Brit/pol/ #2264: Nightshift Edition

Majority in most European countries, including UK, says you need to have native ancestry to be 'truly' national

Cheeky lads spark fury by drinking beer and posing for selfies as they decorate home for community service

Bus ploughs into 25 cars in Dartford injuring 17

Tribute To Tommy Robinson: ‘I Am an Englishman’

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First for based Grimshaw

for her tbh

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It's insanely hot here in Yankistan as well, I don't even want to go outside, and I live in the northeast. I don't get how people can live in Florida and whatnot

It's not even "a patch of land", it's "a patch of land in Siberia". Big difference between surviving there and surviving in the woods of North America or something.

jess is literally shite in a bucket tbh

ty lad cosy nightshift incoming

for her

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love the way he captures dim light

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also sprach steiner
you are right tbh

Pobedonostsev, he was alexander III's mentor, he was the guy behind the infamous although possibly fake quote "a third of Jews will be converted, a third will emigrate, and the rest will die of hunger,", highly influential guy in imperial russia

take your duginist shite and shove it up your refried dispenser spic

Grimshaw feels very underrated. I prefer his paintings over those of JMW Turner.

cool I will have to look him up tbh, I know about stolypin but when we studied russia at uni (a lot of intel POG faggot JROTC faggots in my class tbh) we brushed over alexander 3's era alot and spent most of that time reading turgenev and symbolists

this quote is real though

bants tbh

Alexander III is the guy who fucked up Nicki though

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yeah i studied him at college which is below uni in the uk, stolypin was a good lad loved reading about his industrial projects

I hate Russophiles tbh

*ignores AIDs, slutty women, rampant nihilism, alcoholism, corruption, all because some gays get beaten up on occasion*

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slavs are the only white group redpilled on kikes tbh

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Underclass is everywhere tbf

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Goodnight lads

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literally all those things are here in america except we are more fat and have more money (in some places)


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ya know siberia isnt actually that bad millions of people live there and in the summer its extremely hot. Its biggest problem isnt the cold its mosquitos and fleas with lime disease.

night lad

jej, I'm not the only one lad, Zig Forums is probably the most /feet/ board. I reckon about half of us are footfags.


Yeah I'm just pointing out that Russia isn't especially good
I am actually a Russiaboo I just don't believe that it's a great place

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russia is a beautiful country with a rich history that was nearly destroyed by the scourge of communism


He was /ourguy/ tbh

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They've been more fucked since the 90s though

tbh I like russians because they are like the outsider of europe and america can learn from them, unfortunately the jews make us fake fight so they can make money. the russians did save the union though during the war between the states


I like them, they're fucking insane but they're good people

andre bieley's petersburg is a god tier book tbh

idk where you're getting that

idk why they have so many STDs tbh
ours are no better
we're no better
they're Slavs
we're no better

Fascinating. I don't know jack about Siberia, I just picture endless coniferous trees.
I live in Lyme central, gotta do that tick check after you hike or walk in long grass or whatever, Lyme will fuck you up for life, it never goes away. I knew this one dude that caught Lyme and half his body was paralyzed for like months to a year, half his face was drooping down like he had a stroke. He appeared to make a full recovery but I've heard a lot of people get 'chronic Lyme' where it continues to fuck with you for life. You don't want to catch that disease.

digits confirm feet master race

yeah americans are insane as well

Modern Russia is kind of shitty but Imperial Russia was a beautiful society tbh. It had problems with rapid industrialisation but don't all countries who went through it? Even Britain forced its working classes to live in squalor, it's not some specific thing. A lot of the discontent was temporary and came from the horrendous conditions of WW1. Entering WW1 really was a mistake for them.

That last paragraph becomes sad when you think about the Russo-Japanese War tbh.

The Bolsheviks were effectively a foreign occupation. It's bound to have fucked them up.

theyve improved a lot, just look at videos of russian supermarkets in the 80s they were Venezuela tier. thanks to the oligarchs and mafia (which is almost all jewish) its growth and development has been stalled and at first it was like a nightmare but its better now than under communism.


Fuck off, Ollie


theres a cult in siberia whos leader believes hes the return of jesus. everybody in the cult has to be vegetarian because lyme disease is so prevalent that eating meat would kill off a quarter of the people.

I never implied that the West was any better. I like Russia more than the US, I just hate the "based Russia" shills tbh
This is a communist memi, the alcoholism

But not in a good way (usually)

Disagree, and I know actual Russians who say it was better in the USSR

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sounds like the based mormons of old tbh

obsessing over feet is degenerate, appreciating womens feet as another part of the female form is patrician.

insanity is not a good thing tbh, russians are more poetic though, because they have an older history

I know Romanians who think it was better under communism, theyre wrong. They simply believe that because they were either told by someone or they were someone who was living in the USSR when they were in their teens or 20s and associate those fond memories with the soviet union itself.

According to Solzhenitsyn, Russia would never have entered WW1 under Stolypin.

american literature was always more fixated on realism after the civil war whereas russians kept with the transcendental concepts until 1917-1937

the power of the tsar little father pater familias leading his nation against the enemy tbh

does anyone know the name of that one russian soldier in the napoleonic wars who was like 7 foot and fought off 20 frenchmen bare handed after helping his entire unit crawl over a wall? napoleon personally pardoned him IIRC

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Russian language itself is very poetic, even in standard situations they are more expressive than we are usually (except then they use short words which is often)

I guess you know better than the people who actually lived in those countries lol

He's a faggot tbh

Obsessing over anything flesh is degenerate, sex should only be thought of as the final part of a union between husband and wife with the aim to bear children. Wish we lived in prude times tbh


Someone wants a word with you, lad

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yeah I wish I was better at other languages smdh, its like 3000-4000 miles to the nearest other language for me. even ancient taig is much more poetic than modern english

this, pure affection is far superior to animal lust

Borodino was fucking bloody, the Russians have an amazing capacity for taking bloody losses tbh

alexander was a genius but napoleon lived in an age where war was becoming ever more complex so i dunno if you can compare them tbh

love him lads

I do tbh. Its perfectly normal for people to have nostalgia, that doesnt make it true. Communism totally destroyed Russia and much of eastern Europe, the russians were the victims not the perpetrators.

alexander was still the superior general actually now i think back to jfc fuller's book on him, god damn

having online arguments about the metaphysics of sex is a sure way to get some minge m8

Lad, he literally marched a straight line of conquest from Greece to India without ever losing a single battle in his life, no-one can compare to him

russian line infantry life was a total nightmare 25 year service. nobles would ride into a village and press gang all the men into essentially life service

Alexander conquered the world though, Napoleon basically just had a revolutionary idea to use artillery to win battles because it caused more casualties than infantry. That said shit like the Hundred Days campaign vindicates Napoleon as one the greatest generals of all time. I respect them both hugely tbh

he balanced the new phalanx system with the use of calvary and heavy infantry into a perfect system that was not defeated for over a 100 years on a battlefield, the roman maniples only won by running onto rocky ground and those phalanxes were degenerate eperotes or whatever they are called

napoleon lost though, alexander just died

Just learn French lad, or Russian or something. Writing poetry in foreign languages is fun tbh

No lad you don't have a clue, trust me. It's more than just muh nostalgia, although that does play a part. Things have still not recovered since the fall of communism and you're a retard if you think they have.

I know some french but there is no chance to use it so I sound like a retarded quebecois when I talk

and Caesar tried to take up his mantle. I wish we could've seen how things would've turned out if he and Cleopatra created their own empire tbh

Why are Gerry words so long lads? and these are incredibly basic sentences smh

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true, he also fought such a wide variety of opponents you can't really criticise him for having weak enemies

You can get on a language exchange app to chat to people in foreign languages. Good way to meet qts btw and they're usually more moral than tinder sluts

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Don't get it tbh, I'd rather fight, suicide is an unforgivable sin anyway

diese sind eigentlich nicht so lang Brudi

i think the decisions you make are a lot different when you're


Someone posted that long vietnam vet interview and he talks about being so tired wading across a river after literal hours of rucking that he just walked slowly as the bullets plinked around him not even caring he was being shot at by VC snipers

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daily reminder that cato the younger is god tier and that marc anthony was a spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

Vets sometimes talk about war doing this to you, you just stop caring whether you live or die because you become dehumanised to it

ich kenne das Gefühl aber du musst mutig sein

that woman does not look moral tbh

Actually lad I prefer the Republic, I just like Caesar tbh
Marc Antony was a beta bitch to Cleopatra but I'd rather he won because I'm a romantic smh

Fuck Octavian tbh

Prudeposting is the ultimate larp that seems to fly under the radar uncriticised on Zig Forums. Come back TS, so sick of listening to virgin 19yr olds tell me how degenerate I am for have sexual desires and liking feet. smh, smh.

yeah you ever heard of how they administered punishment in those days?

wholesome tbh

Yeah but some on there are legitimately decent women, you really should give it a try, even if it's just to practice French

literally go fuck yourself with your hand until you can relax enough to be a man

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thanks lad I will look it up when I have freetime

cannot imagine the feeling of these lads, they saw their nations completely decimated and humiliated, hundreds of thousands of their countrymen killed by napoleon who controlled almost the entirety of europe, then after the largest battle in human history on an absolutely incomprehensible scale they've crushed napoleon and sent him running back to france, then they all meet face to face

imagine the test levels

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there were literally 8 long years of war between austerlitz and leipzig as well

Well of course in your case, you literally can only imagine :^)