Brit/pol/ #2263: What happened Edition

Ex-EDL leader Tommy Robinson jailed at Leeds court
Former English Defence League (EDL) leader Tommy Robinson has been jailed for potentially prejudicing a court case, it can be reported.

‘Defend Democracy’: Outrage as German EU Boss Says ‘Markets Will Teach Italians’ How to Vote
Italy’s populist Five Star Movement has demanded European Union (EU) bosses “defend democracy” after Germany’s EU Commissioner appeared to threaten voters, telling them that the “markets will teach the Italians to vote for the right thing”.

UK Authorities Urged to Ban Sharp Kitchen Knives Amidst Crimewave
A judge has called for a nationwide programme to round the points of kitchen knives, and for authorities to restrict the sale of chefs’ knives to professionals amidst surging youth violence in Britain.

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Good lad

Mods delete this before the yanks see it.


Virginia Hale wrote that 2nd Breitbart Article about the judge wanted to ban sharpened knives. Wonder what she's up to after being publicly shamed for being right wing.

you can fatally stab someone with a 5 inch knife

Just got VR and it is amazing lads I have to say, its like nothing I've ever tried before, but it has led me to have some weird dreams and experiences, like those games I'd played were actual memories, do we think there is a longer term implication?

I imagine if you had a weak grasp on reality you could get lost.

you can kill someone with a 1 inch knife, you can kill someone with a knife that is rounded at the end, fucking retarded

Invite me round to try it tbh fam.

If they are banning sharp knives because they're not totally 'necessary' then I'm just trying to imagine the world of fucked I'm going to be in as a member of the UK shooting community, lol.

Maybe I can create my own special dish that can only be created by shooting it with bullets.

Good lad

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Maybe we can create our own sect of Islam and say that our meat isn't halal unless it's blown up with tomohawk missiles, so the government let's us all own heavy weapons because islamophobia.


Maybe if we ever do the Manc meetup thing.

Smashed my light bulb throwing a grenade tbh.

whats the porn like lad?

Going to be honest.

Totally amazing, my brain thinks I've just been fucking amazingly hot women, who were all over me. It might actually be dangerously addictive. Words don't do it justice.

I'd be up for a mancs meetup its under 2hrs away by train

yeah thats what i've heard, honestly worryingly scary tbh

I'm way ahead of the curve lad. I make my lamb roasts with a cricket bat and white phosphorous. Messy but cooked. Tastes like shit tbf.

rip human race has 3d pr0n in 4k



Now for the sponge and treacle *loads depleted uranium*

They're just purely reactionary mate, they're only saying and doing these things because some gangs are stabbing each other.

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tempting tbh

I'll see that gay shit and raise you Paul Weller running like a woman

based power stance

If 22st want's to know what being picky feels like, he should ask her.


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Sometimes catch myself looking around the set, ignoring the action thinking like, damm, this is a nice house.

There's an awful lot of money thats been poured into it, even though I know they rent them, the production values are ridiculous.

Do it lad, I paid £600 for mine from Game with the pro audio strap, the guy behind the counter would not stop asking me to sign up to rewards plus or some bullshit, almost walked out.

I despise lesbians

Oh I didn't know it was VR headset, I thought you were talking about some sort of weird self gratification device.

Been there, stained the t-shirt.

Smother the treacle fired from a trebuchet and then necklace the cake until golden brown. Tip top!

as if they had any intent of following it

In b4 it's just Fallout 3 with Creation Club and/or VR

Are you a member of BASC lad? They're not perfect but they do fight for gun owners rights.

Plus that free liability insurance is nice, I say as a section 2 owner, not section 1.

Its like you want stuff beamed into your heads smfh


The Winnie special. Bon appetit

Got a link to you self gratification gaming device lad? Did you use a phone or is it plugged directly into you battlestation?

The Left must realise that there will not be a socialist Scotland

And here’s the word: there’s not going to be any Scottish socialism, at least no more than we’ve got already. Scottish socialism has peaked, as the psephologists say, and quite a long time ago.

Would love to know the thought process that goes into writing one these pieces, does she wake up in the morning and think


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thats disgusting when you think about it tbh

That's a cute laugh

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Hey it's Master Brew's waifu

What do you recommend?

Yes welcome to the cancer that is Marxism.

It's just a standard Vive lad with the Pro audio strap, I ran the cables through the wall, so have to open tabs in my office then walk through to the lounge to enter the world of VR.

Thank god for virtual desktop.

too expensive

No, I'm not a member. How do you know what section owner you are? I just have an FAC.

Nice, ta.


where's the haggis?

and the tattie scones

We don't speak his name around here now.

Soy tier tbh

i dunno who they're kidding tbh

100% would

isn't it about 70 quid a year? The number of costs puts me off getting into shooting tbh

Probably has more calories in it than I eat in a week tbh.

the spoons large brekky one of my personal faves is 1600 calories i think, absolute nectar

trying to give up on red meat so cant smh

Afghan Co-op worker's wife and son win reprieve to stay in Britain as Home Office is forced to make a U-turn after huge campaign by his (((customers)))

not that high tbh
doubt it is more than 2k

It's worth it for Pavlov VR alone

It's actually a disadvantage as your player model is bigger but its good for bullying.

Sorry, section 2 is smoothbore (shotguns) section 1 is rifled barrels, Im guessing you're section 1. BASC give me liability insurance which is great and I really appreciate having, for example if some of my shot hit someone when I was out shooting quarry, they'd pay my legal fees etc.

Not sure how they'd cover target shooting but worth looking into.

Ruth Davidson will never be PM. I'll eat my own excreta if she ever gets elected to be PM.

Toby Carvery does unlimited breakfast for £4.99

Damn if I ever do hunting or something I'll definitely get that. Is section 2 just a shotgun license then? I heard that's easier to get than an FAC, but they told me it's best to have shotgun experience shooting clay or something before you apply so that they know you're not a fool and know how to reload and shoot a shotgun correctly.


have you rebooted yet?

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My maintenance is about 2500 calories a day, I can't imagine eating so much in one sitting.
Gotta eat big to get big or a heart attack, I guess .

What are you thinking of hunting, lad?

I want to go there but never have enough time in the mornings, I have been there once and they had Yorkshires and gravy available.

*Nudges mrs in bed*
*Boots up the VIVE*

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pathetic mate

You need to change your trip to include Warski or something lad.

Anyone else catch the soy boy on the Fallout stream?

so this is the power of the fbi

I dunno really, whatever is available. One of my local shops offers elk hunting trips in scotchland but it's like 600 quid or something bit pricey (although you get to stay in a hotel and get free food and everything is sorted out for you). Dunno anything about elk hunting though, hope they're not endangered lol. My relatives in canada offered to take me moose hunting.

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ree why is nothing ever cheap and easy

Currently trying to lose weight tbh lad

Just kidding.
Wouldn't buy VR for that and it's £500 I could spend on something else.

Although I did have a go on Galactica at Alton Towers last year and it was fun.

Pretty sure you can put smoothbore guns on your FAC lad, the nice thing about a section 2 is you dont need to wait for the police to approve your purchase, just rock up and buy one, walk out.

And you can store the shells anywhere, don't need to be locked away.

Running round the corner and stealing the magazine out of someones gun is also the funniest thing ever, while paired with proximity voice chat.

Any of you lads play Fortnite? Got my first couple victory royales today. Feeling ace.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

I go there for special occasions like my birthday. Go early in the morning before the whales arrive.

Fuck off normalfaggot

Lel, just like that arab in Belgium


Sure lad I believe you.

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I can do that, you just need to send an email to the police within 3 days or something.


I feel like a massive brainlet when it comes to firearms law, firearms in general are extremely confusing.

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Finland has american white-tail deer. much larger than our own native deer species.

rate this qt

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I think I could only feel right about hunting animals that are overpopulated and need to be culled, not just killing nature for the heck of it tbh. I guess on some reserves that's the only reason the land isn't built on though, and your money helps support conservation efforts.

I know right? How fucking funny is that. Someone should do a cartoon of someone being shot 50 times with a .22 screaming like "JUST LET HIM OWN SOMETHING BIGGER PLEASE I SWEAR TO GOD"

We've made it incredibly confusing tbh. Almost as if on purpose… You still have to lock the gun away of course but you don't have to store the ammunition separately like you would an S1.

My back was giving in earlier as I was crouched behind some sandbags taking fire. It's fucking hard work.

those are no joke

Cheeky lads spark fury by drinking beer and posing for selfies as they decorate home for community service

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Didn't 50 cent get shot 7 times in the head and all the bullets missed his brain and then he released an album or something like that.

they shoot really high though because they were meant for cavalry but they can be converted to shoot BIG .45 tbh

You can legally own .50 black powder revolvers, they look a giggle.

Lots of smoke though.