Just leave /killcen/ alone(a little bit)

When I was a child, i did as a child and teased the lonely old coot who lived at the end of the street in the same house for 80 yrs(he was born there)
Mr Richard's wife had died 1st, always a sad affair with old guys who are lost without a woman to take care of them.
And his 2 kids had moved to New Zealand

He was alone

Us kids would do the old shit in a paper bag on fire trick on his doorstep..haha..hee

He got himself a pet dog for company and we gave it some mouse poison to see wat would happen(it died)

Now, we were kids and didn't know better and ol Mr Richards, he would shit up the neighborhood with rebel flags and little twirly things and pink flamencos all over his house and yard

He let his crab grass git so long and my daddy said that was cause he was an ol crab

But I can see now that he was just lonely and that was why he waited with pails
of hot water behind his tree to throw at us kids as we rode by and while we shouted "Creepy ol Witchards, murdered his bitchards" and other stuff.

When we kids got a little older and discovered drugs at 14, we left Mr Richards alone

He hung himself a yr later
You see, even having tormentors is better than being all alone

Now to the point at hand

I know some of you like to tease /killcen/.
I'm guilty of this on occasions where I thought that it was warranted.
But we aint kids here, and its just as easy to be kind as mean(not as fun though, tbh) and all I'm saying, is take it easy on him

Piss on his threads, don't shit on 'em.'killcen/ wants tormentors, but be gentle.
Like this just-kiss-it fellow
He likes old guys and interacts with them a lot here on Zig Forums and knows how to get their attention.
And when you make a thread and he takes the equivalent of a pail of hot water to 'em, like posting his crazy old real news links, say,"haha,,hee, you crazy ol coot, how you doin'?



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My friends are people I know in real life, with a very few online exceptions of people you will never know and I will never disclose. I'm not nearly as lonely as you think I am. Piss or shit all over my threads, fine, I'd rather you do nothing at all and just leave so the dust can settle and the REAL anons come out of the shadows.

fuck off

The kids riding by on bikes throwing turds are the only real anons here

An occasional retarded adult wanders in and runs out just as quickly

I don't mind being alone. In fact, if you guys didn't slide my threads I wouldn't have to come back here to check every now and then seeing if I have to bump them back. Meaning, I wouldn't even be here as often, like the other places I post, I could post and leave and spend my time doing more CONSTRUCTIVE THINGS with my time!

I know that may not make sense, right now, but it will when you finally figure out what I'm really up to and what my real intentions are…..

old mr richards twirly things on his house =/killcen/'s paranoid junk on front page

yup. he thinks this is his board

It may be his by default though, as he is relentless, like /kancer/

REAL NEWS: you and I are the only ones here.

/killcen/ international man of mystery

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no. i'm here

AND me, I'm not him

Sure….. keep telling yourself that….






Poor just-kiss-it waits like a puppy for his

hero, Andy to show up

it makes me feel bad


Now, I don't want to make an enemy of this just-kiss-it fellow, he seems like less of an asshole than most around here, including me, so , Andy, would you do him a mercy and send him a cox pix?







say /killcen/
I already set up an automated keyboard presser that posts my comments to keep my posts on the front page



say /killcen/

I already set up an automated keyboard presser that posts my comments to keep my posts on the front page



good thread

prince of whales no collusionlessery

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gol darn right it is

gol darn right Dginn did it

I have no quarrels with yor powerful and ancient Pre islamic race

/killcen/'s yor man


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very good thread