Brit/pol/ #2259: [Laughs in Testosterone] Edition

Brexit News for Monday 28 May
Priti Patel demands new probe into Remain spending and questions Electoral Commission impartiality

First woman to join infantry regiment since defence chiefs lifted ban on females serving in combat units quits after two weeks admitting she underestimated the 18-week course

Far-right demonstrators mass at the gates of Downing Street

Birmingham Street Iftar cancelled due to flooding

Abortion referendum for Northern Ireland? MPs urge May to call vote after Irish relax law

Rwanda gets £64m UK aid and gives £30m to Arsenal

Don’t cut off our supply of farm workers

Italian president summons former IMF official to form caretaker government, as populists prepare for fresh elections

'Millions of Italians will blame EU' MP warns Brussels could face fury over Italy crisis

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Burn trannies

Bit rude


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*Crashes dragster*


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Dunno lad

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wew sounds like there may be a happening they are trying to cover up



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He do it eventually. Just give him time.

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Same here but whatever you do, don't trust the yank pronounciation of anything, but particularly European languages but they can do terrible damage to the English language too.

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Next time.

It's quite memorable tbh

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wtf did she threaten to kill herself on twitter?


In a way I feel sorry for the cunt, he must've been MKUltra'd pretty hard.

oi kentlad, if you're here



Oh totally. It's a way to discredit people. The only surviving member of the team that "captured bin laden" is trans too

A part of me thinks he was just seeking attention.

then maybe he really is a woman

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This is my room.

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I suppose he was waiting for a nigger to spiderman up the wall to save him.


Wew, can one of you lads redesign his logo?

It looks like utter shit.

What happens in Italy could positively help us tbh
Here's a quick analysis



New line of propaganda
Straignt from the Koran
I wonder who set this petition up?

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Nan's birthday party today and fuck going to Ramsgate

oh jeeze

I don'd ged it

*sighs audibly*
can't we just talk about keeley hazell or something I'm sick of psyops being injected into my Zig Forums I come where to avoid them

You're going to read linkposter's insane blackpilling and like it

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They're great at climbing are't they!



You have /newbrit/ if you want to talking about thots

Actually, fuck it.

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I really like tits, lad

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WHSmith voted 'voted worst shop on the UK high street'


Fair enough tfw no harem of mummies

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This is really starting to get on my tits. They know the only reason the working man hasn't revolted yet is cheap food while everything else shoots up in price. If they actually employed people at reasonable wages then the establishment knows they'd have to food pricing in line with everything else as the pounds purchasing power decreases.

Why are they trying to kill are shoppe, laddes?

It's an overpriced piece of crap tbqh, anything you can buy in there you can buy cheaper elsewhere. There's really no point for it to be around.

I prefer to call it reality or
Monday Morning Motivation
If you want to escape try /int/ /r9k/ /tv/ /v/ or /newbrit/

We obviously need more

Poundland prepping for Beer Day

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Tara is such a strange creature.

WN Tara McCarthy has surrendered

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What does an article about what is obviously a deliberate attempt IN FRANCE by the powers that be to normalise wogs do to motivate anyone?

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smh. not very patriotic.

What the fuck is Beer Day and what the actual fuck is a beer tasting kit?

What is she now? Does she know?

ahh you don't get it lad they are special sized glasses

Dunno about you lad but the anger drives me to lift.

bourgeois trendy way of drinking hoppy shitty IPA beer that costs triple the price.


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Then hopefully god protects norn

Neighbour's holding a strap that secures the kid under his clothes. Parkour expert appears to save the day and gets citizenship. Wait for the copycat incidents where they don't bother with the strap.

Who will stop his mad rampage?

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They should've voted 'No'


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They have appointed a good goy
Reminder: the EU army is there to quell the incoming civil wars in unruly states
Reminder not to vote because why bother? It only gets ignored or overturned or they take your vote and immediately do the opposite
Reminder after two years the Tories have still failed to deliver Brexit

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mackerel and pasta with broccoli and leeks for dinner

In my experience Spanish, even more so than Polish, is spoken by the swarthiest goblins around. Hapas are less swarthy.

Doesn't Italy have a really wacky political system?

Italy will get riots soon mark my words

It's getting a bit obvious we're run by international finance and (((them))) isn't it.

I hope it kicks off before the end of the week tbh

You'd think they'd be more subtle

This happened before during the economic troubles didn't it?

Oh hai Goymany!

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I used to think "if elections changed anything they wouldn't be legal" was just a commie memi

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wew, never mind the mask slipping, they have just snapped it in two tbh.

You really need to take the unelected positions from them. Otherwise you get things like the Police protecting institutionalised paedophilia like in this country.

He's getting more impatient every year.

Soon these lot will get a visit from the angel of death if they carry on.

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I will do this

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Out and out bullying

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would you follow him into battle lads?

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SA would follow him into a public toilet

Would he keep up?

I think elections are just datamining at this point. Building a profile of what the public are feeling at this particular moment in time, so they know how to play it for the next few years.

Visions of Woe waddling into battle in a Back To The Future t-shirt dragging his synth along and puffing on a cigarette

As always my favourite memi


[F] never forget

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Italy is literally going to blow lads, i'm so happy

Woes riding in a tank, really excited by all of the levers and buttons.

The spidermen cheddars should be worried.