Brit/pol/ #2262: Heatwave Edition

Man celebrates ramadam in Belgium
Two police officers and a civilian have been shot dead by a man reportedly shouting Allahu Akbar, which led to a hostage situation at a high school in east Belgium.

Dumb thot gets curried to death

Police force does their job for once
Drill videos that are viewed by millions of people online feature hooded and masked gang members threatening each other with violent lyrics, gestures and hand signals - the term drill is slang for barebacking fellow aspiring rappers in prison.

Rotherham child abuse whistleblower: 'Victims are being forgotten'……again

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Goode ladde.

‘White privilege’ is failing NHS BAME workers, say top chief executives


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Government opening pathways for Royal Navy personnel to join the Merchant Navy when they decide to quite the navy. Interesting. Makes you wonder how many RN lads are quitting for this to have been put in place.

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Thankfully she was half-Finnish

unfair tbh

the fuck is this lean

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Would rather nobody was being shot tbh

I'd also rather not have the pakis here.

Must've been a windy day.

Citation needed

It's not exclusive to her, loads of women do it, don't get why though tbh

A lot of birds do that for some reason

We need to ask bumsnet tbh.

Shall I?

If nobody is being attacked then I can't see a problem with them staying, it's criminality I'm opposed to, not race

I think it's to make sure their hair is not in their face when the pic is taken.

But they aren't going to, mozzies will be mozzies.

They're link.

These two things are closer than you think

Americans are at fault for Islamic terrorism

I know this argument and reject its validity
Do you understand how statistics works

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Cyclists in London are too white, male and middle class, says bike tsar in diversity push to stop the rise of 'Mamils' (that's 'Middle-Aged Men In Lycra')

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Pray do tell.

Burden of proof is on the person making a claim
Prove they are more criminal then pal

This is fucking Chris Morris tier. My sides.

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The American (((government))) certainly is, not that the Muslims need much in the way of encouragement

Do you? We've all seen them before lad, the amount of crimes committed by those of a immigrant background are entirely disproportionate. You even hear about criminals purposefully migrating here to set up shop

It has been many times I'm not going to rehash all the DoJ and MoJ statistics then run through how it's a constant occurrence all the way up the socio economic ladder.

Confirmation bias
Anecdotal evidence is not enough proof



I know

Not even b8 lad, fed up of lazy bigotry

So African Americans are all migrants?

No, but the ones here are, which was my point

Lot of blah blah nothingness to coverr up the fact Paki doctors are terrible

So we're jumping from per capita back to generalising now are we?
Strange how few Europeans get malpractice suits and suspensions under the exact same conditions.

Nah not even giving you one tbh civic nationalists out.

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Reminder the civic must die before the ethnic.

Not even a civic, I don't want any more here

Always kill the traitor before the enemy tbh

fucking hell

Wasn't what I was arguing.

Becaue of the people.

Are these deleted posts or something?

Yeah another commie that thinks he'll fit in by saying he doesn't support unlimited immigration.

Gave a slap on the wrist for being lazy, now he just keeps ban evading.

got fired lads

rip lad what did you do

But still believes economics are the driving force behind all human achievement.
Higher criminality at every socio economic level.

Interesting that the latin american and caribbean countries are more violent than the african countries. Why is that exactly?

Comparing like for like based on population
Iceland is 0.91 with a count of 3 murders and a population of 330,000

Bahamas is 29.81 with a murder rate of 111
and a population of 382,460

I'm sure it's socio-economic factors.

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Lad the government is sucking their dick at every opportunity they can, a lot of that shit is self-inflicted

didnt show up
bad sleep pattern n all

It's basically what you're arguing in lesser terms. They're poor so they're bad they're uneducated so they're bad, they don't have the right culture so they're bad.
Yes lets dance around the issue of why they might be more corrupt.


I made the mistake of arguing with a coon online about murder rates compared to similar population figures. And of course facts are racist, even though a lot of them stats came from the UN.

Is this the lolberterian or the Zig Forums guy from last night?

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It's /newbrit/ again.

I'm also a druid lads :^)

We had one in the day yesterday that had the gall to say he wasn't a commie. And the twit at night that was outright denying the existence of evolution and intelligence.

It's probably the same sod as now.

Na you're just another deconstructionist. It doesn't fly because all it does is attack an idea without anything to replace it with but new age post religious spirituality about how we are all one in this great material struggle.

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Of course it does but it doesn't matter because spiritual nihilism leads to despair and death. An idea without a base is doomed to death.

Should have just sat and eaten a bacon sarnie in front of them.

I told them if you can't understand why people hunt and do not want to solely rely on supermarkets for meat, you are part of the problem.

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what's with the coat hangar

Did you bring up that hunting is also a conservation effort in the UK for a species that now has no natural predators and need their numbers controlled so they don't damage habitat and overpopulate the area?

the size of this lad

No, I was blunt told them that they will starve to death when society collapses.

Facts are Facts.
End of.

It was used in the failed abortion attempt.
Sentimentl value



Fair play.

forgot to refresh tbh.

Ramadan celebration; Liege, Belgium

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Chinks filming an Arab getting shot in Belgium
Thanks globalism

anyone else feel embarrassed that the chinks get to see us degrade and collapse when they used to look up to us

They took him at a really bad angle there, all bunched up at the end before he got dropped. Hope they're all ok.

not really

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jesus why would they clump up like that

two bobbys are dead i think

They came here away from China after discovering LiveLeak. I bet they'll bugger off back soon after this.

They went through the same thing as the west was rising.

The century of humiliation is China is a good analogy for the modern west. I think we're having our own century of humliation.


At least coppers two got hit in the vid.

It does give me hope that we'd rise out of it eventually.

Policewomen are useless, two armed policewomen got killed with a knife.