/Flash/Silverlight and removing all the whitelisted junk urls) makes any ads that could pop up obsolete and blocks them in entirety. You'll need to temporarily allow a couple scripts to run once in a while depending what sites you are currently visiting, but you can always re-block those after you are done using said sites by revoking all permissions.

Ad blockers typically only block certain sites and certain scripts, so it makes browsing safer and faster, but it doesn't go "all the way" like a strictly re-configured Noscript would. If you really want to give Big Tech a hard time, here: >>>/prepare/22

He a contrarian

If they block the add blockers, they're add blocker blockers.

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Imagine being such a stupid fuck you use Google chrome

Are you the tech /killcen/?

both /killcens/ are paranoid

One is a boomer drunk prepper
the other is racist ardvark with a little tech savvy

In the economy of things, companies give money to advertisers, advertisers give money to google to show ads.
But if they see no return or barely any views, then they won't give google any more money, so you can see why they just want this feature gone even if they try to weasel some exception in:

Just kill google fam.

Just because I'm a 'boomer' doesn't mean I can't learn how a lot of this shit works, yes it took me time and a lot of tips from others, but mostly thanks to one tech geek who introduced me to Linux in the first place. He was a hacker back in the day, and told me some things about the internet that I previously had no clue about, like IP tracking and malicious scripts when browsing the web. Others helped with suggestions on multiple different image boards over the years and thats how I learned all this stuff and how to thwart most of the spying bullshit. Now I'm telling others what I know. Hopefully others will provide more tips that I still may not know about, or have other suggestions we can learn from.

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so yor the real /killcen/

If you're not a hacker, a political activist, or a pedo… what reason would you have for not using Chrome?


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Because Google is the personification of everything wrong with the modern world

though, depending on your stance on corporate personhood, you might say it's the manifestation, rather than the personification of those problems

n literary terms, personification is writing about a non-human object, or thing, or idea, and imbuing it with human characteristics or qualities. An example is Emily Dickinson’s poem The Iron Horse, in which a train exhibits some human-like qualities.

In relation to god being a personification, it should be fairly obvious to anyone who’s ever read the old testament that the god of Abraham (an idea born of mankind’s infant imagination) is imbued with its fair share of human traits; all of them on the nastier, spiteful, prideful, envious, possessive, self-important side of human nature.

Manifestation, on the other hand, is where something real is experienced. The OED has several examples of definition, with one being: the action of showing something e.g., the manifestation of anxiety over disease; and another: a symptom of an ailment e.g., the characteristic manifestation of Lyme disease.

In relation to the devil, my interpretation of that is the manifestation, in humans, of characteristics or qualities associated with ‘the devil’ e.g., the most vile badness imaginable. As there are human beings with such traits e.g., Tony Blair, John Biden, Hilary Clinton, David Cameron, Theresa May, I suggest that the devil is manifest in such creatures. However, that’s not to say that the devil is manifest. It is to say that the traits of ‘the devil’ are manifest in those people.

DNS Ad blocking

Hosts files:

Alternative Chrome forks/builds

And of course there is firefox+fireofx forks

dns servers speed test

Privacy list:

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are bald like telly, /killcen/?

just-kiss-it is a Picard fan


Thank you, we need more of this kind of info being posted.

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I knew we had big pharma shills on here but now they have student loan sharks shilling this place too.

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you'd have to be able to pass the GED before you needed to worry about student loans.
$10 to start, and only $49 a month

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Might I recommend the internet browser Brave?
You know you want to…

Ironically I'm not worried at all. I'm retired already, and done did prep for SHTF, and may be able to weather this storm because I live away from major cities and populated areas. My small town has a population of - at most - 1,000 people for example. Many of them farmers and ranchers nearby with lots of acres. Although some of the area is depressed, many are much more self-sufficient out here which is a plus for all of us.

Like I said, I'm not worried about myself. I'm worried about people like YOU. And don't think I'm not prepared to deal with those kinds if need be.

Why yas still using chrome?

Google, get 90% of market, then stick knife in

What's it like living in a small populated place like that?

Do you get to know alot of people?
Do you live outside the town?
Do people get in your business?

Its alright, if you lived there your whole life you'd likely know most around the area, and they'd know you pretty well too. If you moved to a small town most will know right off the bat you came from somewhere else. That may not end up being a good thing, but all depends if they mind you or not. Yes, you get pretty used to running into the same people often. Waving high, or having conversation once in a while. Its more depressed, so not much booming business or industry. Many you will come to find out work for lawn care services for the elderly around the area, heh, like me. I pay my neighbor's kids to take care of my lawn and do the trimming once in a while. On the outskirts there are the farmers and ranchers along the junctions and gravel roads. Things are simple, its not like living a fast paced life in a city. You go down to the local bar and everyone knows your name. They know what you like to eat and drink. Unlike the major cities smoking is still allowed in the local diners and bars. Its got the feel of Americana, but without the big financial boom, many just do what they can to get by these days.

You're a Socialist, therefore you're retarded.

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The guy you’re linking to is severely autistic. His idea of “spyware” is a computer being linked in any way to other computers which is literally the internet. The only way to solve this problem is to not use the fucking internet.

Use Epic Browser. It has it built in as a primary default feature.

I bet a lot of the people in your town are seniors, most of the young having left to find jobs.

Depression can be higher in a small town also, especially for those willing but unable to find full time employment.

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hows the internet connection in your small town?


try this site to test speed
I get about 30-50 mpbs download, depending on whether I'm using an old wifi laptop or Ethernet connected desktop

With a phone package, the internet is about $90 US a month for unlimited bandwidth useage

Really trying to poz up your (((Browser))) as much as possible, huh? Didn't think you could even do that

This would explain Brave giving people good boy points for watching ads, when most people downloaded it so they wouldn't have to deal with them in the first place. I suggest disabling auto updates and downloading old versions of brave and chrome, if you use them

Any /g/earheads here? Am I "Safe" if my chrome is lobotomized and never going to update on me? Will the extensions themselves stop working thanks to google's meddling, or will they work fine if I never update chrome itself? Should I disable auto updates on those extensions, like adguard adblocker or ublock origin, just to be safe?

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Excuse any misspellings or errors in my writing right now because I have an awful hangover from last night…

What I decided to do a while back ago was collect and backup a lot of the older Mozilla Firefox browsers. I use an older version with the auto-update completely disabled, not only in the basic settings, but also in the about:config settings too. I also purged all third party URLs found in about:config so they can't collect browser data, as well as disabled vulnerabilities like the webGL and webRTC protocols (because both of those are known to leak your real IP address when behind a VPN or other proxy). After all the about:config bullshit was sanitized, I then added all my privacy add-ons I had backed up, including Noscript and HTTPS Everywhere and Random Agent Spoofer. I use Bleachbit to wipe out the sqlite files that contain cookies/browser history from the .default directory on a routinely basis too. So far I don't have any problems other than a very seldom 'crash'. If the browser ever 'crashes', go to the .default directory and wipe out any "crash report" folders before you re-boot the browser and it will work just fine again.

Well, yes there a lot of us older folks, but there are some younger ones too with families which the parents have found jobs elsewhere and drive a distance to work, or find odd jobs around town. They may not be high paying jobs, but taxes are very cheap out here.

The only problem is if you don't want to purchase stuff you need from a Walmart or Dollar General, you have to drive a distance to the nearest city to purchase supplies and bulk up every now and then, which I do. I choose COSTCO to bulk up on wholesale foods every now and then, but its a good hour drive to there and back.

That site is full of scripts, I don't think I want to enable JS for that.

I can tell you the internet connection out here is OK, its not dial-up like it was 10 years ago. They updated the connections and it goes a lot faster since then. Nothing like 30mbps, more like 1mbps. You can't 'stream' stuff out here (streaming is slang for watching stuff live off the internet), but you can download/upload and browse just fine. Thats really all I need too, I don't give a shit as long as it don't take me 2 minutes to load up a site.

Old browser
go to website
get driveby BTD(similar to SID)
I use FF for the addons
Chrome and others have almost the same addons, so the icing on the cake is control

You can't even control Chrome updates
You can't even disable it from starting up when you boot your PC

It's a browser for soccer moms and other low tech people


The timid won't inherit shit

bleachbit that bitch
Haha i use to use eraser to clean, but bleachbit became famous and the creator real fixed it up

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Did you kno that living in a small town with internet is like the old days with the phone service where the operator could eavesdrop on you?

Especially when a telephone comp is the ISP

I don't know if this will answer the question about what connection we have out here in the rural area but it may give you an indication. When I use SLSK the average download goes around 200kbps to, at max, 0.5mbps (~500kbps) which is really not bad. All I really want is a speed that is comfortable downloading/uploading or browsing the web. Back when we had dial-up the internet was complete shit and slow as hell and I'm glad they upgraded around this area.

I am!

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Depending where you live, that still may be the case in rural America. Luckily out here they did upgrade the lines and we have faster service than dial-up now. 10 years ago that was not the case.

Lol, no, but thats not a bad idea. Currently I have a mullet and my hair is silverish gray. Maybe I should shave my head like Kojak. I bet the chicks would dig it.

Do you have a big name ISP loke Comcast?

Just-kiss-it definitely would

i believe this user may be a female as there is a feminine vibe in (her?) posts

So, do you pay for a vpn, or use free ones?

To use BitTorrent for movies, definitely need a pay vpn

I use to get about 4 warnings a yr

I use a free socks 5 proxy

You are not suppose to uncheck disable connections not supported by proxies, but it don't work if checked

I tested my torrent ip at and it dont show up
And I connected to my neighbors router with a differnenyt pc and ran the same torrent download and my ip was the free proxie from the torremt i used on my router

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An ex
My IP was the free proxy when I connected to my neighbors router with a different pc downloading the same torrent

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I use a private VPN service, but due to security precaution won't name which one. I don't download too many movies, and certainly would not be on a copyright radar if I did because I don't like newer movies. I think the 60s, 70s and 80s were the best era for movie content because they didn't rely on special effects (which does not make a movie good). I like older films where good acting and good stories make the film a classic. There is nothing like watching classic films like Wake In Fright, Fatal Attraction or In The Heat of the Night while sipping some premium scotch whiskey and smoking a good cigar. And anything I watch must be on a VHS or DVD, because I don't like using my computer to watch films.

That's a fucked up Aussie movie

The outback is almost as bad as small town Deliverance

enuff of the chat

work to do
I have t stain my neighbors deck


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Waterfox+searx master race.

Wait… you're telling me there are *two* now? WTF user.

Why not use a Pi-hole? DNS level blocking. Fuck ads. Fuck jews. Fuck SJW.


There may even be 3, counting me when I do meth

Will this affect Brave Browser?

I hope you're joking.

what does it really mean ? What do they do ? Make their source code as convoluted and shitty as possible but still keep releasing chromium source ?

Fuck up most of youtube with DRM ? Give microsoft a call anytime anyone fixes their browser on github ?

Waterfox is decent but remember its basically a rip-off of some older Firefox browsers. You still need to purge bullshit from about:config for all its botnet-style URLs and vulnerabilities. And use privacy add-ons as well. Then Waterfox is a safer alternative.