Brit/pol/ #2258: Musk Edition

Brexit News for Sunday 27 May
EU’s Chief Brexit negotiator tells UK to accept European Court jurisdiction

Knives are too sharp and filing them down is solution to soaring violent crime, judge says

Italian PM RESIGNS after President vetoes anti-EU Minister facing now IMPEACHMENT calls

Sainsbury's customers 'privacy compromised' as CCTV footage of PIN entries is broadcast in stores

Social media killed the stag do: Men 'no longer enjoy debauchery for fear of damaging career or relationship'

Emmanuel Macron says France may return museum artefacts to Africa

Seven Signs That Your Man’s Masculinity Is Nontoxic

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Good lard

first for girls with tats

For fuck's sake. Knives can be sharpened.

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xth for fuck you she's cute

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I'm easily pleased


Smh cucked you even though I agree with your sentiment

first for solar powered mars rockets

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Good Vlad

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what is this cool new memme?

I wonder how soon until all the journos spam the internet with pics of him before he got plastic surgery

"Liverpoole is one of the wonders of Britain … In a word, there is no town in England, London excepted, that can equal [it] for the fineness of the streets, and the beauty of the buildings."
"That immense City which stands like another Venice upon the water … where there are riches overflowing and every thing which can delight a man who wishes to see the prosperity of a great community and a great empire … This quondam village, now fit to be the proud capital of any empire in the world, has started up like an enchanted palace even in the memory of living men."


I know it's a memi but there is absolutely nothing trustworthy about the main stream meateor tbh

Money in pikey knife sharpeners pockets.

I win again

I hope they drive him into an incel rage and he builds a doomsday machine

I find it all rather funny tbh; until a couple of days ago he was a hero of the left, they idolised him, nu-Simpsons made a whole episode about him. Now, after what is an incredibly tame tweet criticising the media even slightly, and he's the return of hitler.

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*Stabs officer in the eye with a chip fork**

I'm so much happier now I don't watch the news at all

He's not Incel he's had plenty of top shelf gold digger women

Do you think they know people can kill each other with their bare hands?

Who controls the press?
t. Elon

Also apparently we are ready for war. Good lad

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I win Brit/pol/

It's easier and better to get news from here tbqh

*bans plastic forks*

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But he's dating Grimes.

The unimpressed man.

It's amazing isn't it.
As soon as they thought he named the Jew they all instinctively started gibsoning him.

As an individualist I can only assume this is because musk is jealous of the journalists' talent and vision

Can Bushposter post some more retro porn? I genuinely find it a fascinating insight into the late 80s and 90s, the crest of our civilisation. kek.

*Stabs officer in the other eye with a wooden chip fork*

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Wasn't he married?

He hadn't even named the jew, he just said "powerful people".
It's amazing how their victim complex has led to them being completely insane and jumping at shadows.

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At least on here I can be sure nick lowles see it when I call him a cheeky bugger

By the end of the year I will have fucked a woman and got a job.

Funny thing is he didn't even mention the yids but any accusation of "powerful people" somehow draws them out

makes you ponder

He's been married twice, and divoorced one of those twice.

A few times.
And he dated Amber Heard. I mean, she's a horrible gold digger but she's really cute

top kek

These cunts have never been in a fight
I've seen plenty of blunt objects used to stab people. If some gorilla stabs you with a half inch thick steel rod - it's going through. End of

I've been saying that 2 years running lol

Right son it's off to the nick with you to get shanked for not converting to Islam, God save the Queen.

It's the same with the term "globalist", they believe it's an antisemitic dog-whistle. "The lady doth protest too much, methinks".

Two birds one stone lad


Do you think Moly has smashed her?

*Stabs officer in the forehead with a metal spork*

Fool me once shame on me etc.

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Remember that time the media tried to conflate all opponents to Syria intervention with "far-right antisemties"

lol always funny how they inadvertently reveal their real agenda


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He couldn't get the right gf

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So in other words you thought he some beta incel you would playfully mock, learned he was making bank then latched onto him, gotcha

No, he's 100% loyal to his wife and wouldn't even think about cheating because they're an optimal match. How fucking dare you suggest otherwise. Zig Forums is seeming more immoral by the hour.

jesus christ he should've ditched her there and then tbh

What a bitch lol.


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>"I wish you had clipped you nails first before doing that!"

didn't know he was married tbh lad

He probably did

Wivout me he woun't have bin nuffin. So I took pity on him an suck his willy cos' he kept talking abaht 'is "rocket" an' lukin at pics of it on 'is phone lol

The thunder is starting again.

he was married to her twice

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(((Someone's))) butthurt with Based British

What do the chuckle brothers even do these days?

Saving women from rape

Possible slowpoke.

Panto at Blackpool I think

She obviously wasn't paying attention
He seems like a nice bloke giving her a second chance fukin mug

has this been posted yet?

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she was testing the waters, she's still hasn't hit the wall yet so she was dipping her toe in and out of riding the cock carousel and having a stable marriage to get the most out of it

Shot bud and spit fire

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Good. Keep the NAZI SCUM off our streets! Already feel safer.

This is why you ALWAYS go full dafty

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Sticks & Stones will break my bones but gas chambers will never hurt me

bit cringworthy, tbh.

NA are absolutely pathetic






Does this sound plausible to you lads?
>>>Zig Forums11631423




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It's the anniversary of Harambes murder tomorrow, lads.

wew lads the weather is insane near me, MASSIVE cloud spitting lightning everywhere.

No justice in this world

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good things happening in germany

It looks bad down south east.
Cleared up by me eventually. Still got floods everywhere.

In Eisenach, the extremely right-wing German fraternity will hold its association meeting from 24 to 27 May, with around 300 participants from Austria and Germany arriving. Also cadres of the "Identitarian Movement" from Saarland and Saxony-Anhalt came to Eisenach. On Saturday, drunken right-wing extremists attacked a reporter and disabled them while filming.
Since 2014, the fraternities are prohibited to use the Wartburg as a backdrop for their torchlight march - 210 right-wing extremists therefore moved to the association's own fraternity monument in the south of the city.

The German fraternity made a name for itself in 2011, when it wanted to introduce an "Aryan certificate" for its members. As fraternally valid Burschenschaften came out because of differences from the Federal Association.

I'm sure it's getting hotter and hotter lads

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wew it's 20 miles from me and looks huge, hate to be in High Wycombe right now.