Brit/pol/ #2261: Monarchy Edition

Thousands enslaved in forced marriages across UK, investigation finds

WH Smith voted UK's worst High Street shop in Which? survey

UK engineer Smiths starts merger talks with US rival

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Time for plan B.

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Good lad

Good ladde

Doesn't bother me though. The mrs has a strong accent when she isn't trying to put on her phone voice all the time.

missed the (you)

save me.


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What a LOCAL king, sounds lovely tbh.

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What do you think of her now Bush?

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Okay maybe a bit far for the literal British monarch…

Smashing tbh.
I've got her whole website saved on my External haddrive.
Pure british filth.

shes got massive vag lips, actually disgusting

Sorry about that lad

clit i mean urgh disgusting


Tories attempting to memi.

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Wow very witty, he really nailed Timmy there.

some black people are alright

Edgy tbh lad

t. darkie

i bet you know who this is as well don't you Dirty bastard

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Your mum? She's a bit of alright not gonna lie.

Danica Collins

Not for me tbh

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Did they have the lop?

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She looks like the sort he should be deporting tbh

Shaft scratchers tbh

take it you like that eh?

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Noel nationalism when?

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Woops linked to the wrong post


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you really want that accent?

northerners are well known for being more friendly

What are you going to beat me up to prove it?

only to other northerners

not really tbh, cba with pseudo-boojie southern girls


meet me outside the ropemakers in bridport

I know this feel all too harshly. Love Northern lasses.
Why couldn't I have had the 17 year old qt northern lass I knew smh

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Apparently Yorkshire is actually the most friendly region in the UK.

Yorkshire & the Humber (15 per cent)

North West England (12 per cent)

Scotland (12 per cent)

North East England (11 per cent)

South West England (9 per cent)

Wales (6 per cent)

Northern Ireland (5 per cent)

East of England (4 per cent)

West Midlands (4 per cent)

East Midlands (3 per cent)

South East England (2 per cent)

London (2 per cent)

Don't know (16 per cent)

The least helpful locals were:

London (49 per cent)

Wales (10 per cent)

South East England (9 per cent)

Scotland (4 per cent)

East Midlands (2 per cent)

West Midlands (2 per cent)

South West England (2 per cent)

Yorkshire & the Humber (2 per cent)

East of England (1 per cent)

North East England (1 per cent)

North West England (1 per cent)

Northern Ireland (1 per cent)


Foreigners taking our women, smh.


*bombs you*

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Lad, worst accent on a lass tbh

sadly rhotic accents are now non-existent outside of a handful of youngsters

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My ex was was born in Cardiff and moved to Bristol and lived there for 10 years. Had a mix of accents even though they sounded similar.
I was like butter in her hands, loved it. Good times lad.


massive tart tbh

Lad you need to leave this lass alone. Don't let things get out of control again

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They seem to supress it with this urban nigger babble they have adopted from the telly and Radio 1.
You know the type "chaaa man. mandem mash'em up innit, puccy 'ole feds tink dey da boss man and ting fam".
Utter bollocks tbh

serves me right for searching for african manatees smh

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oi rudebwoi

just ordered this

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Hope you have enough wood, lad

Nice, where you gonna buy your wood from? Got some already?

There is no gondola

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Why wood.
Metal is the way forward lad.
What are you planning on making or just bored.

Rofl, you're supposed to be kind to give a good impression kek.

All from the comfort of his home in Ireland


To Frenchmen? No. An English lass asked me the same question another time and I helped her as much as I could.

What's your excuse lads

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I always give ferriners the wrong directions.
I makes them feel unwelcome.

They make London seem even more non-white.

Ah good lad. What about yanks? They can be friendly tbf


He'd unironically most likely make a good PM

I've never met her yet

Good shit lad

is this mercia?

ordered some blocks off amazon but i'll go foraging for some LOCAL wood when i run out

lack of confidence/personality

Pow, right in the kisser

Haven't you got your lass or has something gone wrong?

they look like brother and sister tbh

i wanked today

Love is love bigot.

nothin wrong with that tbh

Depends on my mood and what kind of yank they are tbh. Though funnily enough yanks never have that particular problem because they coach in from inland.

I have but I can't help but covert other women.
It's wrong I know.

I don't own a pair of impressive jeans like that tbh

(((The media))) tbh

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She has massive feet tbf

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