Brit/pol/ #2260: Fashwave Edition

Thousands enslaved in forced marriages across UK, investigation finds

WH Smith voted UK's worst High Street shop in Which? survey

UK engineer Smiths starts merger talks with US rival

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Good lad.

About three years back mate, it's when the council made me homeless.


nice edition lad

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Londoner might as well be a proxy word for foreigner at this point.



Why give that fat faggot views?

Goode laddo

because he's /arefatfaggot/

Because we was on about it earlier. Don't have to watch it if you don't want to.

going to stock up on soon-to-be-illegal kitchen knives tomorrow

Hope you've got a licence for that generalisation.

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until we throw him into loch ness sure

I just find that it inflates his ego, he actually thinks that he's in charge of le alt right

Why not? There is a concrete belief in the existence of a nation state, a people belonging to that nation state, and a right of that state to be sovereign over its rightful territory.ŵr#Welsh_revolt_1400–1415

taking bets on when Chelsea manning kills ximself

Don't bully the poor lad smh they unironically locked him in a cage and blasted frequencies at him until his mind imploded

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When he gets starved of attention again.

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Thanks lads


The fuck did they do to them.

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Alright lads

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he cute

Alright cute lad

I would say in custerdy but then I remembered that trannies are not a protected class.

we only post handmade artisan pepes here, lad

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Added beef?

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you aight wite boi

so this is what hell is like


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Wales wasn't a nation-state. I'll agree that that example is an example of a sort of proto-nationalism but it's more just national consciousness/patriotism among a conquered people which isn't really new. Plus it's the exception to the rule given how disunited Wales was 99% of the time. Nationalism as we understand it is fundamentally liberal. I don't see why people are so opposed to accepting this, you have to include an element of liberal ideas in whatever our gay cause is supposed to be anyway because if you don't you're just an insufferable Trad. Unless you're prim which is based

Israel potentially getting bombed right now

you get free orthodontic treatment in the uk for malloclusion of that level I think, might be just under the required level though, i got it for my teeth and there was just one tooth that stuck out a bit


Lad you're making me hungry

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hope so


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tbh Woes just basically said what we was posting a thread back but in a more dystopian worldview.
I enjoyed it for once.

how did they manage to make you homeless lad? I thought there were rules on tenancy agreements?

w-what were we posting in a thread back?

hullo new gchq intern

I wouldn't call it 'liberal' although you're right in terms of 20th century nationalism which was a left wing democratic phenomenon reacting against the reactionary landowning classes to an extent. I would agree that nationalism/patriotism is a form of socialism though, which isn't bad since the natural formation of human societies into nation-states that work charitably with each other due to a shared sense of destiny, history and ancestry is how civilisation is formed right?


Post thicc necks

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Civil war better break out in Italy

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Patriotism is really the only 'true' socialism because it's voluntary and sustainable and natural, not forced redistribution by some vampiric state bureaucracy tbh.

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About the state of our pozzed police force and their lack of understanding that they are being used as useful idiots keeping a lid on and ever shaking bottle of anger and frustration.
They will get the shit thrown at them from all sides and they are completely unaware of it.

council neglect, refusal to help me despite everyone downstairs being a raghead
Lost almost everything tbh


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I know "your" lore lad

haven't watched Woes in forever because he's such a downie but I'll listen to him in the van tbh

I might have something similar to me happen although I have a family safety net to help me out. Glad you got through it lad.


At that point, it was. There was a defined ruler (Owen Glendower), a defined people (the Welsh - even the ones abroad in England/France knew who they were) and a defined government (Glendower's 'Cynulliad').
Welsh medieval history aside, that's a concrete example of nationalism extant before your marking point of 1780.
You still have yet to prove or even qualify this.
Feel free to actually advocate something whenever you want.

Guido btfo in the replies lel

He's a good lad but he needs to get fit and dress better smh.

I'm just surprised that the council were able to do that. As I said, usually social housing agreements are pretty solid.


He's missing his nads wot r they on


Shit lad hope you're alright, iktf, if it weren't for family I'd've been on the street.
Let me know if you need any advice n whatnot.

Because of the idea that the people inside a set of borders are the source of authority, instead of countries existing because their ruler happens to own that land for instance, with said ruler being ordained by God, etc.

It hasn't changed though, that's my point. The civic nationalism of the French has won out over the ethnic nationalism of the Germans but that's all.
They can fit, sort of, in a purely civic way. I wouldn't say it's a form of socialism though, that makes no sense.

No lad look up what socialism actually is

*files nails down using the kerbstone outside*

There was an idea of a King of the British/Welsh. You could argue that this doesn't correspond to modern nationalism but there was certainly a concept of an ethnic group being united under a leader who was one of their own.

Rewatch the video of that nigger 'saving' that kid, the kid was already saved by the guy on the next balcony by the time that the nigger got to the balcony

this fucking Patrick Little is an absolute dafite

They weren't able to, it was just neglect. The place kept deteriorating, we kept reporting it, they kept passing it onto someone else to handle it. Destroyed the furniture, clothes, most possessions, some heirlooms.
gonna murder them one day haha just a joke


They say the rebels in Iraq still fight for Saddam
But that's bullshit, I'll show you why it's totally wrong
Cuz if another country invaded the hood tonight
It'd be warfare through Harlem, and Washington Heights
I wouldn't be fightin' for Bush or White America's dream
I'd be fightin' for my people's survival and self-esteem
I wouldn't fight for racist churches from the south, my nigga
I'd be fightin' to keep the occupation out, my nigga
You ever clock someone who talk shit, or look at you wrong?
Imagine if they shot at you, and was rapin' your moms

Not really national identity then, surely tribal identity

If nationalism didn't exist how do you explain medieval feudal states naturally forming and coalescing around ethnocultural groups? Why was there a Kingdom of Navarre centred around the basques, attempts to claim the Irish Kingdom, Kingdom of Scotland based around the emerging Scottish identity, Norway Sweden Denmark, Kingdom of Germany/Holy Roman Empire based around the various Germanic tribal homeland and regional identities, Kingdom of Poland based around Catholic Poles, etc. This wasn't the rule, life was Imperialistic, but before Westphalian nation-states feudal principalities still functioned this way.

If you don't understand why Patriotism is sometimes called a form of Socialism you've clearly not understood the definition either.

There was a state, ruled by a leader, comprised of a people, corresponding to a defined area of land, with the right to determine its own affairs. Those are the basics of a nation, and to advocate in favour of that nation's existence and interests before those of foreign elements or concerns is nationalism (in my view).

No lad but the nigger climbed really high and all

A rebellion is not a nation-state lad. If Owain had won things might very well be different but you can't divorce the technicalities from the historical context.
I've done so. I thought it was rather obvious actually, when you look at not just 1789 but 1821, 1848, etc. It's usually the bourgeoisie, not the peasants.
I'd much rather mentally masturbate ty lad

Human nature lass, birds of a feather, fear of the other

If LOCALism didn't exist how do you explain football.

I have a feeling you're someone who just did a college class on 19th century nationalism and are now being autistic about the definition.

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live* tbh

Nigel Farage GRILLS Mark Zuckerberg Over Political Bias At Facebook

Tribalism by proxy

He's been precisely this autistic for at least 2 years iirc, doesn't make him wrong

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It's not wrong but if you're just arguing over the definitions of words that are constantly evolving you're just being pedantic tbf.


I do understand the argument that feudal europe wasn't nationalistic or ethnocentric, and was based more on a feudal contract, but then how do you explain things like the Reconquista and HYW where there was clearly some national animosity between two heavily ethnically based cultural groups.

No, we need to all be using the same definitions
You used an incorrect one and based your argument on it
Consistency is important

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It's a shared history and culture and genetic group that's the authority. It transcends the traditional concepts of who should rule because you can have any method of rule as long as the continuity of the shared linage is maintained. I truly believe it calls on something deeper a liberal ideal, that I don't think is there anyway.

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Human nature, fear of the other, religious zeal, take your pick

unless it was a gas leak, it wouldn't be enough to move out over tbh