Third World USSA: City Water Turns Bright Purple In Ohio, 'Safe' Claim Bureaucrats

Residents of Coal Grove, Ohio turned on their faucets Monday to find something unexpected — bright purple water. And city officials claimed it was perfectly safe, once diluted.

No, it was not photoshop or special effects. The city water running from faucets and toilets in Coal Grove really was a regal shade of purple that would have pleased Prince.

According to city officials, the bright purple water was caused by a pump malfunction at the local treatment plant which dumped too much sodium permanganate into the water.

Sodium permanganate is used to remove iron and manganese from water supply by oxidizing it and turning the minerals into larger particles that can be filtered out.

WSAZ-TV reports the city flushed its water system several times Monday, but people are still being told to run the water until the funky color goes away.

Officials were quick to hose down any panic, admitting the purple water might stain your laundry, but claiming that it’s perfectly safe.

“Once it’s diluted out, it’s not dangerous at all,” Stephen Burchett, water treatment plant operator, said.

Would you be happy to drink the bright purple water?

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At this point any sane person either buys filters or distills their water, but not doing one or the other is being extremely naive. Its pretty damn clear public commissars don't care about public safety anymore. There could be lead in the water and they'd sit back and watch you consume it these days. Soulless devils. Third world INDEED.

sodium permanganate is PINK, not purple. It's a safe chemical it is used in the water purification process by water treatment facilities everywhere. It's NOT PURPLE because IT'S PINK.

This story happened on June 3rd. Old News
You're so out of touch with what's happening, and you don't even get the details correct.

Only you and 'newspunch' would call this 'purple'

Some say its purple, some say its more pink. Some of it actually pink, and in other areas, more purple. So it doesn't really matter.

It is news because it wasn't reported here yet. Anything that is up to a month old and not reported is NEWS when posted.

out of touch and colorblind

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haha "anything that is up to a month old"

oddly enough, I've read all the disclaimers and notifications on Zig Forums and I haven't seen anything about this "anything that's up to a month old is still considered news" policy.

so you just made that up, right?

Now listen Johnny, you drove me out of here yesterday before noon and I didn't come back on until this morning. The only reason is I was in a bad, bad mood already (suffering alcohol withdrawal)…. but I had my whiskey last night, and I'm up, and I'm not leaving today. You're going to have to deal with this today, and I'm posting a lot more REAL NEWS!

Well, since we are fabricating policies, I just decided that 'Any Story Up To 137 Years, 4 Months & 18 Days Old' is considered News in here, as long as it hasn't already been reported on.

BREAKING NEWS: on March 1st 1973 the band PURPLE FLOYD released their album Shadowy Half Of The Moon'

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BREAKING NEWS: Thomas Brothers Candy Company began producing a variety of hard candy in a former pickle plant in 1928. In 1946, the Thomas Weiner Company began manufacturing its first bubble gum product: five cent Super Bubble.

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Of course, the original flavor was PURPLE

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Then, due to the popularity of the Purple, they released PINK GRAPE flavor

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BREAKING NEWS: in 1963, the first Purple Panther Movie was released, resulting in the spinoff Purple Panther cartoons

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BREAKING NEWS: female singer PURPLE announces a new shitty album of shitty songs!

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BREAKING NEWS: in 1964 carnation introduced its product PURPLE STRAWBERRY INSTANT BREAKFAST

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sure you want sage?

how about some pepper?

BREAKING NEWS: some people have a hard time differentiating colors

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want some more pepper?

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pepper exam!

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Why do you try to sabotage news threads Johnny?

One would think, if you don't like it here, you would just leave and mind your own affairs.

I heard it's eating shrimp that turns flamingos feathers PURPLE

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When Elvis became the first entertainer to receive a $1 Million Advance, he bought his mother this famous PURPLE Cadillac

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This young woman inadvertently washed her hair in the purple water, and it TURNED HER HAIR BRIGHT ORANGE

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Aktually….. third world is a political term coined by the the u.s. in the cold war. 1st world was democratic. 2nd world communist, third world was aligned with neither.

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There have been reports of people drinking the purple water,and having their teeth and tongues turn bright green.

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Washing clothes in the purple water will dye them bright red

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all sages thrown in the trash can, have some pepper instead

Did you hear about Boston Green Sox 'Big Papi' being shot in the back 15 minutes ago?

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So Johnny, what would you call a nation that has pink and purple water coming out of public water municipalities?

A Third World Country!

Why do our own bureaucrats deny this is a problem, Johnny?

Unprecedented Corruption!

According to the Zig Forums policy where "Any Story Up To 137 Years, 4 Months & 18 Days Old is considered News in here", I'd like to report on the BROWN DALHIA MURDER!!

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ussr wasn't third world nor were there any problems with water

You made that up, just to fuck with this board and piss people off. Admit it. Most of what I post is less than a week old. Some only 1 or 2 days old, which is not bad at all for news reporting. Even when a publication first publishes a story, it doesn't typically spread until a week later when everyone is talking about it. Same thing here. I report as fast as I can manage. You don't do any such thing. You are a hypocrite and liar.

what would you call it when somebody accidentally puts too much laundry detergent in their washing machine?

[ the end of the world ]

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So we're even worse now than they were before they collapsed?

What do you call it when a person accidentally forgets to turn off the faucet in their sink?


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What do you call it when somebody gets a phone call and accidentally lets the spaghetti noodles boil over the sides of the pot?

deliberate destabilization apocalypse

What do you call it when 10,000+ people wake up to find toxic pink and purple water coming out of their pipes in a country that is allegedly a first world civilized nation?


What do you call it when your wife accidentally lets the boiling potato water boil over too long?

The end of times

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What do you call someone who can't tell a very serious issue plaguing their own nation, or even several very serious issues we currently face which in combination are undermining our country as a whole?


Come on Johnny. When are you going to get fed up and admit we have serious problems and this is NEWS? When you personally get affected by this kind of bullshit? When its too late? When you are forced to say, "oh shit! there really is a problem here!"

What do you call it when somebody runs out of gasoline?

you're a melodramatic reactionary

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What do you call it when somebody adds bleach the wrong way and it ruins a pair of blue jeans?

time to murder your family and set your house on fire

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I'm not emotional! I'm just reactionary. There is a difference. I react when I see threats. I react when I see my own nation collapsing before my very eyes. I react when I see third world invasions that is bringing back third world diseases and violent crime waves. Yes! I react because some one has to speak about it. We can't just ignore all this craziness! It has to be addressed. It is very very serious now. And its getting A LOT worse too as time goes on! Someone has to react already! You are inside a burning house! Start addressing the fire! Call the fire department!

What do you call it when someone accidentally puts salt in their coffee instead of sugar?

a purple coffee cup & a blue background

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What brings you here Johnny? I'm just wondering, what is it that you do like about this place? You say you hate it. Do you really hate it? Or do you hate me? Or do you hate yourself for not being able to do anything about the warnings, so you become resentful? Which is it?

What do you call it when someone accidentally adds way too much oregano to the saghetti sauce?

a green tank top

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You can do it, Johnny. And I can help you with some suggestions!


What do you call it when somebody heard it was going to rain, but forgot to take an umbrella with them?

kill your nieghbors

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You call them soaked in booze?

hahahaha hahahaha!!!!

Or you could also call them…. UNPREPARED.

What do you call it when somebody inadvertently used garlic salt in their recipe instead of garlic powder?

you're an alcoholic

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the ignorant masses, brainwashed by commie classes
as society collapses, as the Illuminati glows and flashes
economic crashes, the rise of the commies and fascists
third world invasions bringing hellish viral contagion
facing nightmare situations and deliberate destabilization
Jews forcing toxic inoculations despite the rise of depopulation
know what I'm sayin', New World Order infestation
children facing molestation as the power shifts Asian

Could I get "street cred" from the youngsters for writing that sick rap lyric? If so, maybe I should be writting rhymes for Snoopy Doggidy Dog

You prepared for everything that's never going to happen, and have not prepared at all for what WILL happen….

Your death, in a nursing home bed, four months after you suffer a stroke

hint: don't quit your day job

And as you lay there in the bed in the nursing home, unable to speak or move, life will continue…

None of your reactionary predictions would have ever come true

And the birds will continue chirping, children continue laughing and playing in the park lovers will continue loving, and the sun will continue to rise every morning.

You are the perfect example of how NOT to live

And that's why nobody has any interest in mimicking your redundant disgusting behavior

Dude…. it IS happening….

The one thing I got wrong was that it would be a fast collapse. I stand corrected. It will not happen overnight. Its happening here and now, and it is very slow and incremental, and slowly but surely one after another area will collapse…. it will creep for decades until our future generations wake up with nothing at all, in total third world poverty and full blown tyrannical subjugation…… but, it IS happening right now.

I vowed never to be institutionalized in anyway. If that means earlier death or an accident, so be it.

If I ever died of a stroke, my family would find out when it was too late, and an ambulance or police would be busting down a fortified door to get in, just to find a dead old corpse thats already decomposing. I think my daughter knows this too, thats why I don't always answer her calls, to keep her used to that situation when I do eventually don't return any of her calls. By the time she acted, it would be too late. Rightly so. And therefor: inheritance of a trove of treasure.

No….. No it ISN'T….

Further proof that you're terrible at predicting things !!

you won't have any choice in the matter. Your daughter wi have power off attorney, and she won't be able to provide you with the around the clock nursing that you'll need, reinserting your Foley catheters, changing your poopie diapers, inserting your feeding tube, etc


you're SHITTY at predicting things

in other words, you've wasted your life preparing for what WON'T happen…..

and now you know why nobody else wastes their time

Yes, the US is in serious decline. Should I bring up the third world diseases now plaguing LA? Should I mention all the outsourcing over the years? Should I elaborate how many countries are beginning to liquidate US Treasury bonds and bypass the USD in global trade now? Do I need to tell you about the massive debt insolvency we have? The massive student loan bubble that is wrecking young generations' abilities to afford housing and hurting older generations' trying to sell their homes to younger families who can't afford the mortgages? We have another massive housing market bubble, just like 2008, if not worse by now! Never fixed ANYTHING by bailing out those insolvent corrupt banks! Look at the OP for Christ sake. Toxic tap water has become a problem in the US, like it was in Russia 5 years ago….. the list can go on and on…. not to mention the skyrocketing poverty rates, crumbling infrastructure, geo-engineered disasters that are wiping out whole towns…. levees falling apart flooding whole towns like Winfield…. my God. YES IT IS SLOWLY COLLAPSING!

There is not too much to predict anymore. Its all falling apart, just as warned. Its not a fast crash. Its not a total martial law event. Its a slow destabilizing decline of society, infrastructure, economic power and global influence. Meanwhile countries like Russia and China are already on the verge of catching up to our military might. Oh my God! Did you hear about the digital catapult fiasco!? Those new digital catapults from the US Navy hardly work at all and are MALFUNCTIONING!!! We keep telling them go back to steam-powered catapult technology!!! Fucking Christ Almighty! Wake up!

Thats it. I'm going back to posting non-stop US economic / societal decay news from now on. You guys need to know whats going on if you don't already know by now.


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you can't even tell the difference between pink and purple

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so why would anybody give credence to ANYTHING you say?

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it's the 'End Of The World' !!!!

right ?……… lol

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You would be so fucking uncool to hang out with

You simply can't be cool and just go with the flow and be a likeable person… It would be so fucking uncool to hang out with you

I've never seen anybody go so far out of their way, bending over backwards trying to make themselves as unlikable as you

and before you say "I don't care if I'm unlikable", that's bullshit…. because by repelling people, you shoot yourself in the foot because nobody is interested in your message when you are such an unlikeable CAPTAIN BRINGDOWN

The 'water' is green.
Enjoy some Sage Wine and Sage Derby Cheese.

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like I've always said, you simply don't know how to MARKET YOURSELF

if you want to sway people, you need to package your message in a way that makes it APPEALING

but you're incapable of 'packaging fear' in a way that makes it alluring

captain bringdown

lol @ you and your '10,000 people' fixation

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You drink that water first.

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I only wanted some kind of water
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It's such a shame u killed my daughter
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I only wanted to see you
Underneath the Pink rain

i had pink eye once

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Q: What do you call it when 10,000+ people wake up to find toxic pink and purple water coming out of their pipes ?

A: I call it the news story i saw reported internationally on June 3rd, the same day it happened

Q: What do you call it when 10,000+ people wake up to find toxic pink and purple water coming out of their pipes ?

A: I call it you suddenly trying to mask your mistake, by calling it 'pink and purple', when it's not purple at all.

Q: What do you call it when 10,000+ people wake up to find toxic pink and purple water

A: i call it you exaggerating by 7,901+ people

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Q: What do you call it when 10,000+ people wake up to find toxic pink and purple water coming out of their pipes ?

A: I call it a god forsaken shithole called COAL GROVE, OHIO, where the coal mining industry has toxicified everybody's lungs, food, & water table for the past 160 years

Q: What do you call it when 10,000+ people wake up to find toxic pink and purple water coming out of their pipes ?

A: I call it yet another opportunity for you to demonstrate how out-of-touch you are, how this story was on the news 12 days ago, how you will try to suggest a simple technical malfunction is a sign that the world is about to end, and to show that you can't tell the difference between purple and pink

Q: What do you call it when 10,000+ people wake up to find toxic pink and purple water coming out of their pipes ?

A: I call you a douchebag CAPTAIN BRINGDOWN who repels everybody away

forgot to sage………….


The yellow dot on the orange map is COAL GROVE, OHIO

residents of Coal Grove stated "we certainly hope the sodium permanganate is toxic, because living in Coal Grove Ohio is a fate worse than death"

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This photo was captioned 'The Best Places To Live In Coal Grove, Ohio'

case closed

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There have NEVER been 10,000 residents in Coal Grove, Ohio.

The highest population in Coal Grove was 3,207 people, back in 1941at the height of the disgusting coal mining that polluted and toxicified the entire area.

the population has declined steadily since then.

In 2010, the population was 2,128

now it's 2,099

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Water polluted from the residue of waste material from coal mining activity that was dumped in the Ohio River

Attached: water-polluted-from-the-residue-of-waste-material-from-coal-mining-GKCMX8.jpg (1300x958, 293.85K)

I'd hate to think that the fine citizens of COAL GROVE OHIO would have to deal with a possible contaminant in their water

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After all, when it comes to clean water, COAL GROVE, OHIO has the very best !!!

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