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Give me your money

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I like this edition, it just works

I agree with the fine gentleman who created this thread, you should preorder Fallout 5 and purchase our community made mini DLC's from the creation club

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*posts here because there's no other thread*

smh wheres a new thread

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Having threads is a pagan concept. Real Christians use the silence as a chance to have a quick prayer.

Ah well fuck it, just use this thread and I'll change the title.
Just discovered the archive tbh

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Alcoholism is Scotland is a native culture and they usually start at aged 3months

Most porridge wogs get their kicks from sniffing oven cleaner and injecting tide pods into their cawk.

Patriarchal society such as it was existed to serve the interests of women. It'll be interesting to see if women are as good at looking out for women as men are.

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Knew you would make a memi out of my compost post tbh

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My dream is to be a stay-at-home daddy NEET

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Snarky, arrogant poos are terrible wherever they are on the spectrum tbh.

I would love to be a stay home dad. All day playing in the mud with the kids.

All we have around us is wendslydale

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Alphabet spaghetti, loose women & shitposting

Men are the real victims of women's workplace accidents smh


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Officially a NEET now tbh.

I'm unironically looking forward to the day when I can had down, to my eldest son, a hard drive with all my esoteric memmies on

What's the next step of your masteplan?

He's gone up in my estimations recently

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Your next task, should you choose to accept it, is to find a sugar mummy.

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Women are stupid. They could spend all day at home with their kids, having a happy and fulfilled life. But no, going to work is apparently more fun.

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It's all just so shit and boring


Suck up to my mate's yummy mummy and see if she can get me in her law firm. If not that NEETdom/go back to uni to fuck about because everything is going to shit anyway.

Shockingly close to my actual plan lad

Once we're in power I suggest making it a law to ban women from work until they are 40 and had at least one child.

I always feel re-energised after watching QT. It's a struggle to begin with but once your rage and nausea passes a certain threshold it becomes enjoyable.

I would only do that after he turns 18

Ray mears on repeat tbh

no this week?!

women can not form opinion on their own. they always look to the crowd to know what to think. "empowerment" is in at the moment, so they all want to do it.

I know lad, smh

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where do sugar mummies live? asking for myself

Good idea. I hope it works out for you.


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isn't that getting into gilf territory?


That's the enlightened alternative.

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The more I think about taking the /neetdad/ pill the more smug I feel lel

not clicking that shit tbh lad

Decent plan tbh. It may not be right but it's true that contacts and cronyism are the best ways to get ahead.

It's legit lad.
Trust me.

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Same here tbh. My gf has a chance to earn about £50K once she's fully qualified in her medical profession. I could just stay at home and look after our future kids. I'd love that.

I'll give it a go tbh.

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it sounds great but what you're really doing is emasculating yourself. your "high flying" wive will only see you as a neet dishwasher and free nanny. she'll crave the successful cock and probably cheat on you with all her dr friends.

tbh lads

Godspeed lad.

Always got me ear close to the ground tbh.

probably this

There's a lot of talk about yummy mummies but would you lads actually date an older woman if you got the chance? besides cougarposter of course

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question time extra

I know this is the biggest problem and I'm fully aware of it. We could live very comfortably on my salary and she could get pregnant now. But she wants her bloody career too.

If she was about 5 years older, sure. I would do mummies my age or younger though.

Probably would give it a try tbh if the opportunity did arise

yeah older women are delicious

oldest I've gone is 43

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right in the nostalgia tbh, can't believe I was 15 10 years ago.

Depends how old but probably yeah.

How old were you lad?

How old were you at the time/

47yr was the oldest I've been with. And that was over 10 years ago. One night stand

its fine, just be two working parents. I'm sure the state will do a great job of raising your kids

was 27 at the time. mid 30s now


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What were they like? I mean roasties?

I would but it something of a moot point ether way.
I also would live on a mars base but again

you have to be over 35 to post on this board son.

Never known a woman to taste like a roast potatoo, night.

I'm trying to convince her, but it's hard. Her mum never worked and they struggled financially because of this. I think she was told by her mum that she needs to have her own career.

what about roast corned beef?

Wew. Channel 4 now

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Neat tbf.
Looked after herself and breddy good fun she was. Still remember it now.

there are many things that need to be erased

3 seconds apart

God help us

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absolute filth lads.

Lad if you post any more Dibnah I'll get upset.

What do you expect from the channel that brought you naked attraction?

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