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Post some cool or nostalgic stuff

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My dad owns one of those machines for making VHS tapes.

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The original flash drive.

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don't even fucking copy that floppy

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My dad used to have tons of floppy games, died 5 years ago and my retarded brother trashed them.

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90s color printer commercial

SD card rammed inside that floppy.

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didn't think floppy readers could do that, interesting.

Is there a guide to modding these?

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They can't. It's a modded drive too.


No OP.
The feels are too strong. I am bitter.

True in that case, but not necessarily so. Note that similar adapters were made for some other magnetic media like tape cassettes.

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Oops, this was supposed to be pic 3.

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damn, lots of electromagnetic radiation in that room. fuck CRTs.

It would be nice if I knew where the boxes were.

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malaise era apple commercials

the 90s are so distant now, I want to die

That Painter 3 box was so boss. I still have my dad's old copies of Photoshop 3 and Strata 3d. I don't think Durandal and Infinity are 68k compatible, but the original was. I'd love to have a Quadra 950 with SCSI Zip drive and Apple CD with the removable caddies for nostalgic purposes, but I don't have the room. Thank fuck for emulation.

I say box. It was a legit can.

These feels...

Mac emulation kinda' sucks, it can't even handle dev environments like Codewarrior or Think C, and a lot of oddball hardware is totally un-emulated. Much like the sorry state of OS 9 retrocomputing, I blame the fact that a much smaller portion of Mac users knew how to code.

As for Marathon, all of them (plus ZPC & DI) were definitely 68k FAT. What the later games may have dropped was (dog slow) '020/'030 support. I played a ton of M1 on my IIci, and a lot of the others on a 660av (which I still have, though in storage ATM), but I don't remember whether or not the later games ran on pre-'040 68ks. One thing you'll definitely need to keep in mind is RAM, which I always remember being the big bottleneck.

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The translucent edge effect was pretty neat. Too bad they're still limited to the proprietary OS.

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I remember how in any lab full of *N*X workstations during the 80s/90s, each generation of what was essentially the same machine would alternate between minitower and pizzabox cases in industry-wide trends.

if you can't copy a floppy can you at least stroke it?


If you'd ever had to use SunOS workstations you might remember the laser mice, especially their (required) mouse pads. Neat tech, but ultimately I'd much rather have had a better ball mouse that didn't require a thick metal pad.

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I can see them making a comeback for (((collector's editions))). The main reason stores hated them was shelf space relative to price. There's an old PC 2D top down space game with freighters and such in a weird box I liked as a kid (although I remember it was hopelessly buggy) and can't remember the name of and it's been killing me.

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My first computer was an Apple ][+, circa 1982, $1600 in 1982 dollars. It had a 1 MHz 8-bit 6502 CPU, 48K RAM, a 140K (per side) floppy drive, and a 40 column green-screen monitor. Applesoft BASIC and a little memory monitor and disassembler came installed on the motherboard. It was the funnest computer I ever owned.
I also had a Kaypro II and a Xerox 16/8 with an enormous 8MB hard drive. Those were both CP/M computers.
While the internet wasn't (supposedly) available for public use yet, there were hundreds of BBS systems online. Computer hobbyists were just as addicted to them as internet addicts are now.
Then the IBM PC happened, Microsoft became something more than a little company that sold MS BASIC, and it's been downhill ever since, except for Linux. Thank gahd for Linux.

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How about this? There's linux distro for it.

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Was old tech really more fun to use? People say it's nostalgia but I swear I was having genuine fun.

Whereas normalfags don't even seem to be enjoying their social media today. They seem to be in a permanent state of outrage while being milked for shekels. They enjoy it in the same way a crack head enjoys their millionth hit of crack. (Not much but it takes the edge off)

Windows CE was cool (and unfairly dismissed by the same Newton retards that went on to commend the PalmPilot, this coming from an Applefag amazed by both platforms' ability to make hardware equivalent to a late-model Quadra so slow and clunky), but the nod for best effort in this category undoubtedly goes to Psion's EPOC, and later Symbian platforms, still unsurpassed by anything else in terms of suitability to the hardware and practical concerns of mobile use.

Yes, it was definitely more fun, for two reasons IMHO.

First, tech back then (especially in the 1980s, less so in the 1990s) was still pre-monopoly, like the car industry in the early 1900s, so there was diversity among different manufacturers, divisions, economic sectors, technological approaches, and academic backgrounds, and even nationalities.

Second, neither waves of abstraction and formalization, nor the oppressive effects of giant economy-of-scale targets like the Internet (especially the web), MS Windows, and *N*X hadn't produced a "monoculture of possibilities" in the minds of designers. Smaller companies could still make a new platform or product from scratch, attract sympathetic users & devs, and enforce a special design without watering it down to resemble existing systems.

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I think that's a pretty good summary.
Developing used to feel like a blank canvas, where as now it's too opinionated. I never bothered with mobile dev for that reason, because the plantation owners set all the rules and you're effectively working for them whatever you do.

Yes, it's the kids that are wrong.

Probably because PCs in general were a rather new thing.

I think it was mostly because there was exploration and the enjoyment of discovery in the early PC days, especially with web 1.0 being a magical place where you could find all sorts of cool shit. And PCs were fun to tinker with to see just how much shit you could do with your system and how far you could push it.

Nowadays the internet is heavily indexed and catalogued removing a lot of that feeling of discovery, and PCs really haven't innovated as significantly as they did in the past. All PCs have really been doing is getting thinner and more powerful, but also getting more bloated with NSA spyware and designed more and more with the lowest common denominator in mind making them idiot proof and less fun to tinker with.

Really in general, Jews and normalfags have ruined computing. Web 2.0 and smartphones were a mistake.

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WinCE was a trainwreck and I still have nightmares from doing mobile development during that time. "Better than BREW" is the nicest thing I can say about it.

They were legitimately funner; the proof (for me anyway) is going back and emulating a lot of these old systems. The single biggest difference between old software and new software is their responsiveness. I guess programmers who had access to interrupts actually gave a shit about latency.

Apple was always overpriced. 1982, same processor, better video (bitmaps, sprites, 16 colors), better sound (3 voices with filters), 64kb ram 595$

Commodore 64

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Apple ][ had higher-rez video (especially for text), and much faster floppy controllers.

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Wow, it's been a while. I like how the flaslight looks like the classic Sonca flashlight.

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C64 has a 40x25 text, each character being 8x8 pixels and you can redifne the font. Apple 2 got 80 colums only with an additional display card. The floppy drive on c64 has it's own cpu and ram. The built in disk routines are very likely slower than Apple, but it didn't take long for people to write their own loaders that were up to 10 times faster. And I mean like a year or two after the release of the computer.

Not really tech,

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Those programs were cool. One of those old shovelware discs we used to have had one for killing cockroaches that spawned on the screen, and neko, where a cat chases your mouse pointer around (exists as oneko on Linux these days). Let's not forget esheep.exe either!


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Reminds me of desktop strippers...

Oh to drag up an old memory, Trumpet Winsock anyone? I've only got vague memories of this, and using it to connect to the Internet via modem. Can't find any decent videos or references to it but the connection was done with a series of commands, one was simply PPP.


I couldn't find a screenshot of an old desktop. Sorry.

What happened to Microsoft? People used to be excited about the next version.

Why was the internet explorer lawsuit a thing? If people wanted they could download another browser.

What if we got windows 7 and all of it's greatness right after XP, and we didn't have vista and all of it's issues?


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MS had a number of internal debacles, such as the MS Word Pyramid project, or the Windows Longhorn project, ambitious projects to add fundamentally new features that were canceled in favor of incrementalism, peaking in the mediocrity of products like Office 97 & Windows ME. A brief respite was offered by the NT project being rolled out to all sectors with 2000/XP. More recently (Win Phone/RT/8/10), the success of iOS & the XBox has caused MS to attempt the destruction of the PC in favor of forcing PC users into a mobile/console-style walled garden and dumbed down consumption-only interface.

The IE lawsuit was because web browsers used to be products in their own right, funded by sales. MS changed things by using IE as a free loss-leader, killing the funding/market for all other browsers, and those browsers with it, until they could change their funding models (now by advertising/datamining deals) to produce the garbage browsers of today. Also, Netscape was angling to maneuver Navigator/Communicator into the OS market, dreaming to add enough features that it could compete against MS Windows.

What was wrong with Office 97? I don't remember it being that bad for the era.

This was more apparent in the Mac port, but the code was a creaking unmaintainable mess. 98 required a full rewrite in order for development to continue.

Battery finally died on mine. No longer portable.

Microsoft threaten retailers that they will not get windows on their computers if they don't install IE on it instead of netscspe

I miss CRT monitors.
I miss white desktop computers.
I miss Microsoft Encarta.
I miss Norton Commander.
Muh feelz.

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In the late 90's, I used to play Warcraft II against my neighbor down the street, He didn't have a screaming fast 14.4kbps modem like I did, he was a 2.4kbps pleb. I had to read his modem manual and construct a massive ATZ command in order to configure it to dial my house. He was such a noob at Warcraft though and didn't want to get owned by me after a while, so I thought I was pretty good until battle.net came around.

I remember the first game my bro and his buddy across town played using a modem was Doom co-op, talking to each other via second lines. I also remember when Descent shipped, the devs held an online ladder tourney using the demo for a full copy, my bro only made it 4 games in.

Haha that's rad. I miss the days when the devs would interact with their customers like that. I bought the FPS game "Blood" in '98, and in the game credits, they ranked the game devs according to skill level, top down, and challenged you to contact them for a challenge. They said you better start at the bottom of the ladder before challenging the top guys, so I contacted the worst-ranked dev via email and challenged him for a deathmatch. I think this dude had been contacted many times, being the bottom ranked guy, because he was un-fucking-real in skill level. He was jumping all over the place and single-shotting me before I could react. It was pretty cool being able to play against a game dev though.

That was so much fun.

I didn't have internet till 2008 or 2007, but my friends dad was selling used computers, so his house was full of computers. We played lots of games on lan, mostly half life dm and some racing games. I love blood too. Too bad the source code is missing. Duke nukem and shadow warrior for source ports, but you still can only play the original blood in dosbox or on an old computer.

and they still are and they're still retarded. nobody here can even name more than 1 or 2 things changed from one version of windows to the next, and they usually can be done without building a new "product"

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Windows 2000 was a seminal release.

I loved Bonzi Buddy when it used Microsoft's parrot agent. Then they changed to the nigger gorilla and I dropped that shit real quick.

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What's wrong with a full rewrite? People bitch about the Bethesda reusing their ancient engine.

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Have the battery rebuilt.

Photos from a Public Access Unix system I helped set up in 1991.

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The year and histogram doesn't look right. Did you sepia tone the images?


I took a shit on your desk that's what I did

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Jesus. I forgot about that shit. I used to play the shit out of that game when I was a kiddo.i

I'm dragging my feet on buying a VGA capture device. It would be neat to be able to record my older systems for demonstration and exhibition purposes, but I can't justify the stupid prices for even used capture junk.

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This game is the shit. Recently beat the eden campaign. When i was a kid i would just fuck around with the colony games maps


Just get an fpga dev board.

Yamaha GS is for scrubs anyway. This is where it's at.

It's called "Black & White Film", Millennial.

The guy in the first photo, along with owning the 386SX16 hub for the network, also had a photography dark room. The overexposure also hints that he did these himself..

Kibo got more write-on votes for the 1992 American Presidential Election than Richard Stallman did. :{

I was clearly talking about the photos above that.

60's carpet 70's furniture 80's computer 90's date 10's tungsten lighting

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Guy who posted the photos here. I got them off the homepage of Windmill Software, small company that made games in the 80s. digger.org/windmill.html

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Sure is Reddit in here.

Hell knows why. Microsoft's products were never the best at anything. They were never innovative or particularly user-friendly.

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